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  1. NickiLaughs

    How does your department handle handoff mid procedure?

    Thanks brown book. I have a couple coworkers who don’t label them right so that’s another problem.
  2. Hi all! I've been in GI for a year now. Previous to this I was ICU and ER for 10 years. We have staggered shifts from 4 PM to 530 PM and when it's time for the early shifts to go home we frequently are expected to take over mid case. My problem is that they seem to think its ok to hand off labeled syringes to us in case we need to give additional doses. I KNOW this isnt typically acceptable and I have tried to push with other staff to make it become standard to waste what's left and pull my own meds as needed. The issue is also its mod case and doc may still be collecting specimens and to take away the nurse who is monitoring and to waste seems also inappropiate. Just curious how other GI departments are handling this? I looked at the policy for procedural sedation for the hospital and it doesnt really give me the specifics I'm looking for. I personally believe if you are starting the case you should be finishing it barring any extenuating circumstances.
  3. Thank you! This was me 6 1/2 years ago with my first. The lactation consultant was borderline cruel in her encouragement, I felt like a failure. The exhaustion took over ND had it not been for my step mom telling my husband to "give the baby some damn formula and your wife is going to sleep right now as n long as she needs." I'm not really sure what would have happened. I admire the women who rock it,but I couldnt. Good for you for telling her to back off. I wish I had done it sooner with the first one.
  4. NickiLaughs

    Emergency Nurses Week 2016

    Love ER, I wish I'd started directly in it although ICU gave me a lot of useful knowledge. To many more! We also don't jinx by saying the type of patient we've never had if we are terrified of it.
  5. NickiLaughs

    The Obesity Problem in Rural America

    I don't trust anything where BMI is the source of obesity. I expect dry muscular farmers to beaver the BMI. The one time I was under the BMI of people kept asking me if I was sick. I started lifting weights and got a very lean body mass and fit in a size 8 at 5' 11" but my BMI was still 25.5 BMI can suck it.
  6. NickiLaughs

    The Patient I Failed

    That right there is why I left ICU.....and I'm so glad I was able to talk my grandma into honoring my grndpas wishes.....it took 3 days and she still holds a grudge against me....but he died peacefully. Beautifully written.
  7. NickiLaughs

    Confessions of a Hospital Administrator: I Feel Your Pain...Pill

    I worked at an ER where we frequently did that. If pt had multiple scripts in the California registry. The nurse and doc sat in the room together, explained we were not allowed to prescribe because of this and they needed to see their primary doc and we were happy to ensure a follow up with a pain specialist. Usually works better with both of us there in force. If we were not together they'd keep trying to manipulate one or the other. Where I'm at now I notice it's very physician dependent. I wish the rules were consistent across the board, it makes things easier for all.
  8. NickiLaughs

    CRNA Week 2016

    It is a great article. I remember when I was in an LVN program at 19 and swore Id be a CRNA but then after following one in my RN program for a day I learned that any job with absolute sheer terror and intermingling boredom wasnt likely for me. It looks like a great job for those that can do that.
  9. NickiLaughs

    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    Definitely depends on location. I'm at 130k working 64 hours in 2 weeks (4 8s on swing shift). I can pay the bills, little savings and have enough to save for a small vacay yearly. Not rolling in the dough, but we do have the luxury of my husband staying at home. So huge advantage.
  10. NickiLaughs

    Magnet Designation: What's the Attraction?

    I've worked in magnet and non magnet and while there was a strong sense of community among some nurses who were involved, the non magnet, strong nurse Union facilities I've worked at have far better environments. We still have committees and are constantly improving things. But we have staff to help enforce these changes because it takes man power. Shocking...
  11. NickiLaughs

    It's A Whole Different World Down Here...

    Thanks for this post! I was a NICU baby and I think all my childhood in and out of hospitals and check ups helped form my future. I love nursing and couldn't do anything else. I wish I had the IV skills you have!
  12. Wow classy. I was an LVN before I was an RN. I assure you the brunt of my education occurred in my LVN program. I frequently had to make tough decisions in the variety of settings I worked in. Assessment skills are very much still an important part of the job. I believe this option was intended for military health workers who had the experience but not the "degree." I've worked with several in the past who challenged after their many years in Air Force/ army and I'd trust them with my life over many others.
  13. NickiLaughs

    Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide.

    Location has a huge influence. I'm probably pulling close to 140k this year, with a some OT. But I live in CA. Yes, it's hard to get a job here, because of the money. But even then, because of cost of living, I'm still middle class. I'm grateful though, i love my career, and can afford a mortgage, a nice car and things my kid wants/needs. Not everyone can say that. All medical staff should though, I had three coworkers punched a work today. Our job isn't exactly "cushy."
  14. NickiLaughs

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: nor calPay rate. 49.37/Hr In which area / specialty do you work? ERWhat type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN 2009, LVN 2005What type of degree and/or certification do you have? Associates initially, completed BSN 2011How many years of experience do you have? 4 years RN, 5 years LVNAre you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? FTWhat shift do you work? NightsDo you receive any shift differential: 6$/Hr i made 115k with working a bit of OT last yearAre you a manager or supervisor? No thank you!
  15. NickiLaughs

    The Elephant in the Room

    Great post! Our docs are getting brave, if they see that the pt has already had recent work ups at our place, we do tell them, "you are not getting DIlaudid." Amazing the cures we are giving as they walk right out the door pulling their own IV out. I had 2 last shift...