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  1. classicalcat

    Frequent Blood Draw Question

    Hi All, I am a former pediatric/neonatal nurse who is now working as a nurse clinical research coordinator. I am trying to help a professor put together a research study in which he wants to get frequent blood samples (healthy adult volunteers). We a...
  2. classicalcat

    Side effects vs Adverse Drug Reaction

    Hi all, I am doing preliminary research for a job interview as a Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator. I have experience as a bedside nurse in the hospital. We see people for 1-2 days. If I give a medication (usually a narcotic or antibiotic), it is f...
  3. classicalcat

    How does your unit train Level II Nursery Nurses?

    Thanks for the reply! This seems about right to me. Good to know...
  4. Hi All, I am curious what your hospitals do for training this area? When I was trained (years ago), I had 2 months with one-to-one precepting with another nursery nurse. This was after working postpartum for over a year (we do couplet care). Now, it ...