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  1. faithhopelove


    Hello ggestano2002. I have a classmate that was able to buy the colored version of Saunders 5th ed. at C&E bookstore before. By the way, may I ask you if when is your schedule to take the test? Are you going to take it here in the Phils? As for my case, I'm waiting for my eligibility still. God bless you on your exam.
  2. faithhopelove

    Passed my NCLEX with a Bad Pop-up. Praise the Lord!

    congratulations.. wow, I admire you for your faith. God bless u more. thanks for sharing
  3. faithhopelove

    CES report expiration

    spongebob6286: I am trying to send you a private message but your inbox is full. please let me know if the CGFNS was able to resend your CES report. thank you. My email is faith26love@gmail.com.
  4. faithhopelove

    God's perfect timing

    Very inspiring life story you got. I love stories like this, made me believe more that God has really plans for us as what He said in [h=1]Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Thank you again for sharing. I could tell that you are a great nurse.[/h]
  5. faithhopelove

    My NCLEX experience!

    congratulations to you. Thank you for sharing.. what a great encouragement! all Glory to God. God bless you RN.
  6. faithhopelove

    Texas Nclex Application

    already started my application. I am now waiting for my license verification to be issued by PRC. God bless everyone
  7. faithhopelove

    The Fifteen

    What a great and inspiring story! God bless you more. Thank you for sharing.
  8. faithhopelove

    A new inspirtation

    Thank You..
  9. faithhopelove

    17 years out of school, if I did it, so can everyone too :)

    thank you for sharing.. what an inspiring story! God bless.
  10. faithhopelove

    NCLEX result and Texas juris exam. HELP.

    hi jinx! any update from your result?
  11. faithhopelove

    Texas Nclex Application

    Thank you not.done.yet for your response.
  12. faithhopelove

    Texas Nclex Application

    Any updates from you Jay_j? I am planning to take the NCLEX texas also, please let me know what are other requirements. thank you
  13. faithhopelove

    This is how I prepared for my NCLEX-RN Exam. :)

    Hello purplechicxiii.. thank you so much for your sharing here, very impressive and inspiring. Congratulations for passing the NCLex, you really deserved it. I'm a filipina too who is planning to take the NCLEX this year, I just passed the NLE last december 2011 and I haven''t started my application for the NCLEX.
  14. faithhopelove

    My journey taking the NCLEX-all glory and honor to HIM

    very inspiring story you had.. Thank you very much for sharing. God bless you more.
  15. faithhopelove

    Just took the NCLEX

    Congrats! :yelclap:
  16. thank you so much daisy.. have a nice day