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prior service(Army)

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  1. lifeafter40

    Back to the drawing board (Army nursing options)

    Do you know if the three years spent in school count toward time in grade/ time in service? I am pushing that cut off age limit and the additional three years of school might be a catch if they do not count toward time in service for retirement (I understand they will not count for my 5 years service obligation). My six years prior service gives me a little leeway.
  2. lifeafter40

    Back to the drawing board (Army nursing options)

    Thanks for all the input. I have been through the hoops of submitting my commissioning packet once already, so I understand the frustration and waiting involved there. I plan to work a year on my my unit before I submit my packet anyway, because this is a teaching hospital and they have a great nurse residency program for new grads, and tailored training for my ICU unit. My GPA is good (3.96 at graduation), but I do need to start studying for the GRE. And as, stated earlier I need an Organic Chem class. My unit will pay for my TNCC and CCRN, as I become eligible. I was thinking to come in as a CC Nurse, but if the requirements are 2 years, then CRNA may be a better option for me, as I was considering that avenue in a year or two anyway. If applying to the CRNA program as a civilian, would I go to BOLC before or after school? Thanks again for the info.
  3. Hello again to all the long-standing and new members. It has been quite a while since I last posted. For those of you who may remember, I applied to the ANCP last year for my senior year of nursing school, however, after going through the whole process and sending my packet up to be reviewed, I was informed that I was too old for that program (I am now 41 with 6 years active duty prior service)... bummed out. Anyway, life goes on... I am now graduated with my BSN, I have taken and passed my NCLEX, and am in orientation on the neuro/surgical ICU at a local level I trauma center. However, I have still not lost my desire to serve again in the Army. The last time I spoke with my recruiter (Nov. of 2011) I was told that the Nurse Corps was no longer accepting new Grad. nurses at that time, but that if I gained a year of experience, then I would be considered for appointment. So here I am, looking at options again for returning to military service as a Nurse Corps Officer. So I have a few questions that I though some of you may be able to give insight on, before I talk to my recruiter again. 1. Is the Nurse Corps still full, and are they accepting very many applicants? (I am looking at a commission in 2013-14, so I would have over a year of ICU experience at that time). 2. I am also on track (still need to take an Orgo class and the GRE) to apply for CRNA School, and what better than the Army's, right? So, I would be interested to hear from anyone who has recently direct commissioned into the Army's CRNA program, and how that experience has been for them. 3. I thought I read somewhere that the Army CRNA school has (or will) moved to Ft. Bliss (El Paso, TX)...is this correct, or is it still at Bathesda, MD? 4. any advice on what and when I should begin prepairing for commission application. I had a full packet a year ago, but I know I will have to redo almost all of again it this time around... Love the MEPS! ;P Thanks in advance for your input and advice, LA40
  4. lifeafter40

    Psych NP in the Military

    I find that it is the general consensus of the civilian sector that the military is still desperate for nurses and are taking all comers...those of us in the process (or holding pattern) know this to be untrue.
  5. lifeafter40

    Career help in the Army Reserves?

    I think we all know that Reserves get plenty of deployment time (even though most people in the civilian sector still have the understanding that it is just "part time", especially if you are talking to a recruiter ) I think what the previous poster was asking is, Do you have to move your home to be in the Reserves. That being said, with the large amount of Reserve units in the country, most people will be assigned to a unit within reasonable driving distance... but that all depends on where you live and what type of units are in your area. The Army will try to accommodate your assignment to your location as much as possible. As long as you can make drills on time, it is up to you if you want to move or not... a friend of mine drives 3 hours each way on drill weekends.
  6. lifeafter40

    BSN to DNP with no nursing experience

    I think that any experience is an asset, however the role and scope of practice of a BSN as compared to a Nurse Practitioner is vastly different... and the BSN can never get that experience. I agree with the earlier poster who stated that the New DNP should have a residency as would a new Physician. the fact is that anyone graduating from a higher level of practice degree is unprepared to practice autonomously imediately after graduation. Yet, only with the degree are you allowed to practice at that level. I guess my point is that, where RN nursing experience is valuable, I do not feel that it is necessary to DNP graduate.
  7. lifeafter40

