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  1. pnurseuwm

    Links 2 Care Agency

    Has anyone had any experience with an agency called Links 2 Care? I'm living in central PA and have an interview with them. Just would like to know any positive or negative experiences.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if nurses working for organizations such as the Visiting Nurses Association are able to receive health care benefits? If so, do you have to be full time or do they also offer part-time workers health insurance?
  3. pnurseuwm

    Non Direct Patient Care

    Actually, some of the most smelliest patients aren't the "old" ones. My nursing home actually has a rehab unit (that they frequently put me on) and many of my patients are quite young (not past 60). I came to this forum for advice, not for a particular part of my post to be blown up and blown out of proportion. Aparently everyone of you have been blessed to fall right into the career that you were meant for. Others of us have not been so lucky and seek genuine help. It's great to know that you all are perfect saints, perfect multi-taskers, perfect judges, have cast-iron stomach, and have never in your lives been affected by smells. I believe the "Career" or "LTC" forum may have understood me better. Thank you.
  4. pnurseuwm

    Non Direct Patient Care

    Hello all, it has been a while since I've been on allnurses. I earned my RN May 2006, was on a surgical floor for 6 months, tried psych nursing for a month, left nursing for a clerical job for 8 months, and now I'm working at a nursing home (basically doing LPN med pass-type work). I like the educational, knowledge-obtaining aspect of nursing but I totally despise the actual bedside-nursing aspect of nursing. Once again I'm thinking about getting out of nursing for something more clerical. I basically hate nursing and have ever since I entered my nursing program, but my student federal loans were running out and I was in my mid-20s and needed to start working. I've only been at my current job at the nursing home for 5 months. I hate everything, the patient load (30 patients), being pulled in a million different places, trying to perform miracles for demanding/sue-happy familes, staying late to do incident reports of our constantly falling patients, the disgusting smelling patients.... everything. Bedside nursing is not in my personality. What type of things could a person with an RN degree (with a psych degree, and experience as a patient registrar) do in the health-care field that has nothing to do with touching/being near/ patients?
  5. pnurseuwm

    "Training" for Supervisory Role

    Hello all, I have been in nursing for less than a year, then left the nursing profession for a year, now may be interested in coming back. I really have only a few months experience in med/surg. I just had an interview with an LTC that would be interested in "training" me for an RN Supervisory role (I guess because I have "RN" behind my name! ) I don't really feel sure in my skills after so much time off and I'd rather be just a regular "floor" nurse. What, specifically, goes into training a fairly new RN for a supervision role?
  6. pnurseuwm

    May Need to Get Back to Nursing, Third Shift?

  7. pnurseuwm

    Carlisle Regional Medical Center

    The $10,000 bonus plus the same old nursing job postings that never seem to change on their website makes me think a) they cannot retain the nurses they have or b) they are unable to attract nurses. Anyone know of anyone who works there?
  8. Hi all, some months ago I received great advice on this forum about getting out of nursing. Well, I did and this month will be my 7th month as a health unit coordinator (more of like a receptionist for a clinic). I'm thinking of moving to another state. The particular city is very small. It will be the first time I've lived on my own and I'm dreading if I will be able to make enough money to support myself. In this particular town there are some nursing homes close by that I may be able to apply for some clerical positions, but I know I will be able to get a DEFINITE job as a nurse. I'm feeling very anxious about not being able to find a job in a new city, and ultimately have been thinking about getting back into to nursing (something that I truly hate). I've had 3 nursing jobs in the first year after graduation, never made it off orientation, but they were all on first shift. I think one thing that I despised was the constant interruptions on first shift (like going into my patient's room with meds only to find the room empty because physical therapy has taken the patient, doctors interrupting my assessments by blowing up the cell phone they make us wear to ask stupid questions that they could find the answers to on their own, the constant admissions, the dieticians interrupting me to "talk" to my patients, patients families preventing me from doing dressing changes because they want to "talk some more, so can you come back later to change the dressing?" etc.) I've been thinking about being like a .5 (that is pretty much all I can stomach of nursing) like on third shift. The particular hospital I was thinking about has a rule of no visitation after 8:00 P.M. so that would be cool with me, there are no "visits" from physical/ occupational therapy, priests, dieticians, etc. on third shift, there are no doctors walking around writing tons of orders on third shift. I know I'm going to get the ol "You should stay out of nursing if you hate it so much" replies but I may not have a choice. So if any of you work, or have worked, third shift, can you tell me some of the positives about it as opposed to first shift? (Second shift is out of the question because of other things I will be doing). Thanks
  9. pnurseuwm

    Carlisle Regional Medical Center

  10. pnurseuwm

    Carlisle Regional Medical Center

    I've been online lately looking up the Carlisle Regional Medical Center. It's suppose to be newly built hospital. Does anyone here live in Carlisle? Does anyone have any info about this hospital and how the nurses fair (getting respect, nurse/patient ratio, pay, etc)? Thanks:nuke:
  11. I'm something like a medical secretary.
  12. I don't know if any of you remember me from a while back but I was on this forum crying about how I hated nursing.... not even a year into the field.... and how no one would hire me for any other type of job once they found out I was an RN. Well........... I finally found a non-nursing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I will be doing this during the week, but was wondering if I could do something in nursing like on Sundays...... granted I have less than a year experience as a nurse but is there anything out there? Thanks guys:balloons:
  13. pnurseuwm

    Horizon Home Care and Hospice

    Hello, I live in the Milwaukee area and I'm interested in home care/hospice care. Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with Horizon Home Care and Hospice? Thanks
  14. pnurseuwm

    Dissatisfaction again

    "immobile bed bound beached whales" Omigod that visual image has me cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. pnurseuwm


    Whatever you do, don't go into LTC. There you will have between 30-40 patients with each patient being on like 10-15 meds. You may have to do treatments. Have to deal with angry/ ignorant families, constantly missing meds, and the games the patients play with you. You will be running around like a chicken with no head and burn out fast!
  16. Any tips on getting into home health care in MA?