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im a BSN graduate in Philippines

angelavenice's Latest Activity

  1. hello ladies and gents,how long dos bon ca keep your file to take your test again?
  2. angelavenice

    CA LVN Want to endorse license In VIRGINIA.

  3. hello ladies! any of you who endorse your license from California to Virginia? Can you help me pls
  4. angelavenice

    NCLEX RN in Japan

    yes thats my plan and prolly i have to re apply in VA or Hawaii
  5. nybody here who applied VA nclex nursing?
  6. nybody here who is a foreign grad specifically from phil?
  7. hi i am foreign graduate from phil.i wanted to apply nclex anyone can help me?
  8. angelavenice

    NCLEX RN in Japan

    yes i am aware of nothing to do of working here in JP,i just wanted to take my state license here.and i already got my ATT and it will expire soon.
  9. angelavenice

    NCLEX RN in Japan

    hello have a quick question so i am US immigrant and here in Japan right now and i dont have visa because i am spouse of a US Navy.Now my question is where can i take my test here in JP,and what is the contact number i can call?thank you!!!
  10. angelavenice

    Violated NCLEX rules

    You might not still do rn because the violation is on your application already.unless you have papers at brn already but heres the thing you are still going to register at pearsonvue which is they have a record of your violation.i dont think they will let you take rn.just make sure call pearsonvue if they will allow you to take your rn dont pay two hundred cuz you might get hold for a year you cant refund your money.solve your issue first then decide after.wait for the response of who ever going to take charge of your violation.call bvnpt to make sure thats the best you can do find an answer
  11. angelavenice

    Violated NCLEX rules

    https://www.ncsbn.org/1206.htm this the contact list
  12. angelavenice

    Violated NCLEX rules

    https://www.ncsbn.org/1268.htm check this website
  13. angelavenice

    Violated NCLEX rules

    What do u mean its a direct pay???ask the person from pearsonvue what you needed to do.they should have an answer for you call a customer service or call the ncsbn fight for it.and tell them your really sorry because they have to know both sides issue.they cant just decide not to let you take the test they need to investigate so what u need to do is you need to get a hold of them.
  14. angelavenice

    Violated NCLEX rules

    Write a letter of explanation.and you can also ask for help at your work job.just explain what happened and tell them your honest and sincere.you tell them that you dont know that you cant bring a phone going at the rest room..explain yourself.dont give up and try not to worry to much and lastly pray hard and trust with God.he make things impossible things to make it possible.
  15. angelavenice

    nclex pn exam format question

    I just took my test pn last oct 29,2011 and i only had like 3-4 pharm questions and like 2 calculations.every person has each type of questions.so you have to be prepared on every different areas of the test.you camt focus on just one area.know your content and it gives you additional knowledge answering the questions.pn is just like rn but basic of rn.i know it cuz i took my rn test before unfortunately didnt passed the test.
  16. angelavenice

    NCLEX LVN Review class

    Use lippincott 8th edition i focused on thisbook i use for lpn.plus know your content