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  1. Girl it's not worth it. This conversation has gotten personal. We don't need to use our personal experience to prove the research is correct. It's embedded in our countries history and current events. Some people will never understand which is why the problem of disparities in Healthcare continues to exist. In fact why racism against minorities in general continue to exist. All we can do is put the information... The statistics and research out there. No one can dispute that AA women and children have higher mortality rates. No one can dispute the perceptions of minorities. Some people are actually listening and applying it to practice. Measuring outcomes are the only way we can see change. I'd like to add that most people here have accepted the research. Hopefully that's representative of our nursing population.
  2. This is not bashing. She specifically spoke on maternal childbirth mortality rates. In general studies show that the profession of medicine and nursing have not effectively closed the gap, especially compared to white women. Our country doesn't do much to address healthcare, racial and educational disparities. In regards to how African American females are treated. Research support biases by doctors and nursing. So the application of ludicrous in this situation shows exactly why it will continue to happen. It's not just prejudice. It's racism, which implies a much larger impact...ie mortality, infant mortality, pain management, quality of life, disability, ability to function. So much research supports this, it should be common knowlegde https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/is-bias-keeping-female-minority-patients-from-getting-proper-care-for-their-pain/2019/07/26/9d1b3a78-a810-11e9-9214-246e594de5d5_story.html https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4843483/ https://www.heart.org/en/news/2019/02/20/why-are-black-women-at-such-high-risk-of-dying-from-pregnancy-complications
  3. nursingpower

    CABG recovery ratios?

    It seems to be dependent on your facility, level of nursing training, availability of staff physicians and policies. I am at a large hospital and the only ones are 1-1 are patients on devices (ECMO, VAD, IABP) and high acuity d/t instability. Sometimes they may do 1-1 if they have extra staffing for road trips and end of life patients (to accommodate family and processes). They also try no to give back to back fresh cases (within 2 hours of each other) despite mechanical ventilation status. Its rare but it can happen. It is possible in one day that I can get 2 patients out and get 2 fresh cases before I leave, again this is rare and we compensate by having a great team. The surgeries we get: valve repairs, aortic aneurysm repairs (ascending, descending w/spinal drains), CABG, congenital defect repairs, myectomies, and combinations of these. 98% of our patients are intubated upon admission and we attempt to extubate ASAP.
  4. nursingpower

    Sliding scale insulin...give or hold?

  5. nursingpower

    Attending physcian talks too much

    I will keep this short as possible. I am in my last semester for my AGNP program. I am with a physician who is 65-75 yrs old. During my rotations the doctor enjoys talking about so many off topic nonclinical subjects its draining to me. His staff, residents and other NP students warned me about this. Many people just redirect him but they don't have to be around him for 8 hours. For us that do we suffer. I just try to learn as much as I can and make the most out of my learning experience but the excessive talking is affecting my motivation and attitude about attending the site. One example... I told the doctor I needed to leave by a certain time which by the way he agreed to do partial days. I work full time. Some days I have class and many days I need to get home and get things done to properly manage my time for studying, sleep, homework, school projects, and household chores. I decided this was my last patient to leave on time and I waited 30 minutes to present to him as he talked about politics and how bad piracy (in the seas) is the worse its ever been. I ended up leaving 45 minutes later than I wanted. During clinical days, I prefer to discuss things like assessment findings, differential diagnosis, disease processes, assessments and plans. For the most part we talk about these things but I feel I have to sit there in between the important stuff and be forced to listen to the election/politics, religion, history (War with Britain, civil wars, rise of the Roman empire), cooking, government conspiracies, just to name a few. I am looking at my Preceptor evaluation form and its asking me for feedback. I would like to say something but not come off mean, disrespectful or unappreciative but I have like a 85 hrs left and I dread going because of this. It is affecting my learning experience and I personally thing I could be having more beneficial medical related discussion that will help me advance. 1. Is there anyway I could tell him without being offensive or just suck up the last 85 hours and get it over with? 2. How can I provide constructive feedback or should I just not mention it?
  6. nursingpower

    What can nurses do to be more happy in their career?

    I make sure I take my 1 hour lunch break every workday. In 3 yrs this happened less than 10 times I know for sure. When I take lunch I LEAVE THE UNIT. Play games on my phone, call friends, browse the internet. When I leave work if I had a stressful day I am able to "offload" to my hubby, who is very understanding or other RN friends. Any issues I have with management or coworkers I take directly to them at the time it happens so there are not lingering problems or hostility in the workplace. Some days off I sleep all day if I want. Some days off I go on mini vacations and excursions. I do know that the majority of ppl that I KNOW that hate nursing are those that work multiple places in short periods of time (unstable), always work overtime, can't seem to stay out of trouble, lack the personality it takes to get along well with others, drug addicts/abusers, and those that are accident prone/negligent.
  7. nursingpower

    Fired for expressing concerns about patient safety and care!

    SMH & LOL
  8. nursingpower

    Fired for expressing concerns about patient safety and care!

