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  1. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    Yes! and clinical and care plans and skills check offs and tons of other things...I don't know if I have said it before but NURSING SCHOOL IS TOUGH!! LoL!!
  2. want2banurse35

    Terrible clinical site!

    Sorry OP, hope it gets better for you. Just hang in there!
  3. want2banurse35

    New Nursing Student

    I used to obsessed with allnurses but since starting nursing school in August, I have not been on here in awhile. I don't want to frighten myself:eek:
  4. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    This thread has slowed to a crawl...why? Because this is how we feel Nursing school is busy, busy, busy:eek: At the end of the week, we nursing students are like this :bowingpur Even though it is hard work, we are getting through it together. I like all my nursing classmates!!:stdnrsrck: I need to get some because I have a skill check-off in the morning!
  5. want2banurse35

    Just getting started, a little intimidated

    I know how you feel OP. We started on Aug 11 and we have our first exam on Aug 30 and I am scared to death:eek:
  6. want2banurse35

    Change of Mind (not heart)

    i know exactly what you are talking about. I tried to talk myself out of nursing several times. I had even changed my major from SLP to OT to business and finally to Health Science. Nursing was my original reason for going back to school in the first place, I tried to get rid of that nagging feeling and no matter how hard I tried. The feeling would not go away. I would see nursing students on campus and I would get a feeling like, "I wish that was me." Or I would see nurses at the hospital and wish I would have stuck with nursing. But I would quickly put it out of my head and continue to pursue the other majors and the feeling persisted. I even continued to come to this site frequently even though I tried to convince myself that I did not want to pursue nursing. My local ADN program was accepting applications so I said to myself, let me apply and see what happens. I was accepted out of 700+ applicants for 41 spots. I just started this fall and it was the best decision I have ever made. I no longer have those doubts I had when I was pursuing the other majors. I love nursing school:redbeathe. I think you should ask the program director can you delay your acceptance for one year, so you can see if you really want to pursue the PhD. Good luck to you!
  7. want2banurse35

    First Day of Nursing School How do you Feel????

    I had my first day Aug 12....overwhelmed is the perfect word to describe how most us students felt:uhoh3:
  8. want2banurse35

    What are your nursing school uniform colors?

    Our uniforms are white tops, and a wine colored pant...it's sort of like a burgundy color. All white shoes with no mesh or logos on them.
  9. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    The first day was fine. I am still nervous. I think I am even more nervous. I just want to keep up with all the work. I like all the professors, it seems like they want all of us to do well in the program. I printed out the syllabus for fundamentals and pharm. That was about 70 pages right there:eek: I don't know if I am going to print the handbook.
  10. want2banurse35

    Credit check - so worried all of the sudden.

    In this economy I wouldn't care what anybody thinks about your "bad credit." That is a small amount you owe. Some people owe thousands of dollars. I personally know many people who had A-1 credit until this recession, but when it takes you over a year to find a job, your credit is going to suffer (many people have run out of savings). I don't think the amount you owe will stop you from getting hired. My niece has terrible credit and she got a job at a hospital in the admin dept. Good luck!
  11. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    I have no idea:confused:. I am hoping tomorrow they give us an overview of the program. So we can know what to expect and what books to bring to what class. I am excited but super nervous about tomorrow.
  12. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    Hey everybody, I will see some of you tomorrow for the mask fitting. Mines is at 3pm but I am going to leave home earlier than that so I do not run into traffic. For some reason, before I was accepted into the program, I used to be on allnurses all the time. Reading all of the posts, the good stories, the horror stories. But now ever since I was accepted, this is the ONLY thread I read. Is that weird or what? It's like I do not want to scare myself:lol2:
  13. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    The closer it gets the more terrified I get:chair: I went to get my uniform today, they had to order my patches. These are some of the heaviest, biggest textbooks I have ever seen:eek:
  14. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    It was so nice to finally get to meet everyone today. I look forward to seeing you all again in August! Also, we have a Facebook if anybody wants to join, you are more than welcome! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Medanos-RN-class-of-2013/168096523249706?ref=ts
  15. want2banurse35

    Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

    See you guys there in a couple of hours....I will be wearing jeans and a red shirt!
  16. want2banurse35

    Just got accepted!

    Congrats!! Isn't it the best feeling...I was accepted at the beginning of June. I am about to turn in my completed packet Monday:yeah: