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  1. liladybug526

    TEAS Test

    I was worried about the science portion of the teas test too before I took it. I am a visual learner so reading the ATI book didn't really help me all that much. I decided to rent educational videos that would give me the basics in a way that I could absorb. Netflix has a series called "Understanding Science". Each volume (and I believe there are 6 volumes) teaches you something different. I thought the videos really explained things in a way that was easy to understand. They were a little corny but when I took the teas test I was really prepared and actually scored higher in science than any other area. I hope this helps...Good Luck!
  2. liladybug526

    first clinicals this week..HELP

    I remember feeling the same way you did when I first started clinicals. Your clinical instructor will probably let you know during your orientation what she expects of you and what you will be required to do. Personally, when I didn't have anything to do I would take that opportunity to learn about my patients health history. If my patient was in heart failure and had COPD then I would look those conditions up in my medical book. I would look through his/her chart for the medications they were on, look them up in my drug book and see how those tied in to his/her condition. Not only will this keep you busy but you will actually know what you are talking about during post conferences. Remember that clinicals is an extention of the classroom, you are not suppose to be able to function as a nurse yet, so relax and learn as much as possible. Good luck.:)
  3. liladybug526

    Not quite ready

    Thanks to everyone who responded. It is nice to see that I am not alone.:heartbeat
  4. liladybug526

    Not quite ready

    I am getting ready to start my last semester of the nursing program so I will be graduating in April 2010. I am just curious, does everyone feel ready to graduate and begin practicing as an RN? I honestly don't. I have done well in all my classes and clinicals. I have always understood the material and the rationale behind the theories as I learned them but now I dont feel like I know a thing. I am really starting to freak out here. I would really like to how other nursing students from various schools feel. Do you feel ready?
  5. liladybug526

    Don't know if I am cut out for Nursing???

    Medical lingo is like another language in a way. Of course you do not understand the things that are being said if you have never learned any of it. You wouldn't go on a website that is all in spanish and expect to understand what was being said unless you knew spanish or learned it at some point. Once you begin school, it will start slow and then build from that. If you are willing/able to put in the hours necessary then I think you will be just fine. Honestly, there is very little math, only a few formulas to memorize.
  6. liladybug526


    My med-surg clinical was one day a week. It was an 8 hour shift but we were hardly ever there the full 8 hours.
  7. liladybug526

    clinicals, why are the nurses such *******.

    I think this thread was started so that nursing students could unload some of the stress that they feel when they get home after their clinicals. We try so hard to do well in school, to keep an open mind, to ask questions when we have doubts, and we hope we can learn as much as possible so that when the patients lives are in "our" hands, we will provide safe, effective care. The best place to get advice is from people who have been there and know what it is like to feel unsure of yourself and eager to please those around you. It is up to the nurse to decide how she/he responds to a nursing student. I have met many nurses who are very kind, they take the time to explain what they can (even though they are incredeably busy), and I really appreciate it and have a great admiration for those nurses.Those nurses will always be remembered fondly by me. Just taking a few minutes here and there, may have made a difference in my life. Years from now when I am a seasoned nurse I hope to do the same for them. There is another kind of nurse who is just so nasty, you have to wonder how they treat their patients, or for that matter their own family. How can people not realize that we are all someone's mother, daughter, sister, etc.. We all have feelings and feeling get hurt. I think the most important thing for us students to remember when we feel down is that there are a lot more helpful nurses out there than rude ones (Thank GOD)
  8. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this! I can totally relate because I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks too. The best advice I can give you is to schedule an appointment with your doctor. There are many prescription medications that can help you with this problem. I don't think that quitting your job is the answer. There is no reason to live your life feeling this way. I hope everything works out ok!
  9. liladybug526

    chem q's..help how to do

    49. First you have to figure out the mg needed. You need to take the mg x childs weight. 3.5mg x 12kg= 42mg per dose. If you are giving it every 6 hours during a 24 hour period that would be 4 doses. So you take 42 mg x 4 = 168mg 50. a. There is a formula for this one. It is desired divided by what you have multiplied by the amount. So you need 15mg but it comes 25mg per 1ml. So you would take 15 divided by 25 multiplied by 1ml = 0.6 ml's b. This one depends on the drip factor of your IV tubing. Lets say your IV tubing that you are using has a drip factor of 10. You would need to use this formula: amount ( in this case 50ml's) multiplied by drip factor ( we will say it is 10) divided by the number of minutes it will infuse ( 60 minutes) = 8.3 drops per minute rounded down to 8 per minute. I hope this helps!
  10. liladybug526

    I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations and good luck on the nclex, I can not wait until I graduate, seems as though it will never happen.
  11. liladybug526

    TEAS test VS the Study guide

    The science questions on the TEAS test were similar to what was in the ATI study guide but I felt the actual test questions were easier than the study guide. Good luck on the test!
  12. liladybug526

    TEAS EXAM: I failed...Anyone take it with some advice?

    I am sorry to hear that you didn't pass. The teas test is hard to study for because you don't know what to expect. At least now you have a heads up on what to focus your studies on. When I was studying for the teas test I was most concerned about the science portion too, I got a membership to Netflix and they have movies that you can rent all about science. There is one for chemistry, physics, A & P, etc. They are made for junior high students and they really broke it down into the most basic information that you need to know. The video's are a little corny but I passed the teas and scored higher in science than anything else. Hope this helps.
  13. liladybug526

    What Would You Do?

    Well that's a tough one. It would be nice to not have to work while attending nursing school. School is tough and a lot of people in my class have now cut down their hours at work or quit their jobs all together because it became too much for them. If you can afford not to work then that may help you in the long run. However, it sounds to me like you may not be able to afford to quit. You already have credits toward a BA so I think if it were me that is the route I would go. There are many, many hospital with loan forgiveness so I wouldn't worry to much about the extra cost.
  14. liladybug526

    SO ANGRY...help!!!

    It is illegal for a former employer to say anything negative about you if they are not listed as a reference. Former employers are sometimes called to verify employment. They can only say that yes you worked there and from what date to what date. However, a reference can say whatever they want. I can understand how angry you are and how betrayed you must feel. My advice is chalk it up to her being a nasty person and move on. Good luck in your future employment search.
  15. liladybug526

    how can I get pen off my steth tubing?

    I have found that aerosol hairspray will take ink off of just about everything. Spray it with hairspray and wipe it with a papertowel. Hope it works for you!
  16. liladybug526

    University of Phoenix-math question-PLEASE ADVISE!

    Actually, The University of Phoenix does have a campus in Phoenix Arizona. I have a friend who lives in Arizona and just reveived her bachelors degree in business from there. UOP is a fully accredited school and all of your credits will transfer.