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  1. BettyBoo706

    New Hire and Hep B vaccine

    Hello I am a new graduated RN and I just got hired at Mount Sinai NYC.I am starting next month and I have the physical at the end of the month. I was wondering if there is a problem (hire wise) if you recieved the Hep B vaccine in the past but have not developed immunity? Will the hospital offer it to you or should I go ahead and get the 1st dose of the vaccine? Thanks for your advise.
  2. BettyBoo706

    NCLEX-RN on New Years Eve!!

    Best way to head into the new year with the load lifted off your back. If your ready go for it
  3. BettyBoo706

    How do i apply for externship in hosp....!!!!!please help...

    Maybe calling the nurse recruitment office
  4. BettyBoo706

    MOntefiore pre-employment pharm test

    Hey everyone hope the weather is not treating u too badly. I have an interview with Montefiore and they told me to come prepared for a pharm test prior to the interview. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what to expect from the test like the # of ques, time passing type of ques etc any info is greatly appreciated. Betty
  5. BettyBoo706

    How far did you have to go to take your boards??

    I live in Mount Vernon NY and did it Downtown Manhattan. It took 2 hrs commute time
  6. BettyBoo706

    I Took My Nclex This Morning!

    Best of luck
  7. BettyBoo706

    Need prayers i test next week

    Best of luck
  8. BettyBoo706

    Tool Nclex-pn today very nerve wrecking

  9. BettyBoo706

    I PASSED at 260!!!!

    congrats. well done
  10. BettyBoo706

    I Am An R.n.!!

    :yeah::yeah:congrats now you can change your name
  11. BettyBoo706

    I had 75 questions on the NCLEX..I do NOT think I passed

    I think most people come out thinkin it was the hardest exam they ever took and they do pass. Try to stay positive and best of luck
  12. BettyBoo706

    Failed NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time

    Really sorry to hear this best of luck
  13. BettyBoo706

    Just failed NCLEX-Rn for 3rd time!!

    really sorry to hear this you should try Suzanne's plan. Best of luck
  14. BettyBoo706

    Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You..

  15. I don't have any info on LIJ but I feel you when you say not many options are out there we have to take what we can get
  16. BettyBoo706

    I Am Officially An Rn