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  1. bscn_rn_10_years

    NCLEX-RN November 2010

    I too had taken the NCLEX more than once...I was so depressed and felt like a failure when I got my results.... I finally knew that the book learning wasen't doing it for me as I am a real visual learner so I hunted on the internet for a class online. I found "review for nurses"by Sally Laugerquest ..(not sure about the spelling of the last name ) she writes questions for the NCLEX.... this is a wonderful course and I highly recommend it too all my Canadian RN' friends thinking of writing the NCLEX as it is totally different from the CRNE in Canada...They also give you tricks to answer questions that you don't know. I feel your pain, so please try this course you won't regret it. It does cost some money but it is worth it believe me. In the end I passed with 75 questions !!!!! HOpe that helps....
  2. bscn_rn_10_years

    Wondering about how long it takes for an AZ license?

    I was an LPN prior to my science degree in nursing....It is a great career even with the odd bad day with mean and ungrateful people....Good luck with everything , and thanks for you help...
  3. bscn_rn_10_years

    Wondering about how long it takes for an AZ license?

    OOOoooo that sounds interesting I will have to check that out....thanks. Well I have alotted about 6 months to get my AZ license....just hope to be there before it snows....brrrrrr....just the thought of driving in that horrible weather and in the horrible traffic ...well that makes me cringe!!!! Rzyzzy- are you in Arizona currently? I do have an interview this summer in Arizona - wish me luck.....:)
  4. bscn_rn_10_years

    What is wrong with this public?????

    I really need to let it roll off my back ....I get to emotional about what people say to me and not in the sad way...and I need a holiday...so frustrating... I find that people want a "drive thru" health care system...and unfortunately it will never be that way in Canada....they come in for their coughs and colds and then are mad because the MI is going ahead of them. ???? ..and don't even get me started about the MD's that only see 7 people in 8 hours...makes me want to rip my hair out....and those patients are the ones yelling at us nurses. Now.. I tell those patients to talk with the doctor regarding the wait times as that is who we are waiting on....that usually keeps them quiet for a while because they would never say anything to the doctor.....:angthts: ......
  5. bscn_rn_10_years

    Does anyone hate their job as a nurse?

    I love being a nurse. I have always wanted to help others. But there sure are days that makes you wonder. I had a horrible day today ...I vent...I feel better.....and I still love being a nurse. That is why this forum is sooooooo great.....we all understand and help each other...Don't know if that helps....
  6. bscn_rn_10_years

    What is wrong with this public?????

    So today I am at work at the triage desk (which I hate). I have a lady come in and she wants her child tested for asthma for something that happened 2 days ago - which all the ED nurses know- isn't done in the ED and we don't refer patients to areas like that , it is up to their family doc. Well the lady blows her lid stating that "Well she stopped breathing" the child is sitting eating a chocolate bar and talking on her phone..!!!!! I tell her again that it is up to the family doctor to refer her daughter to an asthma clinic and that her oxygen sats are 100%. She leaves the desk and walks 4 steps away from me and announces to the waiting room that "Man she is a *****". I just look at her and ask if there is something that she wants to discuss with me..and she stated "NO I am good"..... The next person was a real gem as well.. This lady is reading a chart and I say to her "sorry you can't read that chart as it is not yours (it was her mothers and she is not her mothers guardian)" she yells at the top of her lungs "I have every right to read this chart so leave me alone or come and take it out of my hands" The doctor intervenes and tells me he will handle it- and this lady had to be in her late 50"s !!!!!!.... The next guy tells me that "I am so sick of the ******* health care system or lack of it -that is why I am leaving this province the second I have enough money" . He is mad because he waiting 2 hours to be seen. By this time ...... I can't believe that I am having such a bad day....I tell him "well yelling at me will not get you anywhere , I can't fix the problems". He tells me that "I need to yell at you and then you can tell your bosses and then maybe they will do somethig about it"...I tell him "They don't care...You need to talk to your mla if you want any changes and then it probably won't help, now you can either tell me what your problem is today or I will give you sometime to gather your thoughts". Well he almost exploded...needless to say I left the room.... We don't have a drive thru in the ED department....there are people who are sick that should be there... but on the other hand you have people who are coming in to the ED's for coughs and colds or hang nails or bruises that they can't remember how they got.because they were drunk or for prescription refills and the list goes on and on and on....those are the people that are slowing down the pace of the department....it is not the nurses !!!!! So very frustrating....and who talks like that to anyone???? I wouldn't talk to anyone like that.... never mind someone that I want help from.....What is wrong with this public???? Ok I am done venting - thanks for listening..:) I knew you all would understand. Makes me wonder why I am a nurse!!!!!!!
  7. bscn_rn_10_years

    Wondering about how long it takes for an AZ license?

