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    Children's St. Louis - ER vs PICU

    Hi everyone, we are relocating to the area and wanting some opinions on Childrens' in general and partiuarly the ER vs PICU (not CICU). I have heard many good things but concerning are comments that the ER is "a glorified clinic" (hey this is not from me - don't get mad, they said they just ship every trauma/critical kid out to PICU or OR within a few minutes). As far as the PICU, I have heard about nursing drama, unfriendly docs, psycho parents (with no support for nusing by mgt), and unsafe assignments. Would love to hear all good and bad. PM if it is easier/you feel safer. We will be coming in the next few months to interview (my so is looking at Barnes - see our other thread). Fill me in!!!! :redbeathe:heartbeat