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  1. shannon_LPN

    NEW GRADS IN VA (hampton roads area)

    Congrats on passing your boards first try! I live in the Outer Banks, originally from Norfolk. Try going on the Sentara website.....they have alot of hospitals to choose from. Down here everyone wants RNs except for LTC. When I searched the hospitals in the hampton roads area, there were tons of RN posistions. Good Luck!
  2. shannon_LPN

    How many new nurses are seriously thinking about quiting?

    I have to say my first few months as a new nurse almost made me quit......short-staffing, on-call days, pressure, pressure, pressure...... Even though most days I often wonder "why did I pick this field?".......I do still feel like this is where I was meant to be. Once you get in a groove with paperwork, orders, what you are responsible for, etc., it gets better. To me the administration side of nursing is the hardest to acclimate to. But when you get close to a resident and their family, and the family sincerely thanks you for all you do (even the things you dont expect to get thanks for) or when a resident dies and the family is so grateful that you were there to take care of them and handle all of even the families' needs, you walk away with a sense of pride that you made a difference to another person. That's what keeps me going when I want to say 'to hell with this job!'
  3. shannon_LPN

    Scared Of Poop!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

    LOL Rusty! That is so true. I've only been a nurse for a year and poop used to permeate my nostrils for the entire day, even after I got home. (Talk about a complex.......I was so paranoid I smelled!) But in time you do get used to it for the most part. Most of the time you are so busy, you just get in there and do it, you dont have time to reflect on the grossness of it. My first few months, I could have never dealt with poop and then went to lunch................just the other day I told myself I must be broken in because I helped the tx nurse change a stage 4 decubitis ulcer and went to lunch afterwards. Does that make me weird? :imbar
  4. shannon_LPN

    I might gag

    This is why I love allnurses..............Im not so weird after all LOL When I first started nursing school, I could not even deal with my husband or kid's blood without wanting to puke. To see my own blood would make me light-headed. I've only been a nurse for a year, and I can say you do get over the initial 'OMG' factor of bodily functions/smells. You build confidence and get so used to seeing things every day that you build a resistence to it. On the other hand......every nurse has something they cannot stand. Mine is changing dressings on decubitis ulcers. I have a pt. that has a stage 4 decub on his sacral area. The tx nurse is also my friend and she will pull me in to help turn and hold him while she changes the dressing. OMG I never knew how bad rotting flesh could smell, has almost brought me to my knees several times. Especially since she usually does it right before lunch Will say I've lost 5 pounds since.........hehe I think I will keep vicks in my pocket for now on.....great tip :)
  5. shannon_LPN

    North Carolina Roll Call

    ncnurse, I have heard about Excelsior but have only been out of LPN school for a year and I'm still trying to juggle working full-time! LOL I guess I need to go on their website and start pricing.......I think I need a few more years experience before I start thinking about "butt-kicker" clinicals....LOL What part of NC are you from? Dixiee
  6. shannon_LPN


    Also, forgot to add................ At our facility recently, we were told that CNA II's could change colostomy bags, do treatments, etc........sometimes that is threatening because it seems we go to school longer and now CNA's can do a lot of what we are doing.............but remember, even as a nurse, we also answer call lights, change diapers, get urine samples, clean up vomit, run and get extra food-tray items, take people to the dining room, get supplies, etc. We are all a team..........its not WHAT we do, but how the patient thrives that:wink2: matters
  7. shannon_LPN


    I can understand and relate where you are coming from, but I will say it is not always a title, nor experience, that makes someone qualified for the job. I work in a LTC facility, so I am use to being charge nurse. However, Assn. DON is only given to an RN, and any supervisor role is only given to RN's. (This does not bother me because I've only been a nurse for 9 months). There is a CNA at our facility who has been an employee there for 25 years! She is the hardest working, best CNA I have ever encountered. She is our facility transport person..........then works 3-11 as an aide. She told me once that she thought about getting a certification as Med-tech (in NC, med-tech's can pass meds as a CNA II), but she did not want another "added-on" responsibility to her already too-long list w/o the added pay. My point is, I know I dont have a CNA 'over me'.......but many RN's......particularly administrative RN's who have to take call days like we do, but when it comes to actually working the floor, will whine they havent worked a floor in over 20 years and it takes two of them to get through a shift. Meanwhile, the LPN's are being way over worked, and I would trust the CNA I was just talking about........she has helped me with NUMEROUS tasks...........(I was never a CNA before becoming a nurse). The bedside caregiver is the most important to me.........even though I do see where you are coming from, try to pull from her experience what you can. If it's just a case of someone not qualified for the job, try talking to the administrator. Good Luck! (Wondering why Im so talkative tonight )\ Dixiee
  8. shannon_LPN

    In NJ and want to become a nurse...but totally confused!!

