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  1. raynefall

    My sister is on life support

    Oh bless your heart, I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.
  2. raynefall

    Family members that work your nerves!!!

    I would have called security immediately. He went too far on that one....
  3. raynefall

    Documention in the Emergency Dept.

    We are doing this at my hospital also. They sent us an email saying that the stop time needs to be clicked off in a reasonable amount of time. Let's see, in the midst of all the emergencies, I suppose I'm supposed to stand there and watch each med drip all the way down to the last drop in order to click it off right after it's completed, ridiculous..... charting the fluids/med was given should be enough, imo.
  4. raynefall

    Cockroaches are driving me out of the hospital!

    Nope, not if there are roaches in it. If I come across a picture of one online I start bawling. It is a true fear and I don't care to see them..... I get enough of them at work. We get alot of homeless patients and I have no doubt they bring most of them in. I heard they're almost impossible to get rid of, I hope that isn't true. It seems like regular pest control won't even begin to touch the problem.
  5. I have never in my life seen so many cockroaches in a place of business! I work in a huge and OLD hospital and I have seen cockroaches in the halls, locker room, stairwell, medication room and everywhere else. I have been in the middle of conversations with my patient and I've seen a roach climb up the wall! I remember waiting for an elevator for at least 10 minutes and when it finally came, I noticed a cockroach who looked like it was pumped with steroids scurry in front of me. Being fearful of the thing, I went ahead and gave him/her/it that elevator. They know I'm frighten of them so they harass me! I've also seen rats the size of armadillos in the parking garage and down the street. I have had enough! I am scared of roaches and I start crying every time I see one. They are nasty! It seems like in addition to having my stethoscope, scissor and pen, I should carry around a can of raid! I can only imagine what the cafeteria is like. I do not want to bring any of that nasty funk into my house or my pets!! I can't imagine running a place of business with these pests running rampant. It makes no sense to me why TPTB let this go this far. It is getting to the point where I am considering moving on, I don't mind facing my fears, but this is one fear that I rather leave alone. I'm just waiting for that day when a flying cockroach comes flying at me, that'll be the day that I quit!
  6. raynefall

    UPDATE: My Baby Boy is in Remission!

    I am ecstatic to read your amazing news! Having someone close to me suffering with leukemia has really opened my eyes, and supporting research to find a cure for this cancer is something that is near and dear to my heart. Bless your heart and your son's.
  7. raynefall

    My brain says no but my heart says yes

    Meg, You will never know if you can make it if you don't try it. The emergency department is not for everyone but it is meant for alot of us, and the only way you will know what your niche is is if you step forward and just do it! Don't let it scare you, remember we all had to start from the beginning. :) IMO, one does not need a year of med surg or ICU to be an ED nurse, it helps, but as long as you a have thorough, and supportive orientation then you should be fine. Good luck on the internship.
  8. raynefall

    Free ER Care?

    I know it! I don't get the whole food thing. As soon as these patients get to the treatment area it's "nurse, I haven't eaten in 3 days." I'm thinking so? That's my problem how? Are you here for the food or the actual abdominal pain that you are complaining about? It's very irritating. Many times these patients have iphones, blackberrys and the latest fad!
  9. raynefall

    How long of orientation in ER is enough?

    Brand new nurses have to go through a six month orientation, they spend one day a week in class and the other three days on the floor. Seasoned nurses get about 4-8 weeks.
  10. To echo others, it depends on what kind of student you are. I did not work while going to nursing school, nor did I have children, but I was still stressed and overwhelmed at times. I admire those who's gone through nursing school with children and a job, kudos.
  11. raynefall

    Strange diagnosis

    I get alot of seizure patients where I work and while most of them are real, there are a few people who fake them. I once had a patient who came in with seizures, whose husband babied her.... every little thing he would come and get me. Anyway, I witnessed her so called seizure, this lady was flopping like a fish out of water, she had the whole stretcher shaking and banging into the wall, about 3 nurses and 2 attendings stood and watched this lady's' horrible performance. When she was almost off the stretcher by her violent jerks, she laid with her eyes closed for about 1 minute and opened her eyes and was awake and alert. I thought to myself that she could have at least pretended to be in post ictal for about 10 minutes.
  12. As long as you have life, it is never too late to do anything you want to do. Good luck!
  13. raynefall

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Hi! I was diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel to my right hand with a ncv. Nothing peripherally wrong showed up on my left hand and my right foot which I normally experience pins and needles there too.
  14. Now why would I want to do that? If I have a difficult patient in the ED, I want them to be seen quickly so they can get out of there so I don't have to deal with them. I deal with some very rude patients where I work, but I do not take it personal or retaliate (I have no time for that anyhow), I just shrug my shoulders and continue to do my work, hoping that I can get them wherever they need to go asap!
  15. raynefall

    Multiple Sclerosis

    I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I do not have MS, but I am being worked up to rule it out. The tingling and slight numbness drive me mad especially when I feel the tingles creeping up my left hand when I'm at work; it makes my hand very weak so I tend to use my right hand more so than my left, and at work I need both hands. I also get these shocks where I feel like someone is poking me with a needle or pen, I almost jump out of my skin with these sensations.... just as long it doesn't hit me when I'm starting an IV then I can deal with it. Take care!
  16. raynefall

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    My mother had a stroke a couple of days after I was born and had spent a month or so in the hospital. She told me that one day during her hospital stay, she had to use the bedpan and told the CNA this. The CNA gave her a dirty look and walked out of her room without putting my mom on the pan. That made me cry. How dare someone in the medical field do that to a patient at a time the patient was unable to care for herself. I then vowed at that time that I was going to be a nurse and I would never treat any human being the way that CNA treated my mother. While I was 9 or so, my father started going to the doctors alot and I knew something was wrong. That's when I first heard of leukemia. My father was strong and provided for his family, but as years went by, I saw him become weaker and weaker, his memory faded little by little and multiple times, I was awaken at night with my mother by my room door saying that my father needed to go to the hospital, again. Throughout all this, I was determined to become a nurse, all I wanted to do was care for people and hold their hand and provide comfort for the hardest time in their lives, and I did just that. :)