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  1. StNeotser

    Break the Silence Report Bullying

    Certainly obnoxiousness isn't helpful in a workplace as important as health care. It's obstructive to patient care.
  2. StNeotser

    I Ask For "Nothing".

    Thanks for posting. I always maintain that nurses day seems to be like a wilted bunch of flowers offered in an abusive relationship. I don't want nurses day, I just want safe working conditions for myself and fellow staff members. If the working conditions were all right...........why would you even need nurses day/week?
  3. I do believe that the posters who have said they think it's to cut reimbursement rates are right. Obviously people aren't happy when they're in the hospital. Reimbursement should be paid on medical outcomes, not "my TV wouldn't get the sports channel and I waited ten minutes for a soda"
  4. StNeotser

    Why Do People Bully Me?

    I see the point of the article..................best to provide potential victims with some defense against bullying...........but why do employers tolerate bullying in the first place? Unfortunately in one job I was bullied by a unit manager and someone who worked on the day shift. I was working the weekend shift They would go to the director of nursing and tell her that something had happened and then allude to the fact that it was on my shift. I cut my losses and left that job as I reported to the unit manager - you aren't going to win when the bully is the person you directly report to, even though I never had any face time with that manager. The DON was new, and I was never sure if she just didn't want to deal with these two individuals and just went with what they said to keep the peace. It was easy to bully someone that management didn't really know. Of course the day shift bully went on to take the weekend shift job that I left vacant. Of course all my co workers told me they thought the behavior was despicable but nobody really went out of their way to tell the DON, because at the end of the day, bullying and horizontal violence all looks like childish bickering. And I'm much better off now I don't have that job.
  5. StNeotser

    Do Other Professionals Skip Restroom Breaks And Meals?

    Uh, did you count them? I have no idea how many times I went to the bathroom in nursing school. It had no bearing on my GPA or my performance as a nurse. What do you mean by the post?
  6. StNeotser

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: An Epidemic (Part I)

    I write to a prisoner through a writing group. He was thought to have fetal alcohol effect. He doesn't have any of the facial features but was born to an alcoholic mother. Though he has average intelligence he has very poor impulse control and judgement which of course lots of people who break the law do. He is nearly forty and FAS/FAE wasn't diagnosed when he was born or in early childhood. He was just thought to be a troublemaker as a kid. Of course, being raised by the same alcoholic mother didn't help matters as he was often neglected and ignored. It is a huge problem to those affected and society at large. Thanks for posting and highlighting the subject.
  7. StNeotser

    whinny nurses

    Whinny? Neigh, say it ain't so.
  8. StNeotser

    Facebook almost cost me my job

    I let it go. I used to be a user of facebook and now I'm not. It's not that difficult to do.
  9. Report it. It's BS. We don't get paid any less for treating any kind of patient and we shouldn't have any kind of bias in the nursing profession. What happened here was unprofessional.
  10. StNeotser

    The thing about 12 hour shifts...vent

    I've never done any job as exhausting as floor nursing. It drains you physically and mentally. Consider the source, and you're welcome to vent about your MIL. She might never "get it".
  11. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2011/04/22/135608823/many-bullies-get-pushed-around-at-home
  12. StNeotser

    Patients Are Not Consumers

    Patients Are Not Consumers By PAUL KRUGMAN Published: April 21, 2011 Recommend Earlier this week, The Times reported on Congressional backlash against the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a key part of efforts to rein in health care costs. This backlash was predictable; it is also profoundly irresponsible, as I'll explain in a minute. \But something else struck me as I looked at Republican arguments against the board, which hinge on the notion that what we really need to do, as the House budget proposal put it, is to "make government health care programs more responsive to consumer choice." Here's my question: How did it become normal, or for that matter even acceptable, to refer to medical patients as "consumers"? The relationship between patient and doctor used to be considered something special, almost sacred. Now politicians and supposed reformers talk about the act of receiving care as if it were no different from a commercial transaction, like buying a car-and their only complaint is that it isn't commercial enough. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/22/opinion/22krugman.html?_r=1&hp
  13. StNeotser

    Money Won't Buy You Health Insurance

    It's not an issue of socialism or political ideology. In Germany they manage to have private health insurance and a public option and nobody gets stiffed. The insurance companies still make money and the citizens can still get health insurance and treatment. Unless enough people are affected by this, there won't be any change. It drove me crazy to hear the charges of "death panels" and Keep The Government Out of Healthcare - really do people trust private companies to take care of them better than a government they can vote in and out? I had a child only policy for my daughter because the small church based rehab facility I work for charges nearly $400 per month for me to add her to my policy. I had private health insurance for her through Aetna for $180 per month. However, they are terminating the insurance at the end of the year because now no health insurer will offer a child only in my state. Unfortunately she has exercise induced asthma which is a pre existing condition and I will probably end up paying that $400 or more (they will increase the charges for 2012) through my employer because nobody will insure her. Edited to add, I had no idea my daughters health insurance company was going to drop her at the time of posting the original thread.
  14. StNeotser

    how long until nicotine and byproducts are flushed from your system?

    It took me a great number of times to quit smoking and I'm still not sure I'm quit. A bit like an alcoholic I feel that if the situation was right I could start up tomorrow. The only positive I can say is that I'm not as judgemental as I think I might be with addiction issues in patients, had I not had the smoking/quit smoking experience.
  15. StNeotser

    What's your favorite shoe for 12 hour shifts?

    Dansko or Sanita clogs. I have some Shape Ups but only use them for walking recreationally. I wore them to work once and they hurt my legs big time. I've heard z-coils are excellent but they are really pricey.