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  1. Well not sure who you are asking, but I'm still on orientation :) but as I've learned from my other job - Other nurses don't disappear once you're "on your own"! (ie if you need advice/help ask!) So far I'm enjoying the floor I'm on - nice people, though busy!
  2. misava

    How to Apply for NYU 15-Month Program

    Hey, I just found this thread! I just received my acceptance letter, though now I am trying to decide! No info on financial aid or what yet (plus I don't know yet if I even have the money for food/housing in NYC much less the tuition!), so we'll see. I'm trying to debate the pros and cons! -t
  3. misava

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    Now I'm a CNA...just need to get a job! I passed the state exam last saturday the 18th! yay! Since I'm in school I'm just looking for a part time job, just to gain experience while I take my pre-req's for nursing!
  4. Hi, I just registered, and am looking to go back to school in 2010 - to get an accelerated BSN. Though I´ve noticed a few programs (specifically two in the twin cities area - University of MN and Metropolitan University) that offer a one year MN that in the end you are a RN. And from what i am seeing there is not a huge difference in cirriculum (maybe i am just not looking close enough). Is this just so you can say, hey! i have a masters! And what would be the advantage of this? thanks for any help!