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    Brian Short News

    I was shocked to read this news. I hope all surviving family members have faith and comfort.

    Summit Health Contractual Nurse

    I've read some older threads about this company. Anyone have recent experience? From what I'm seeing from the company there are numerous clinics I could get to. They even offer hotel room if it's an event that starts early in the mornings. I'm doing their "onboarding"/orientation webinar this week. I recognize that this type of work is not to be considered for full time, but with the number of clinics I see offered, I could work at least 3 times a week somewhere. Plus, how does the tax thing work? They don't with hold taxes. I'm looking for some advice on the practical side of this opportunity. It could be a low stress kind of work opportunity. I think I will like this a lot!
  3. Obviously someone made a comment or complained about the appearance of some of the students. Every example in the email's "quotes" were very valid points about appearance, safety and infection control. You couldn't apply to a job with any of those infractions. Better to learn now.

    10 Worst Employee Excuses For Missing Work

    I was a house manager for a group home that employed CNA's. One CNA called out because she had cotton candy caught between her teeth. Uh-huh...

    Need to find a "Train the Trainer" course

    Thanks, I will check it out. I don't think it matters where I complete the course though,but I will look into it.
  6. I've posted before about my ongoing job search. Well,I just saw a job posting for a company as an instructor in their CNA program. It lists as a requirement having completed this Train the Trainer course. I thought I had heard of it before but my web search turns up a lot of corporate, business trainers and courses. I sent an email to the MBON and was advised to seek out a course in "Principles of Adult Education" at the local community colleges. Unfortunately I have yet to find it anywhere. Anyone in the Maryland area know what course they are talking about? Has anyone taken this and now teaches CNA classes? I live near Baltimore. I was kind of excited about the opportunity because it sounds right up my alley. By the way, the course that is required for this job is only a 14 hour class. Any ideas?

    Biting Your Tongue

    3000 calorie? Hahaha

    My PT called 911

    I used to work in a prison and I heard that an inmate was complaining to their family on the phone about not being treated for something ( probably not enough pain medication). Well the family then called 911 from their home to send services to the prison.

    Starting all over again?

    I worked at my last job for 8 years and felt pretty secure (not a good idea now in hind sight). I worked in a unique setting of corrections. I worked Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 430. No weekends. Holidays if I chose to. Med surg type setting. I choose NOT to work in a hospital- 12 hour shifts, weekends, rotating BLAH! I guess I have limited myself Yes, I choose to leave that to the young-uns. Congrats on your BSN.

    Starting all over again?

    Well, after 30 plus years as a Registered Nurse I am unemployed. I graduated from a diploma program in 1983 and never had difficulty finding a job. I chose where and when I wanted to work. I worked as a bedside med-surg nurse, charge nurse, home health nurse. I worked as an aesthetic nurse performing hair removal and facials. I did private duty nursing with special needs kids at home and at school. I even have certification in wound care. I started out as a critical care nurse in the beginning of my career. I have tons of experience in different settings. But now, I have been unemployed since May. I have applied to several positions with no response from potential employers. Some employment listings even say that so many years of experience can be considered for the education requirement. I am re-evaluating my goals and trying to decide if this is the time I can move out of nursing and find another passion. I am going to make the best of this situation no matter what. Back to school for a BSN or some other field? Anyone else in this situation?

    Best Mispronunciation?

    Way back in the day I remember some women in the GYN clinic complaining about passing "clogs" during their periods. I like new shoes too but that was ridiculous!
  12. Even with the strictest isolation protocols in place, all it takes is one careless staff member to "forget". At my old job the LPN would wear her gloves up and down the hall and ALWAYS claim she just put them on. Yesterday I heard of a guy in New York who turned himself in with symptoms and they are awaiting lab results. Who else is out there with symptoms and using public bathrooms and maybe a little messy with their hygiene? I sound super paranoid but it wouldn't take much for the virus to accelerate and take hold here in the US.

    Biting Your Tongue

    I used to work in a male prison and I swear the "men" there were the worst about pain. Yeah some were drug abusers in the past and had serious drug seeking behaviors. But really, you didn't think it would hurt once the surgeon cut you open and moved things around? Then they stitched you up. I DID say " It will hurt until it heals". Plus you signed up for the hernia repair/nose surgery/ insertion or removal of hardware.

    Other Jobs That a Nurse Can Do?

    I stumbled on this thread and it's funny, I could have written the same thing. I have been an RN for 31 years now. I graduated from a diploma program way back when. At this stage of the game if i go back to school it will not be for nursing. My last job was in a correctional facility infirmary. My compassion and empathy points have been worn out! I thought even about just working at Wal Mart! Just to get out of the situation. Thank you for posting this question, because it will surely inspire and help others in our boat. Best wishes to you in your search. There are several ideas I'm going to work on now.

    Oh, honey.

    I work in a prison now and it's funny how many guys "slip and fall in the shower" and get fractured jaws that need to be wired and orbital fractures. Must be some super slick soap they are using.