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  1. courtenia

    IV access ports

    I am a nursing student in a large metropolitan area and have had the unique experience of having clinicals in several different urban hospitals. And so, I see many different styles of practice from the nurses. My biggest concern about the discrepancies I see is related to the access ports on IV tubing. When you are using them to either connect tubing or even just to flush the hep-lock line with NS, aren't you supposed to clean the port with alcohol first? Most professional nurses I observe do not do this. If you do not clean the port, isn't there the potential of introducing bacteria directly into the patient's bloodstream? Also, when disconnecting a patient from their drip momentarily (for instance, if they are ambulatory and would like to take a shower) aren't you supposed to protect the insertion-end of the IV line by either capping it or reserving it in a (previously cleaned) access port? I see many nurses who just drape the line on the pole, with the insertion end touching all sorts of surfaces in the process. Doesn't this practice put the patient at risk for infection when the line is reconnected to their hep-lock? If my concern about infection is valid, why do I see so many nurses practicing unsafely? Thank you for the clarification.
  2. courtenia

    SUNY Downstate Summer '09 looking for CPR class

    I go to SUNY Downstate and am in the accelerated program. I'll graduate this summer...so I'll meet you in June. Congrats on your acceptance. Prepare yourself for some hard work and many many challenges. But you will also become a better person! (I believe that is true, anyway). You can take the CPR class at school for free. You'll sacrifice most of the day during a very very hectic summer session and it won't be the most fun day you've ever had, but if money is a concern, I recommend just taking the class at school. Good luck and welcome.
  3. courtenia

    Accelerated Nursing Programs

    Our program is only 15 mo. because all students are required to have a prior Bachelor's degree and were also required to complete all of our pre-reqs beforehand...(A&P 1 and 2, Chemistry, 2 semesters of psych, microbiology, statistics, etc) So in additon to my previous degree, I was taking classes for a year, completing pre-reqs, before the BSN program even started. Yes, there is alot to learn, in all health-care professions! Thank you, all, for your encouragement and positive ideas! I really appreciate it!
  4. courtenia

    Accelerated Nursing Programs

    I am in my second semester in an Accelerated Nursing Program and I am getting worried about how much I do NOT know. I am doing well in classes and on exams, but when I get to the clinical sites (I am currently in my second clinical experience--Med Sug I), I feel very overwhelmed and like a fish out of water. For instance, although I took a day-long BLS course and know the basics of CPR/chest compressions, I have not been taught what to do if I'm with a patient and they 'code' (ie, What 'code' do I call? How do I call that code? As a student nurse, when asked by a nurse to simply check vitals, should I always know a pt's DNR status?) Also, I don't yet feel like I know what a typical shift is for a nurse (I know that no day is typical, but for instance, what happens after report? An assessment on each patient? Then what?) Because of the accelerated nature of the program, we did NOT have a nursing fundamentals class. I am trying to pick up items that I've missed and also trying to study "extras" on my own (such as scouring a clinical skills book for things that I'm not yet comfortable with). I am concerned that when I get to my first job that my employers or coworkers will be really disappointed that I don't know enough. Is there anyone out there who has been in my shoes who can give me some constructive advice? I want to be a competent and SAFE nurse when I'm done with this 15 mo. program. Thank you for any advice!
  5. courtenia

    Survived my first day alone!

    Hi to KGrands, I saw that you are a Downstate Accelerated nursing grad. I started at Downstate this past June and am dying to find a grad to alot of questions. My most dire question is: did you feel prepared to be a nurse when you were done? I suppose I can throw that question out there to all accelerated nursing grads...before I started the program I was so happy that it was short and I could be working in a short amount of time. But now that I'm in the program I'm scared at how much I have to learn. I just want to be a good and SAFE nurse! :) Thanks for any advice, C