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  1. Marvie

    Taking picture of patient?

    I did not recall anywhere in the original post where it stated this 'celebrity' gave consent, there is no guarentee that this said photo does not have someone in the background whose privacy it may violate, would you as an RN take a photo of every patient (celebrity or not?) If not- then you are definitly being preferential and that is not a good thing...final decision is it is unprofessional at best and does take advantage of a person during a vulnerable time celebrity or not.
  2. It NOT legal! Period! The unliscenced people present pose a risk to patient safety.
  3. Marvie

    ok, am I boring?

    And...What is wrong with that? Nothing at all!
  4. Marvie

    Pt's mom asks to you lie to the pt---What to do?

    That is Omission and still wrong, Never lie to any patient no matter what and never purposly withold info.
  5. Marvie

    Taking picture of patient?

    Unless that nurse had expressed consent by that patient, the photo was a violation of the person's privacy, along with meeting the same patient in the ER (even if she was off the clock) was also inappropriate (How did she know the person was in the ER??) Unless she was directly caring for the person at that time, it was not right for her to do so. Legality will always win if it ever goes to court, just saying.
  6. Yes the state I am in requires a certification in order to pass surgical instruments. If a person is not an RN they are a CST (certified scrub tech) It is a patient liability issue not a student nursing issue. I am not discouraging just surprised that a patient would be exposed to a potential danger-usually the patient MUST sign a student waver in case something were to happen. Students are not liscenced to do anything other than observe, that is why they are students and not certified RN's yet! Anything that a student does (wrong or not) is under the liscence of the RN or the Doctor and they will be held accountable IF (and that is an IF) anything were to happen. And No a surgeon cannot legally pull anyone off the street and have them scrub...there are hospital policies that require certification for people to even be in the OR.
  7. Marvie

    New Grad to the OR....good decision?

    I too went from nursing school to the OR however, the hospital I worked at also required a rotation in other areas prior to being soley in the OR. I did ER, PACU, NICU, ICU, Gen floor, and cardiology...I feel those rotations did help me.
  8. The chagrin of the physicians is understandable...Legally a nursing student should only be in the OR to observe NOT to scrub in and hand instruments...The patients have the right to not have underqualified personnel working on them..I question the legality of you engaging in these surgeries and as an OR RN I would never allow a nursing student to be placed in that position of possible liability!
  9. Oh, the question regarding the nurse behaviour...It is not unprofessional to not speak but it is discurtious...How do you know that the nurse isnt trying to not disrupt the patients rest? has a sore throat? Is deaf or has speaking problems, has a lot on her mind? blah blah blah the list can go on and on...You dont have to talk to your patients but it is curtious to do so.
  10. Reading the questions and answers, I got them all correct according to what I know as an RN and what your instructor claims is the most correct answer. I would have to ask you if maybe you are analyzing your answers too much when deciding what is correct? Nuring isn't just about what is correct, it is also about jugement and how this jugment applys to your patient. I am thinking that you are not getting the answers due to over analysis...Keep studying, breath...(it's ok), and learn from mistakes Hugs to you!
  11. UHmmmmm.........WHAT? That is NOT something I have EVER seen...I think that could classify as patient abandonment. You were a student? alone ? in the OR with a patient under anesthesia? and no one else???
  12. I will NEVER EAT AGAIN....Blechhhhhhhh:uhoh3::sstrs:
  13. Marvie

    Funny things said by ortho surgeons in the OR

    *GASP*...............(sucking air into lungs)......I think I hurt myself from laughing!!!!!!:loveya:
  14. Marvie

    Why did you retire or become inactive?

    I am inactive right now because I was told by my former employer that I would not have any accomodations granted to me (I used to work in the OR with profound hearing loss) but one day very suddenly I lost the rest of my hearing (which was very little to begin with). I also was seen by several docs and the neurologist discovered that I had some distressing neurological issues. I am ataxic and deaf, and have visual issues and have imbalance and dizziness. So, none of this was my choice and I really wish I could work again but obviously this would be a strain on me physically, not to mention how other's would negativly perceive me. I have always been a very safe RN and never had my hearing loss interferred with any of my nursing (except the telephone) but alas....I am now not physically able to do the things I used to. :aln: an RN to the end!
  15. Marvie

    Any Deaf, Hard of hearing Nurses?

    KatrinaAnne- Yes I would love a chance to chat with you.
  16. Marvie

    Hearing impaired nurses

    I am a Deaf RN, the term 'hearing impaired" is offensive. I suggest reading the ADA and checking the school's requirements on student instruction, perhaps talking with a counselor at the school.