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  1. What do you mean by" Be grateful we dont have socialised medicine" Last time i looked the federal goverment were funding medicare and the states their own programs eg medicaid in massachusetts. You seem to be an authoirity on Britain, i would think you would know also know a little about your own country IN THAT IT ALSO HAS SOCIALISED PROGRAMS THAT WORK WELL. I disagree that British nurses are not trained as well, i have worked with some super British nurse. My mother trained in Essex and she is the best nurse i know.

  2. You are definately cut out to be a nurse but get the h--- out before you do or say something that you regret and most importantly before you do burn out.. there are a couple of things that i finally realised. Healthcare is a business, your boss and everyone above her or him do not care and will never care, its all about profit. You will hurt your self only if you stay, i would advise you to move on and even if LTC doesnt work out and trust me it might not, it will have been good experience. Bottom line it will never change until the patient starts speaking up and their isnt any sign of that happening. The girls you worked with are bigger fools, they are 100% liable and i seen a few girls get slapped with lawsuits and let me tell you the hospital wasnt backing any of them.

  3. I thought the article was weak and i probably wouldnt bother to comment on it except to say that some of the best nurses that i have worked with have been foreign trained, eg irish and Philipino. What i will say is that when you bring in foreign nurses you dont deal with the issues for nurses leaving the field in record numbers, for the reasons for decreased enrollement in schools and why are nursing schools closing. The issues remain for nurses left in the field, sicker and sicker people to care for, awful work conditions, mandatory over time ,stress and more stress, and the list goes on. I would say to nurses that are planning to come to the USA to work DONT, it is awful here. Try European hospitals, much better work conditions!

  4. I would and have refused to take patients in this situation, if you take a patient and cannot maintain the patients safety then you are liable for anything that happens to the patient. Its my license and no one elses and i feel that as long as nurses like the one you described are willing to take unsafe assingments, the conditions we work under will continue. FYI the ceo of the last hospital i worked for made close to 1.5 million a year. Let him come and tell me to take an unsafe assingment.

  5. I travel to many of the Boston Hospitals on a daily basis and would have to say without reservation that the Brigham is the best when it comes to treatment of nurses, MGH would be one of my choices, but does not pay as well, i would not recommend any of the caritas hospitals!


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