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MatthewRN has 7 years experience and specializes in CCU, ED.

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  1. MatthewRN

    How did you choose where to apply?

    My parents are on faculty at the school I'm attending which qualified me for free tuition. That made for a pretty easy decision. All of our clinical sites are within a 30 or 40 minute drive max from the school which was also a nice draw.
  2. MatthewRN

    Accepted, now what's next financially, homelife

    I went through a divorce my second semester in school. We'd been having problems for a while though and my wife was not supporting at all after I started school. Thankfully we didn't have kids.
  3. MatthewRN

    LSU CRNA 2010 Class: Anyone get accepted?

    If your credit is good enough or you have a cosigner, GradPlus loans in addition to the Stafford loans are generally enough to cover everything you need.
  4. MatthewRN

    Anyone attending Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    MAT 90th percentile, 3.5 gpa, 2.5 years experience in 24 bed CCU. I believe they waive the GRE or MAT requirement if your undergrad GPA was 3.75 or higher. They've already interviewed and sent out acceptance to people for the class starting in 2012.
  5. MatthewRN

    GN interview at Florida Hospital Winter Park

    What unit are you applying for? They have a pretty nice new OB service line wing there.
  6. MatthewRN

    What got you into school?

    Ha, being the program director's kid. Although, if anything, I think I was scrutinized more carefully. My interview ended up being twice as long as anyone else.
  7. MatthewRN

    Anyone attending Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    It's one flat fee for tuition for anesthesia at FHCHS. No difference for in or out of state.
  8. MatthewRN

    Anyone attending Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    Yes. SRNA Class of 2013.
  9. MatthewRN

    Anyone attending Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    The biggest part of my decision was that my parents are one faculty at the college so I get free tuition. With that being said, I believe that it's a good program. You get top notch clinical experience in the Florida Hospital system, and the system is big enough in town that you're never more than about 40 miles away from downtown on a clinical rotation. The anesthesia faculty seem to genuinely care about everyone in the program and it is a very welcoming environment.
  10. MatthewRN

    Anyone attending Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    I'm in the junior class at FHCHS. Congratulations on being accepted (I'm assuming)! I know one of the people in passing who was accepted and a good buddy of mine is on the wait list.
  11. MatthewRN

    no GRE for CRNA school

    Some schools will also accept the MAT in place of the GRE.
  12. MatthewRN

    IABP and CPR

    I believe Maquet is the company you were trying to think of.
  13. MatthewRN

    Nurses pulled to other units

    What does DTO'D stand for?
  14. MatthewRN

    Should CVVHD be 1:1

    Your patient's just have to have a vent to be a 1:1? Where do I apply?!
  15. MatthewRN

    Ambulate with Femoral Lines

    i think i'd have an mi if i saw my patient with an iabp ambulating.
  16. MatthewRN

    Amiodarone and Lidocaine drips for VTach

    We'll do that frequently for VT refractory to IV Amio. As stated above, make sure daily lido levels are drawn as some patients can become lido toxic fairly quickly.

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