    LOl. I typed the "off" next to the colon Mon: off and it made smileys
  9. nursingpower

    Fired for expressing concerns about patient safety and care!

    I don't even like working 3 days in a row...lol. I know a Nurse Practitioner who will work 6-7 days in a row just to have more consecutive days off in which she does in conjunction with her vacation requests. So assuming its a 40hr work week. Five 8 hr days. Week is from Sunday to Saturday. Working every other weekend. 1st week: Sun:off Mon:off Tue:8hrs Wed:8hrs Thur:8hrs Fri:8hrs Sat:8hrs 2nd week: Sun:8hrs Mon:8hrs Tue:8hrs Wed:8hrs Thur:8hrs Fri:off Sat:off 3rd week: Sun:off Mon:off Tue:8hrs Wed:8hrs Thur:8hrs Fri:8hrs Sat:8hr This schedule allows the 40 hrs and two days off per week. At the same time they get 4 consecutive days off. Now some people don't want to work that many days in a row and especially not every week. So I can understand that. I currently do two 8's and two 12's day/evening rotation e/o wknd. I just switched back to this after doing three 12's day/nights e/o wknd. 8hr days are nothing to me. I don't like doing 3 12's but will do them to get them out of the way.
  10. nursingpower

    Fired for expressing concerns about patient safety and care!

    I looked a little side eye at this too. The correct spelling of the President's name is Obama. Also the correct term for it is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. "Obama care" was originally a slur made by Republicans who opposed the President's healthcare law. So that may be how you inadvertently introduced politics into this conversation. I am certainly not taking sides. Republican/Democrats both have great ideas. The hard part is compromising for the greater good of the majority. Even that's hard because the majority may not even know what's best for themselves..lol. Either way I think you should educate yourself with with the Affordable Care Act and the American Nursing Associations role in supporting this Act. Nurse.com I know some subjects are sensitive but you certainly don't want to offend people by speaking of things you may not know much about. Maybe you have to be a nurse for a while to understand some of the struggles in regards to patient care/needs.
  11. nursingpower

    Fired for expressing concerns about patient safety and care!

    I will say this. Where I work we are praised for being PATIENT and SAFETY ADVOCATES! Nurses are encouraged to voice our opinions as individuals and as part of our NURSING INSTITUTE. I also find it very telling that a nurse should be told to keep his/her mouth shut in the face of danger, injustice and unfairness. Fly under the radar, keep your mouth closed, avoid attention, PRETEND TO BE GRATEFUL, don't complain or irritate management??? Sounds like SLAVERY to me. Nursing is too good of an occupation to even be compared to something like slavery. So so sad if anyone believes that that is what nursing is about.
  12. nursingpower

    Fired for expressing concerns about patient safety and care!

    I am sorry that happened to you. I am very curious to know what that hospital listed as the job description and about the work hours when they advertised that position you applied to. Next time when you interview these are some questions you want to ask. Don't just take any job just because you are trying to get one. Know BEFORE you take a job the min/max hours. Overtime policy. Scheduling rules/policies. Attendance policies. Are you able to self schedule? If not how is scheduling done and by who with what as determining factors. It just seems like you were taken advantage of but then again I only have one side of the story. All I know is that the hospital I work for has policies in place. Including a employee complaint/grievance policy. No one is exempt when it comes to hospital wide, employee policies. We can always go to HR who will assist with ensuring the policies are being held. That's here in Ohio. I can't speak for Cali. Anyways, be happy that you don't have to work for such a place. If they are treating you like that and you just got there it can only get worse. Anytime you work somewhere that your patients/nursing liscense is a risk YOU take initiative and leave. That probation term should be a two way door. If you don't think they are a fit you should be able to leave too. Either way this is a learning experience for you to pay attention to the "small print" and know what to ask during interviews.
  13. nursingpower

    EKG or Rhythm Strips

    We have the option to print a rhythm strip but I don't like them. I prefer to print a the page so that I can see all 12 leads and I can measure my intervals on the monitor and have them printed on the same Page.
  14. nursingpower

    Is this the norm or unfair? thoughts and opinions needed!!

    my name isn't bob and i am not a male nurse. lol this scenario had nothing to do with anyone's ability to lift. our job requirements is to lift, push, pull 50 lbs regardless of age, gender and size. my scenario refers to how new nurses or less favored nurses in the unit are treated. charge nurses that unevenly distribute the work load so than them and their "friends" don't have to do much work while others are swamped.
  15. nursingpower

    Student Nurse Tech in CCU?

    You are a student. I say find the one that you think is most challenging and go for it. You are a student expected to learn. They will teach you skills. You are not allowed to do certain things anyways as a student. So why not take advantage of SEEING and working with those who do. Don't be scared or intimidated. As a nurse you HAVE TO LEARN how to face your fear, grab the bull by the horns and make things happen. So don't run from opportunities to learn.
  16. nursingpower

    low urine output high bnp

    Sad that you work for a place where nothing you say matters and you have to perform without rationale. Really sad.