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  1. sonomala

    NC CNA testing sites?

    One word, Shelby. It is worth the drive. You take the test in a little room that has all your supplies. You don't have to worry about the curtain because it only goes about 6 feet and stops so you say "I'm closing the curtain to make sure the resident has privacy." You don't have to worry about holes in the curtain ect. All of your supplies are on your side of the curtain and within reach. Other students in my class took the test at community colleges near me and had a much harder time. AB tech in Asheville is supposed to be a nightmare and so is the one in Hendersonville. Good luck!
  2. sonomala

    Nursing Assistant Question

    Patient Care Tech without a doubt. You'll learn so much more, work in a hosp, and have far better working conditions.
  3. sonomala

    Concerned mother..question about clinicals

    No way, no how, forget it. In 3 months as a CNA, I was punched at, hit, grabbed, kicked, spit on and verbally abused by many residents.
  4. sonomala

    I have a dilemma..Ughhhhhhhh

    Can you challenge the test? In NC you can do that twice but if you fail twice you have to take the class. What are your hour requirements? Down here it is one 8 hour shift in 2 years
  5. sonomala

    Who's Getting a Flu Shot?

    If I were you I would get the shot, talked to a nurse this morning at the Ped office. Not getting the shot for high risk like asthma isn't safe. Bad mouth me all you want, I'm not going to sit back and pretend its okay for someone to deny their child a shot that could save them.
  6. sonomala


    Just thought I'd share with the other CNAs. In my Medical Assisting program there is a Paramedic who is going back for a new career. I was mentioning about being a CNA and the place where I had worked. I mentioned a couple of the issues that had bothered me and she said it didn't surprise her they had some calls there and didn't like what they saw. In addition, since I'm still looking for part time work, she gave me the names of a few places to stay away from at all costs. Horrible stories. And one of those had just been looking for a new CNA. She told me most are good ect and gave me the names as well. She was very helpful. So if your looking to make sure the ltc your applying to is good, you might want to ask someone an EMT or Paramedic. Had I gone to work for one of the other places, who knows what would have happened.
  7. sonomala


    For your state test you might have to. On the job, odds are no way.
  8. sonomala

    NICU Per-Diem or LTC Full-time????

    NICU all the way, its the kind of job most of CNAs dream about. Even if you do clerical your job will be wayyyyyyyy better then 40 hrs of ltc.
  9. sonomala

    Don't know how to cope with it all.........

    I'm sorry your having such a rough time. Something that stood out was you said you had to empty sharps containers? Thats a new one for me, anyone else have to do that?
  10. sonomala

    Hospital vs. Nursing Home

    The others are right ltc your going to do a lot of daily care things, dry rounds every 2 hours where I worked, showers, denture care, making beds ect. I'm told Cnas in the hospitals have it much better ie their patients change all the time, they usually don't have to do feedings ect. But be mindful one former nurse told me that the hospital where she worked treated cnas like cr**
  11. sonomala

    Can I bring these stuff to clinical?

    We had to bring 2 black pens, a watch with a second hand, a pocket size notebook and our skills list with us each day or we lost points. We left all of our coats ect in the activities admin office but we had special permission to do that because one of our classmates worked as an assistant in that office. Every place is different but the ltc we worked at fed us lunch and many around here offer the option for students to buy theres.
  12. Out where I am in NC the pay is around 8 dollars an hour. Its sad that one can make more money flipping burgers then helping take care of an elderly person.
  13. sonomala

    CNAs who work the overnight shift, i need your help!

    I worked over night and day shift. I think overnight is easier in terms of lifting but in terms of stress on the body it is much harder. I was a healthy active woman when I started the over night shift but my body was never able to adjust to the sleeping schedule. Within a week of it, my body rebelled and wouldn't sleep durring the day. I tried one over the counter sleep medication that was rec to me and it worked for three days. I was tired cranky sore and never felt like I was able to get a good nights rest. I would talk to your ob before you agree to take it. The stress on you and your baby might not be worth it.
  14. sonomala

    Wish I had known..

    I found out about it through one of our local parenting magazines. I don't know if its just our area or state by state thing. You might try doing a web search for "Child Development/ child subsidy" and then type in your state. The subsidy office maintains contracts with high quality child care centers who agree to take so many subsidized children as clients. I and others as parents pay a fee to the child care center based on income. It was set up to make sure that all children get access to the best child care and oh is it a life saver. I just checked the child care centers most recent accred. and they are now a five star center! (tops in our area, one of 2 that I know about) I'm on my knees every night thanking god for this chance for my family.
  15. sonomala

    Wish I had known..

    Spent four months in a CNA program that cost me about 400 dollars not including gas and child care. Spent three months working as CNA only to get laid off. Luckily a friend referred me to the local community college where I found out there are many health care degree options. The financial aid office was wonderful! They guided me through the process. Not only are my education and books being covered by Pell Grants, but I because I'm a full time student I qualify for subsidized child care. Which put my son into an amazing 4 star Preschool that I could never in a million years have afforded on my own. I wish I had known about all of that before or I wouldn't have wasted the year or so on CNA. I'm taking Medical Assistant because I really love the field (and in NC we can do so many things like give injections ect) but I know many people taking Radiology, Health Information Technology, Med Lab Tech, Respiratory Therapy, all of these are wonderful choices and many people are doing one of them, getting the prereqs out of the way while they are applying to an RN program. So now I've got a pretty much useless CNA license and a year of my life that I will never get back. I'm posting this because when I got started I heard time and again that many people, esp single moms like me, don't realize how much there is out there to pay for education and transform ones life.
  16. sonomala

    Submitting Chicken Pox paper to school to be in clinical?

    I had to have the titer done before my cna class. I was worried because I had a mild case of chicken pox when I was 13 and the doctor then said I might not have gained immunity from it. Luckily the titre came back and I didn't need to get the vaccine :). One major downside to it, insurance didn't cover the titer and I had to shell out 70 bucks for it plus the mmr titer. Fun, not.