    OOPS! forgot to add something.................... Doctors offices dont pay as much, and there's not as much experience. I too had a "weak" stomach before I became a nurse. Blood made me want to faint. My nursing instructor told me after first semester evals that between my being too scared to do anything and my tender heart, she did not think I'd make it through school. But I had the desire to help others.......it took awhile, but now that kind of stuff doesnt bother me. The first time experience of anything will make you nervous (hell, shake you to the core), but the more you do it, the better you get. I could hardly give an IM shot when I first started working, and even though I still feel a twinge of fear whenever Im fixing to dart a 1 1/2' needle in a muscle, I do it now with more confidence than I did in school. Sorry for rambling, but when I read your post, I felt like I was listening to my own doubts just 2 years ago! Dix
  9. shannon_LPN

    In NJ and want to become a nurse...but totally confused!!

    OMG I can so relate to you! I became a LPN in Oct. 07. I'll be 38 on Sunday. I primarily became a nurse after watching my Dad slowly die from liver disease (He passed 2/23/08) I went through the same things you are contemplating now. I even turned down LPN school the year before when I applied for RN and all the openings were taken. I thought, if I cant be a RN, Im not doing it! I finally decided at my age, and with two younger kids and a difficult husband, I should start whereever the good Lord leads me, hence LPN school. My class worked mostly in a nursing home for clinicals, and I told myself, "I'll never work in a nursing home! Its too depressing, not enough experience, etc, etc, etc" Well, when I got my license, it just so happens our local hospital was not hiring LPN's at the time, so I had no choice but to work at a nursing home. Believe it or not, it has been a tremendous blessing to me! I get paid $4 more than the hospital, and lately our nursing home is being blessed with alot of acute care patients. Most of the 'old-time' nurses (those who have been nurses a long time) c/o all the IV's, g-tubes, irrigations, mental health, dressing changes, etc. that we have all the sudden, but for me it's a dream. My biggest fear of working in a nursing home was losing what I learned in school d/t lack of everyday experience. I learn something new everyday. Aside from that, Im also learning how to deal with death (in a nursing home you tend to get attached to people more) and because the staff is mostly made up of LPN's, you are the CHARGE NURSE:yeah: I know I dont have any other job to compare my experience to, but Im so thankful I became a LPN first. I might not have the title or experience (not to downgrade my RN's sisters ), but I have confidence and faith that I'm serving a purpose to those whose look forward to seeing me and trust in my care every day. I hope to go on as an RN someday as well. Good luck to you and your decision:bow: Dixiee
  10. shannon_LPN

    Can a LPN be a school nurse?

    Here in this part of NC you have to be an RN to be a school nurse. While in nursing school last year, we had to do a rotation in a local elementary school, and I loved it! (Dont know why they made a LPN do a rotation where only a RN can work...........) The school nurse told me that at one time LPN's could work as school nurses, but because we live in such rural communities, they now only took RN's because there were not enough RN's around to supervise at each school. She also told me that they (the school board) were trying to make it where you had to be a RN, BSN as well I know RN's have more assessment skills, but not sure why they are going to all RN's. As a matter of fact, we have a few hospitals around here that will ONLY hire RN's..........with the nursing shortage all over, I dont understand the reasoning. Dix
  11. shannon_LPN

    North Carolina Roll Call

    Howdy all, from the Outer Banks :) Babynurse, I was just out near your way in Claremont (outside of Hickory), visiting my Mom.......your town sticks out to me because I found out there is a Britthaven Nursing Home in your town, and was thinking I might be able to transfer there. I've only been a LPN since Oct. 07, but am thinking of going online to do my RN since I cannot afford to quit working to go back to school:sniff: What is nursing like online? I did my general ed. online, but dont know what to think of nursing online.........how do you do clinicals? Dixiee
  12. shannon_LPN

    North Carolina Roll Call

  13. shannon_LPN

    Irrigating suprapubic catheters

    thanks smokey:bow: that clears it up a lot!
  14. shannon_LPN

    North Carolina Roll Call

    hi everyone! i am from the outer banks. i've only been a nurse for 9 months. i work in a nursing home. im married with two kids and a dog:bugeyes: i love being a nurse, but im still trying to learn how to handle the stress of it all (arent we all????) i am excited about being a member here, a place to ask all my questions about nursing(and i have a ton of them!)
  15. shannon_LPN

    Best & Worst about LVN/LPN

    i think the worst part of being a lpn is being treated like you are not a "real" nurse. i am a charge nurse in a nursing home, and whenever i receive report over the telephone from a hospital on a new patient and they ask my name, they always ask, "are you a rn?" when i reply, "no, a lpn", there's usually a typical "oh" response. also not too long ago when ems was bringing in a new admission (happens all the time) and i started to sign the paperwork, the emt asked me if i was an rn. when i said no, lpn, he told me he had to have an rn to sign. (i had never been told that before)!
  16. shannon_LPN

    Irrigating suprapubic catheters

    that is what everyone else says too. just wondering why the don who has alot of nursing experience would teach otherwise........ guess it never hurts to get a "second opinion" lol!