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  1. Qutie

    Tested 7/14

    Hi everyone, I took NCLEX on Monday (7/14) here in California and it was a long gruesome 72 hour wait before I found out yesterday that I passed! I can hardly believe it......so much seems to be riding upon passing the test especially when you've begun working and are trying to transition into your new role as a future clinical practicing RN. I just want to thank all of you here on allnurses.com for your threads, advice, prayers, well wishes and support here on the site. It was very nice knowing that I was not alone during this stressful time and being able to read eveyone's post. You all rock and for those that have not tested I wish you the best of luck! Remember to study hard and practice the questions and definitely review the rationale. Even when it's difficult to comprehend/understand. Also, remember on the day of your exams to "deep breathe" before, during and after your exam. The best of wishes to all! :)
  2. Qutie

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    Wow, I had zero math questions but I'm sure close to half of my exam was medications. I pray that we all do pull through and succeed. The waiting game is totally mind boggling! That exam was truly scary....I wish all the best to all of you test takers, hopefully we will fare well.....
  3. Qutie

    Nclex today, freaking out. Only had 75Q.

    I'm in the same boat, I took NCLEX this morning and the computer shut down on 75Q. I was in a state of shock, I immediately started crying because I felt as though I didn't know anything!!!!!! I'm so confused........