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  1. abigrace

    Job market for new grads in NO?

    Does anybody know what the job market is like for new grads in NO? Would a new grad who did not do clinicals in the area (and therefore does not already have a foot in the door) stand any chance in getting a decent job? What are the best and worst hospitals to work in? Thanks for any input you have!
  2. abigrace

    Have you ever een a CNA FLOATER?

    I was a float as a CNA at a hospital, and I really liked it. It was great for me because I was going to start nursing school soon, so it was a wonderful way to get a lot of different experience. The only bad part about it for me was that it took longer for me to feel like I knew what I was doing b/c every floor did things a little differently. So, if I didn't go back to a certain floor for a while, I would forget how they did things. But I was able to make friends with nurses/aides on every floor and it was good to see different ways of doing things. Also, I don't know if this is how it would work for you, but I was able to set my own schedule since as a floater it wasn't like a certain rotation was counting on me to be there. I just got sent to whatever floor needed extra staff. And, as a float, people are always glad to see you because you are saving the day by providing the help they need. So, for me it was a great experience. I hope it works out well for you, too!
  3. abigrace

    Questions to ask at a job interview

    What are some good questions that I would need to ask when looking at hospitals to work at? Things like nurse/patient ratio, scheduling, benefits, etc. Is it okay to ask about salary? What are other questions that would give me a good idea of the type of atmosphere I'd be working in? Are there certain questions interviewers like to hear? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
  4. abigrace

    You know you're a student nurse when...

    -you're watching a medical show like Grey's and explain to everyone around you why something like that could never happen, or when you get excited b/c they're talking about something you just learned. -you're talking to your significant other over dinner about something completely disgusting (to them) and don't even realize it's not polite dinner conversation. -you think you might have every new disease you learn about...until you get to the next one. -and, like others have already said, your family and friends expect you to know more than their doctor, asking you to verify if what their doctor told them sounds right!