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jnb1740 has 25 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. jnb1740

    VA nursing salaries in Florida

    Hi, I work for the State of Illinois-25 yrs. experience. I work on a busy Telemetry/Stepdown unit. We are in a union and the pay is good (over 100k/yr easy). I am thinking of moving to Florida and looking at working at the VA. What would the pay be for an experienced RN like me at the VA there?
  2. jnb1740

    Pay per Visit

    Back in the late 90's I did some home health, pay per visit and got 35/visit. Is it up to at least 50/visit now?? I live in the Chicago area
  3. jnb1740

    Lets Talk Money...

    How much does that Phoenix hospital pay very experienced nurses. Staff-ICU/Tele with 21 yrs. experience? I get $53/hr day shift here in Chicago, but I hate Chicago.
  4. jnb1740

    Pay in LA, San Diego, or Sacramento area?

    I see many 2500-3000 5 bed SFH's in Sacramento suburbs for 450-500K. A 30 yr. mtg with good credit and it's 2500/month P&I. It's only about $1,000/month more than Chicago with better weather in Sacramento. I don't like the cold summer in SF, but Sacramento is warmer. So my feeling is that if I can make $20/hr MORE in Sacramento vs. Chicago, that's $3200/month MORE. So what if I have to pay $1000/month more for my home. That is of course if I can get a staff job in Sacramento at $73+/hr.
  5. jnb1740

    Pay in LA, San Diego, or Sacramento area?

    How much does in-house Flex (non-benefited or limited benefits) pay in SD, LA, SF, or Sac.? James
  6. jnb1740

    Pay in LA, San Diego, or Sacramento area?

    zzbxdo, do you live in the California area? I have a friend that has 18 yrs. exp. in San Diego. Her Staff flat rate (day shift) is $56/hr. So you sound more right on. It sounds as though, I might find $70/hr. in SF or Sacramento as a staff RN. In response to whether they want to hire an experienced nurse over a younger, less experienced one. I hear your argument, however, younger nurses tend to move around (leave the facility) more, thereby costing the hospital more in turnover $$. Plus, they usually need more training.
  7. I live in the Chicago area. I am paid $53/HR. I hear that California RN's make $70-85/hr-Staff Rn's. Is that true? I have 21 yrs. experience as a Tele nurse. JB
  8. jnb1740

    FNP or MBA?

    I am a Rn nurse with 15yrs. experience and make pretty good money (42.84/hr). I am interested in going back to school and if I go to the university that I work for, the tuition will be paid for. I can't decide whether to go back and get a MBA or become a FNP. I would go part-time and finish in 4-5 yrs. instead of 2 yrs. Here is the thing. What kind of job would I be able to get with an MBA. I have been an Rn for 15yrs. with virtually no business experience. Plus it seems like everyone has an MBA now, a dime a dozen. However, can I make MORE money with an MBA vs. a FNP?? By the time that I finish with a FNP program, my base pay as a RN will be around 95-98K WITH good benefits. Plus, if I stay 15 more yrs, I can retire with a pension immediately and I will only be 54yrs. old. I need to stay at my current Rn job at least 20yrs to get a pension (albeit much less) and won't be able to collect it until I am 54. It seems as though FNP's only make around 100K, so I am thinking why should I go back to school just to make what I am already making?? Honestly, I think all NP's should be making a minimum of 125K/yr. Anything less is cutting yourself short. I do feel that getting a FNP will allow me to move to different parts of the country and make good money (esp since I want to move from Chicago to Phoenix in the future). I just don't know which route to take? Any advice? James
  9. jnb1740

    Family nurse practitioner salary in Memphis,TN

    Why feel guilty just because you are providing your patients pain management?? Is there something wrong with that?? I am not getting this. You should be proud and content that you are taking away pain from so many patients who are desparate to get rid of their pain. james
  10. jnb1740

    Houston RN pay?

    So it sounds like with 14yr. experience, the most I'd get would be $36-38/hr. And only after 40hr/week would I get OT. I would hate to take a pay cut from my current $40.27/hr but like you said, the cost of living is WAY cheaper down in Houston vs. Chicago. especially for the cost of Homes. I look on www.har.com regularly and I see beautiful 3000sq. ft.4bed. 2 bath homes for 180K. But in Chicago 180K gets you a 2bed. 1 bath 1000sq. ft. home. + utilites are expensive in Chicago (especially gas, which is about $190/month). I don't even think Houston homes use gas. Don't Houston homes use only electric? Let me be clear though, only at University of Illinois and maybe the other hospitals with Nurses that are in a Union (INA, Illinois Association of Nurses), does one get OT for ANY hours over 8hrs worked in a day, regardless of how many hours you work a week. I work only 32 hrs./week (4 8hr. shifts) and if I work over 8hrs. on ANY one of those shifts, it is OT. Pretty nice, eh? James
  11. jnb1740

    Houston RN pay?

    I live in the Chicago area. I have 14 years experience as a telemetry nurse in the cardiac stepdown unit. I also have some IR/GI/MRI/CT/ICU and Home Health experience, as well as Med-Surg. and Psych experience. I work at the Univ. of IL. Hospital (State Employee). My 14 year base pay for day shift is $40.50/hr with anything over 8hrs in a day being time and 1/2 OT. I saw someone quote $37/hr for one Houston facility with only 7yrs. exp. Would I be able to fetch $40/hr base pay at a Houston area Hospital with my 14 years exp.?? The reason I ask is that I want to move down there to be close to family. James