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dialysisguy has 7 years experience and specializes in Telemetry/Hemodialysis.

MWF Chronic Dialysis Nurse.

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  1. dialysisguy

    Trying to find my place in nursing & new to dialysis/FMC

    I love FMC!!! Much better than DaVita for me...:typing DG:smokin:
  2. dialysisguy

    Advice Re: job interview with Davita

    I would never go back to a "reuse clinic" with DaVita. Ask you manager if they use a dry pack or reuse dialyzer. (artificial kidney) Ask any dialysis tech or nurse who has worked in a DaVita chonic unit for a few years. They will personally know or have a friend who has experianced one of the two following scenarios. 1. A patient receiving an accidental administration of a sterilant chemical named Renalin. (which can cause instant death) 2. A patient who was accidentally given another person's artificial kidney. (which has was used by another pt duing the prior treatment):zzzzz I love working with FMC because we use dry packs. We throw the used dialyzer away after every treatment. New kidney every time. DG:wink2:
  3. dialysisguy

    Which one Chronic or Home Peritoneal Dialysis?

    Chronic HD with DaVita can be very stressful. I would go and see how the nurses work at the unit first. DG:cool:
  4. dialysisguy

    dilemma between FMC and Davita...which one?anyone?

    I like FMC better than DaVita:typing DG:jester:
  5. dialysisguy

    Meds during dialysis

    It's true that I cannot give the patient her home meds without an order. However, I can get an order from my nephro doc for pain meds at the unit or an order to give a home med while on dialysis. I am surprized that a HD nurse let you take a breakfast tray in his or her space! This area should be clean to sterile. Lots of risk of infection, especially dealing with catheters. We always have D50 for low BS. NO EATING IN MY UNIT! Hope I helped, I was Tele Nurse too... :redbeathe Good Luck, DG:smokin:
  6. dialysisguy

    Union courting dialysis unit

    I would love to have a union.:typing DG:smokin:
  7. dialysisguy


    New Balance
  8. dialysisguy

    Perineal anxiety

    when going down there on a man or woman i always had "assistance"... in addition, a buddy and i would do our pt's baths together... always take a friend when giving a cath, rectal med or whatever to "help turn"... and so on. it's always good to have a witness there. DG:typing
  9. dialysisguy

    Dialysis Cruise

    I second that starbin!:wink2: I will simply go on a cruise. Work and vacation is not a good combo for me... DG:smokin:
  10. dialysisguy

    Povidone-Iodine breaking down CVCs

    Thanks diabo DG:typing
  11. dialysisguy

    The Great Double Standard?

    You should always take someone in with you to "assist". Two years ago a patient claimed to have been sexually assulted by a male nure at a local hospital. His word against his. Guys listen, men or women pt's don't matter... If you have to go down there for catheter, bath, whatever. Always have a witness with you! DG
  12. dialysisguy

    Roll Call

    have an RN and a penis... life is good! DG:smokin:
  13. dialysisguy

    Povidone-Iodine breaking down CVCs

    Thank you Lacie and bluefabian! This site has been a lot of help. DG
  14. dialysisguy

    New Grad...Dialysis Position

    Dialysis is much better than med-surg! With that said, I am glad I started in the hospital before dialysis. Telemetry/Med-Surg gave me a great foundation. I am a better dialysis nurse because of it. Wait! Honestly, hospital floor nusing sucks a whole lot; a lot of the time. Go for dialysis! You can learn to be great on the hospital floor or in the dialysis unit... Good Luck, DG
  15. dialysisguy

    I am quitting...after almost 7 years.

    I quit my last dialysis center because of unsafe but legal practices. For instance, the techs rushing "put on". Everyone in a hurry to take a break. Re-use dializers and rushed work is a bad combo. I will never work with re-use again! I knew the word "Clear" meant trouble my first day in the unit. I love :redbeathe my disposable Optiflux. DG:typing
  16. dialysisguy

    Salary Pay for Fresenius Medical or Davita?

    I earned: DaVita $29/hr FMC $26/hr plus time and half after 8 hours in state of California. DG:wink2: I made twice this on Telemetry but worked three times harder.