    Rzyzzy- Thanks for the information. It does get very hot there...hahahah.....I have been there during those months, a couple of times...and I totally agree. I would take that heat over the -35 that we get here in the dead of winter......I am almost certain that this whole thing will take a few months to go thru especially with the new immigration stuff that is required ... Thanks again.
  8. Hi all: I was wondering how long it takes for the Arizona Board of nursing to process a license by endorsement? Once they get all the information, how long does it take to get the actual license? I have tried to contact them via email- but I just get information cut and pasted into the return email from their web site ( which I have read multiple times) with no real explaination!!!! As far as I know they have all my information, they haven't sent an email stating that anything is missing. Just curious if anyone knows? I am a Canadian nurse (obviously) with an initial license in Michigan and am wondering if that make it longer or does it matter.? I would really like to be in Arizona by the fall/ winter!!!! Will that happen???? Any ideas??? Thanks I appreciate it.
  9. bscn_rn_10_years

    NCLEX exam

    The conversations that I have had with those at Arizona BON always say...."it sure would be less hassel if you had a compact state license" ...so I am only going with what those who are there say......guess it is incorrect. So sorry for the mis-information....:)
  10. bscn_rn_10_years

    NCLEX exam

    I also work in Alberta and I am in the process of getting my Arizona license - man what an ordeal that is.....I wrote and passed the NCLEX (thank god) but I feel that that was the easy part.!!! Working in Alberta is difficult during this uncertain time- and all those from Alberta Canada - understand what I am saying- talk about working for those who could care less about the people or the employees- although it would help if he was actually from Canada or came from a similar health care system.... enough of the venting- I hear that RN's are leaving or hoping to leave in large quantities either to the States or other provinces... Anywho ... I totally agree with everyone, get a license thru a compact state it will be much easier on you to get another license in another state. I myself did not know the hassle involved in going from non compact to compact state- and applied in Michigan as my initial licensure......not a good idea.....it will be months before my license goes thru all the hoops..and then finally comes to me...Good luck with the NCLEX and the move..
  11. bscn_rn_10_years

    What's it like working in Vegas hospitals?

    Hey Dee: Just put my resume in today to Sunrise for the ER department, hope to hear soon. You mentioned something about what areas to live in....which ones are the one's that you would suggest...kids are adults and staying in Canada, just me and the hubby and a cat :) Thanks for the info.
  12. bscn_rn_10_years

    What actions can I take when abused by a clinical instructor and failed?

    I agree. Writing certain statements down when they happen is the best plan of action. Remember that even though this instructor was less then professional you should still be...anything written or said can be used against you and against your nursing license....and why stoop to her level. Don't stop fighting whatever you do. If during your clinical time... you were on time, professional, completed your work, charted appropriately, knew your meds, made no med errors, were able to discuss the patients diagnosis...then she has nothing to fail you on....a few care plans should not make or break your passing......I have taught for a number of years at a University in Canada with BScN students and I would never fail someone for a simple careplan...Careplans are often interpreted differently by each nurse anyways....stay strong.
  13. bscn_rn_10_years

    Applying for the ATT for NCLEX exam

    Just google the "new york state board of nursing". Of course you have to pay for the application fee, for the ATT etc. This will take alot of time and a lot of money....
  14. bscn_rn_10_years

    Applying for the ATT for NCLEX exam

    You won't get an ATT until you apply to a state board of nursing and submit the appropriate papers , like transcripts, current nursing license...etc. Once that state board of nursing approves your paperwork then they will release an ATT for you to sit for the NCLEX exam. If you are a nurse from a different country you may have to do other exams prior to the NCLEX. You need to look at the state board of nursing requirements.
  15. bscn_rn_10_years

    How to get you NCLEX result soon :)

    Or do the pearson vue trick - it worked for me and almost everyone on this site that had to take the NCLEX.
  16. bscn_rn_10_years

    NAI descent: Roll Call

    I do have all the paper work but they don't understand what a I-181 is, and now I fear they are not taking my emails anymore.. I have told them that I would send them all the papers that I have but they don't know what to do with all of it.....very frustrating. To make matters worse the lady that I was dealing with at ABN , never addressed me by name and never signed off with her name, which I think is soooooo unprofessional.. Like who does that???? I have now contacted a lawyer and am thinking that I should just go ahead and get a visa screen ...it is probably cheaper than a lawyer...but it is a point of principle at this point.. I have never asked for anything my whole life, never on EI (not that there is anything wrong with that), never on welfare etc. I have worked for everything...and now I want to use my "status" to help with immigration and proabably won't be able to .....typical!!:)