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NickiLaughs has 12 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care.


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  1. NickiLaughs

    blood transfusion with leaking AAA

    We’ve done that on critical hypotensive bleeding patients. Have you ever used a level 1 transfuser or a Belmont? You basically spike blood on both tubing ends to save time to get it in them as fast as possible. Our MTP (massive transfusion protocol) standardly does this. But we still check every unit of blood as we hang it. That would be my only concern with the other RN.
  2. My system never has people exempt from floating depending on their unit. I worked ER they don’t float. I know IiCU could get floated to tele but went by travelers first, then per firm, then part time (all seniority based) then finally full time. Your policy is probably rare and likely won’t have too many systems with similar rules.
  3. NickiLaughs

    The ICU sucks sometimes

    I did ICU for 5 years and don’t know why it took me so long to realize it wasn’t the right fit for me. I was good at it but emotionally drained. I switched to ER and was much happier. People still died but you didn’t get to bond with them or know families and you were so busy trying to either save them or deal with everything you didn’t have time to thing about it. Night shift can make your emotions even harder especially if you are rotating. I don’t know why some hospitals still try to do that. It isn’t healthy. I’d look for a different department and a consistent shift.
  4. NickiLaughs

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    Dirty hippie was the persons screen name. 😂. See dirtyhippiegirl above. I think options provided for all is reasonable. I however would probably still order DoorDash in the hospital because hospital food barely passes for digestible.
  5. NickiLaughs

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Dude.... several problems here: She put something deadly for you in your food.... to prove herself right. Sociopath at a minimum. I’m assuming she owned up to the concoction as some point? Her one saving grace... But then she basically tells your story to help her further along. Then pathologically lies about her involvement. Doesn't have the guts to apologize and her father makes her suffer no repercussions. All of these are major personality flaws and she’s working her way up to be the next dahmer.
  6. NickiLaughs

    Code Blue: Just Trying Figure Out What Happened?

    This is an excellent answer
  7. Hi NickiLaughs!  I am relocating to your neck of the woods from Minnesota and will be looking for a job in early 2021.  Could you message me about a hospital that would hire a stellar candidate with an ADN?

    1. NickiLaughs

      NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

      If you’re talking about Northern California job market for new grad RNs it’s abysmal.  When I relocated up here for work I had significant critical care experience (4 years) which included CRRT, post renal transplant patients and post open hearts and 5 years prior as an an LVN.  This did not include my professional nursing associations and a BSN with high honors.  On top of all that, I had a person I know help me get an interview for an ER job.  I was able to further work myself up from there.

      I currently work with a couple RNs who are still working as LVNs until they can get a job within our company and they’ve been waiting months.

      I would not move to this area without at least two years experience in a sought after specialty.  

      Good luck to you.



    2. cx4457uk


      I thank you kindly for your words of advice.  Perhaps it would be best to try a rural hospital outside of Sacramento after I have some experience to get my foot in the door.  Have a great weekend!

  8. There is specialties for a reason. Nurses DO learn ACLS etc of their specialty demands it. I worked ER for 10 years and have passed several accidents/potential emergencies where my husband asked if we should stop. My answer is always NO. I have no equipment not am I an independent practicioner, beyond basic CPR and calling 911 there is nothing I can do. Obviously I'd stop if safe as first on scene. There is no scenario I can think of where I'd be able to do anything beyond that. Don't let your family get you down. I also don't give medical advice and tell everyone to see their doc. If they want help that bad they should go to the person they pay for. Reality is they should go to the person who can help them long term.
  9. NickiLaughs

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    I work for an organization that most definitely places numbers before all else and our union is strong to the point that incompetent nurses are safe in positions when they have no business being a nurse in the first place. Unfortunately its becoming the trend and I think I'd have to leave nursing all together. I love nursing though and keep hoping our unit gets some leadership to lead us in a positive direction. I am very blessed to make what I make though, and I'm in an affordable part of northern california. Well at least it was 5 years ago when I bought here.
  10. NickiLaughs

    Purpose of On-Call. I need to vent

    52 patients with 9 RNs and 5 techs? I wish i had the ability to hire you for our unit. All of you. Sometimes we cant make 40 patients work with a staff of 14 RNs and 9 lvns/techs. I'm guessing you arent unionized? You may as a group want to get a labor lawyer because adding a 6th day to your job because they decide to doesnt seem entirely legal. I imagine they will lose almost all the staff if they keep this up.
  11. NickiLaughs

    Bay Area hospitals hourly pay

    I work for kaiser and our contract is the same across northern California. Your base with your experience would be 68.5949/hr. Swing shift is 7.18$ an hour and night is 11.45 an hour. You move up quick though with experience.
  12. NickiLaughs

    UC Davis Medical Center

    Obviously it greatly depends on the unit. I worked in the emergency room. It was incredibly challenging. You take care of very sick patients and it isnt uncommon to be out of ratio when one of your patients turns into an ICU patient. The old timer nurses tend to get placed in triage, or team lead and tend to not be a great resource. They've been there forever. I left as soon as I had enough experience to get a new ER job. It just felt incredibly unsafe for my nursing license. Unfortunately I couldnt speak for other floors, but the ICU nurses seemed just as rushed when I'd come drop off my patient. Maybe other floors are better? I just would never work in the ER again.
  13. Clinic nursing can be fun too. I feel like there isnt a ton of charting, mostly hands on stuff.
  14. NickiLaughs

    California Per Diem information

    I'm interested in your per diem job 😂
  15. NickiLaughs

    Spouse of nurse

    Unrealistic. I make 3x my husbands income potential, sometimes more. My next biweekly check is gonna be morethan what he could make in 2 months due to overtime. He has a degree and happened to pick the wrong trade. I hold no grudge against him because he is my partner. He worked 14 to 16 hour days to put me through nursing school. We are a team. Our income is ours. It's his money as much as mine. He actually stays at home with the kids because his entire check would go to daycare anyway. Finances can lead to stress in a relationship. I would look at ways to adjust things because nursing is a separate entity from most other jobs. You cant compare it.
  16. NickiLaughs

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    Inland Northern California * I have 10 years experience 78$ an hour benefitted position 4$ an hour when I’m charge I’m in a clinic but if you are in the hospital these are additional: swing dif 7$/hr nights dif 12$/hr i will say if i had other career options I would walk away in a heartbeat.