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MereSanity specializes in Operating room..

Love working in the OR...specialties include Open Heart, Ortho, general, and I have management experience! I am currently working in the OR as a traveler and am looking to earn my RNFA.

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  1. MereSanity

    What chloraprep does everyone use?

    The teal chloraprep is for people with darker skin tones. Easier to see after applied...not for fair complected people. You cannot see the orange on darker skin, you can however see the teal.
  2. OK I need some input here. So I was always taught not to wipe down tables or spray instruments while the patient is in the room (seems like common sense), but now my hospital has decided that we can't break down the back table, change the trash (if w...
  3. MereSanity


    I was wondering if there are any hospitals that are open to allow an RN to work toward their RNFA at their facility? I am currently a traveler in the OR and I want to earn my RNFA. Thanks for the info!
  4. MereSanity

    NIFA RNFA program starting

    I would be interested too in this information!
  5. MereSanity

    What's so great about OR?

    I love the OR...great place for ADD personalities. Been there for almost 9 years now. I love one patient at a time, asleep patients, no real family interaction (OK, I suck I know). I love the atmosphere and personalities in the OR (and sometimes n...
  6. MereSanity

    Can an RN do an I&D or place sutures?

    If you work in surgery and get your RNFA (RN First Assist) you can indeed do these things. A BSN is suggested for an RNFA.
  7. MereSanity

    Question about working with multiple agencies

    I have heard you should use more than one agency. When one has nothing good another might. Keep options open. One traveler calls them her "pimps"...working to find her good assignments.
  8. I had 7.5 years (8 now) and am CNOR certified. I have a lot of experience except I don't have neuro experience (I did open heart another team did neuro so I never did it before). That is a drawback for me but I told them straight up I don't do neur...
  9. MereSanity

    Weirdest/most difficult thing swallowed by a patient

    Yeah...the large can of body spray had no "lip" on it...took forever to get a grip on it.
  10. I'm currently a travel nurse in the OR! Love it and get paid really well because it is such a specialized area. MereSanity BSN, RN, CNOR
  11. I love the OR...been there for 8 years now. Call us trained monkeys but the trick is to think three steps ahead of the surgeon and scrub (helps to know how to scrub too). Also, know what all the equipment and instruments are, what they do, how they...
  12. MereSanity

    Weirdest/most difficult thing swallowed by a patient

    How bout weirdest thing up a rectum? I'm an OR nurse and have taken out a large can of body spray and a remote control from a guys rectum before.
  13. MereSanity

    Are you really not a "real nurse" unless you work in acute care?

    Where would we be if there were only one type of nurse? Please.
  14. MereSanity

    lithotomy position

    How interesting, can you provide the section of the AORN book this new standard is in? Or the link to the new updated standard? Would love to learn something new. MereSanity BSN, RN, CNOR
  15. MereSanity

    Positive result of CJD Case

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I would think you will be OK. However, write down details for your personal records in case something ever comes up (after all workmans comp would apply big time) and you need those details. I thought it was j...