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  1. I took the nclex exam mutiple times and finally passed. I give all the praises and the glory unto my higher being that is in heaven. I struggled with this exam for almost a year to be exact. Taking it over and over again until my heavenly father showed his mercy unto me. I couldn't understand what it was that I was doing wrong that cause me to be unsuccessful in passing this thing. I was a A,B student in school and I studied over and over again to only come up with a failing grade. I had honestly given up this last time and didn't study as hard for the exam as I had did in the pass. So I just prepared my self with faith in God and he perform his great works by putting this obstale behind me. I Thank him and on him not the books, the classes or everything I ordered on-line for allowing this to be put to rest and I can begin my future as a nurse. I'm not claiming to be any perfect angel but this came to me at a time in my life where I was at my lowest point ever. Physically, mentally, emotionally and not to mention finacially. I couldn't even pay the seven dollar quick results fee online. I just decide well i'm so down on my luck if I had the 7.00 I couldn't take on the extra burden of seeing failed on my computer screen. Three days later I was packing to move out of my home not knowing where me and my son was going to move to but I went to the dumpster to take out some boxes and said well let me check this mail box so I can throw any junk mail away while I'm here at the dumpster and a envelope from state board was included in the mail. I said well I know they probably sending a letter to tell me that I have to take a remedial course or something and there it was PASS. All I could do is thank God over and over again. All I can say is it wasn't me who passed it was him. I apologize for not having any suggestions on what materials to study from because I think I tried them all an none worked for me. All I can say is you have to do what works for you and God did it for me.
  2. booski

    oh boy... 85 questions and feel like an idiot.

    I can relate to everything in your post even the cigarette part. I had the same experience this past week. I kept telling myself that when the computer reach 85 I was going to empty those two cups of coffee from my bladder and smoke a cigaette, then regroup. Because none of the questions where making any scense to me. I also had the same patteren and quality of questions as you, one after another. I studied hard so I knew that it couldn't arise a question that I shouldn't have known the answer to. But once I sat down and the first question came I was like this couldn't be the right test. Then I kept saying after each question that there has to be at least on question that I will definetly know the answer to. Low and behold the computer cut off at 85 and I left there stuck, upset and lose for thoughts and words. Good luck too you and lets pray that you pass.
  3. booski

    Took NCLEX PN stopped @85

    The wait is torcher!!!! Keep your prayers going up and thank him regardless of pass/fail.
  4. booski

    needing advice, desperate to pass the nclex-pn

    You can do it just keep at it and it will soon come to past you have come too far down the road and just think you are one block over from your destination you cant turn around now!!! Make it do what it do!!!!!! You got this!!!!!!!
  5. Good Job:bow:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. booski

    about my friend

    The amount of questions she recieved doesn't determine if she pass/fail. So that should be the least of her problems. If thats your friend you should provide her some encouragment and positive feedback. These or some trying times for her.
  7. booski

    My advice to pass and slay nclex!

    Excellent Advise!!!!!!!!!
  8. Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. booski

    Thank You Jesus!!!

    God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. booski

    Round 5 Here I come

    Heck yes there is hope only you can give up on yourself. You have come too far to let the beast win. There are so many in your shoes and you just dont hear alot of people anounce it due to shame our feelings of being dumb. But let me be the first to tell you there is no need to feel like the above because you wouldn't have made it this for to only be a failure. Keep at it and I promise you that you will overcome this obsticale. :typing hard and keep telling yourself you will beat this thing.
  11. booski

    That was horrible!

    Keep your head up it all will come to past these seem like the most trying times in our lives. Give it to you higher power when you feel that it is out of your control, only he knows best. In the mean time if things dont go your way dont just sit on it:typing
  12. booski

    I failed again 5th time!!!!!!

    Don't Dare give up, you are not alone many people share your same story. There is a time and a place for all things and every single thing that happens its done for a reason. You have come to far to be let down remain motivated and revmove this mountain that you are up against. When you go in there to test and even as you study tell yourself "No weapon formed against me shall prosper"
  13. booski

    official vs. unofficial results

    Does the official and non official results differ in certain cases? Just wanted to know if there is a possibility that they have in the past or has anyone had an experience with this.
  14. I like that inspiration that you give. You can do it, put all that disappointment energy behind you and convert it over to passing the next go round. As you said "You Will Be A Nurse". Keep that in your mind and speak it out your mouth consistantly and it shall come to past. In the mean time :typing.
  15. booski

    Nclex test plan

    Does following the test plan that they (BON) give you aid in preparation for the test? Is it really detailed instructions on what to study like they say?
  16. I just wanted to know if there is one person out there that just knew that they had past the nclex before getting their results back?