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  1. blondy2061h

    OMGosh! Did I really lose all my "likes"?

    And don't forget that members provide all the content for so the site can get all the ad revenue.
  2. blondy2061h

    Pain Management & the Opioid Crisis - AACN-NTI

    I feel like "opiod epidemic" had just become such a trendy catch phrase with half the people using it having no idea what they're talking about our why they're using it in the context of patients who really are looking for pain relief. We used to talk about "pain is the 6th vital sign" and "pain is what the patient says." Now God help you if you have pain without a clear visible cause.
  3. blondy2061h

    The Nurses BreakRoom: Going, going ... been gone?

    Posts like this spread the idea that not getting a break is the accepted norm. The more we normalize it the more we accept it when it isn't acceptable.
  4. blondy2061h

    Taming Naso-Gastric Tube (NGT) Torture

    I may be one of the only nurses that has never put in an NG tube (need special priveliging at my hospital), but seems logical. I especially like your point of going in and talking to the patient without the supplies. That can be applied to a lot of procedures. So often providers don't tell patients what they have ordered and we need to be the barers of bad news.
  5. blondy2061h

    My trip to the ER

    Great story and I'm glad you had a good experience under unfortunate circumstances. I'm glad you didn't choose to wait it out. I've heard the IVIG is horrible. I have always wondered why they can't use lidocaine.
  6. blondy2061h

    The two minute catheterization!

    Apparently a traction weight in her face wasn't enough confrontation to back down, just needed someone to tell her to after placing a foley.
  7. blondy2061h

    Can I Get A Priest? Running Out Of Time!

    Finding a priest for last rights is always so hard. I have moved to cold calling churches in the area more than once.
  8. blondy2061h

    Nurse Face Her Fears To Help Patient

    We need more home care nurses like you!
  9. blondy2061h

    Nursing Supervisor - Walk In My Shoes For A Day!

    Great article. It sounds so similar and different from the nursing supervision I do. I'm at a smaller hospital, so I'm on my own. No staffer. No other supervisor. But the problems are the same.
  10. And this is why I could never be a home care nurse. More power to you! I like more control over my environment.
  11. But if you're using the same tubing repeatedly they'll miss it a little with the first dose, but then the tubing is primed with antibiotic. More commonly, if I had IV fluids running they were secondaried on, when the antibiotic was done I'd go in and back flow some fluid into the bag and run that through.
  12. blondy2061h

    There is nothing we can do

    This is an excellent post. I can't like it enough. Having worked 10 years in oncology at a major research/teaching center I've seen so many doctors that have learned to dodge the death talk it makes me want to pull my hair out. I'm routinely told, "I gave them all the information they need, it's their job to make a decision." Next thing I know they're getting a new Hail Mary chemo that has a completely different indication but there is one anecdotal case of it helping in a situation like this. My hospital's Google page is all 1 or 5 star reviews from either families saying we dumped them when they were dying or saved them when everyone else said there was nothing to be done. I have personally told family members that their loved one was dying. They've told me they appreciate the honesty and taken them home. Then I've dealt with guilt wondering if they would have been one of our miracles. I've vowed to always love my family members enough to let them go. Now my father is fast approaching multisystem organ failure. And I've got the doctors bring in new specialists daily telling me about the new treatment plans we can maybe try soon if such and such improves well enough to tolerate it. And here I am wondering if I'm the evil family member doing a great disservice now not giving him permission to let go.
  13. I'm the prostate whisperer. I can get a coude in the stubbornest of old men with as much skill as most urology fellows. Pick the right catheter (resist the temptation to go for a smaller french), use lidocaine liberally and let it sit for at least 20 minutes, and once you start have the patient bear down then take no prisoners and push until it's in.
  14. blondy2061h

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Frequent Sick Days and Tardiness

    My hospital doesn't have nurses use time clocks. Because they're professionals.
  15. blondy2061h

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    My Apple Watch has survived since release date thus far some vigorous floor nursing scenarios, and countless hand washes, and an accidental dunk in the pool. I have a 38mm one. I have a sport band and a few knock off bands.