    Army Reserves and OBLC 2011/ STRAP program Q's

    I have a year left in my BSN, So I am still determining the path I wish to pursue. Best of luck to you... it is a long process. LA40
  8. lifeafter40

    ASVAB for (Nursing) Officers

    The Army does require it for those who apply for the Nurse Candidate Program, as mentioned previously.
  9. lifeafter40

    Army Reserves and OBLC 2011/ STRAP program Q's

    As far as the STRAP program goes, you will need to talk to your recruiter for the most up-to-date information. They continuously change the qualifying education specialties to reflect the needs of the Army. I spoke with my recruiter about DNP options, and he said that only Psych., Community Health, and CRNA programs qualify for STRAP at this time. Hope this helps, LA40
  10. lifeafter40

    March BOLC

    envious! best of luck to you all :beer: LA40
  11. lifeafter40

    sign now in Air Force as BSN or wait until DNP

    Does anyone know if DNP qualifies for the HPSP program? That would be ideal... you could get commissioned at graduation from BSN program and continue school on the Air Force's tab.
  12. lifeafter40

    Noticing shifts of interest

    I graduate in May, 2012. So I am hoping for some improvement in the economy by then. it looks like the current trend is for the Army to take nurses that have at least six months experience, so I am hoping the hospital I work for now has a slot for me when I graduate. I figure that many people who are applying now, may not be so inclined to apply later if they already have a job secured in the civilian sector, so perhaps the field will be narrowed for applicants.
  13. lifeafter40

    Noticing shifts of interest

    lol...I hear what you're saying...prior service has shown me that much. It's not so much the waiting that bothers me..been waiting for three years now, since I decided I wanted to go back in the Army (and had a means to do so). I think it is just the uncertainty of it all, like so many others who are graduating soon. When I first started talking to the recruiters, I was all but a sure thing assuming I kept my grades up and passed the boards, then the economy went south, and now I just hope that I can still have a shot at a commission. I turn 40 in April, so my window of opportunity is passing quickly Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. As I told one of our members, I am not giving up the fight... only making a course adjustment!
  14. lifeafter40

    Noticing shifts of interest

    I guess I am just a bit paranoid now, having had my plans shot down at the last minute (or at least changed for me), and then seeing how very competitive the last selection boards were... now faced with the uncertainty of graduating without any kind of job guarantee... I was looking forward to the security of knowing I had a place in the ANC... Ah well, more waiting and hoping
  15. lifeafter40

    Noticing shifts of interest

    Hi all, some of you may remember me as I have frequented this board off and on for several years. Having been gone for a while after finding out I was too old for the Army Nurse Candidate Program I was applying for, I have returned. I can't help but notice that the branch of service interest seems to shift at times. When I first started posting on this board, the majority of posts were about the Army... then not too long ago it looked like most of the posts were about Air Force. Now, as I log back in, I can't help but notice the large volume of Navy Posts. Does this reflect the changing selection criteria of the different branches? I know this past year was a tough one for getting into the Army, but is it looking more promising for the Navy applicants now? I am still looking to join the Army Nurse Corps upon graduation...one more year to go... but just thought I would ask what others' experiences are with joining their service of choice. Cheers, LA40
  16. lifeafter40

    The start of a new journey

    yes, unfortunately, you are too old for ROTC, so was I ... However, you could still qualify for the Nurse Candidate Program, so talk to your Health Professions Recruiter (you must be able to receive your commission before age 40). My suggestion is to really focus on nursing school, as GPA seems to be a top priority for new nurse selection (your Prior service is a plus also)...just let the Army idea sit in the background for now, because the waiting and anticipating will drive you crazy before you get there...lol...I know, I've been waiting for about 3.5 years now! everything else will most likely change...many times... before you graduate, so no real advantage in worrying too much about it yet. I also suggest tying to find yourself a hospital job as soon as you have your nursing fundamentals course under your belt... it will help increase your learning in school and will look good on your resume. welcome to All Nurses and the Nurse Corps hopefuls...hope you enjoy the ride! LA40