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  1. palesarah

    Tips for a neat bed?

    double post, sorry
  2. palesarah

    Tips for a neat bed?

    Funny how something so simple has so many solutions. What we typically do: one blanket to completely cover the isolette mattress like a sheet, edges folded under. Second blanket, slightly smaller, to place baby on. We use cloth diapers to roll up ...
  3. Thanks for asking because I couldn't figure it out, either, but figured I must just be tired and brain dead too and didn't want to ask!
  4. palesarah

    Halloween in the NICU

    The Build-a-Bear outfits are perfect for those 3-5 pounders! Last year one of the babies' parents bought a Superman outfit, complete with built-in muscles, it was adorable. Another baby got all dressed up as a Patriot's cheerleader for one of the g...
  5. palesarah

    Is an LNA the same as an LPN???

    I'm not the OP but we have LNAs in NH. They have license numbers, continuing education and active practice requirements.
  6. palesarah

    shift question

    Maybe, just maybe, if I stick it out another 25 years, I might get to permanent day shift. There are nurses in my NICU who have been there 20+ years and still have to pick up occasional night shifts. The few who are actually permanent days have been...
  7. I was under the impression after my last communication with my DON that I will at least have a designated resource nurse for awhile, and they specifically want me to start back on days (I'm a rotator) to get back into the groove. I don't think anyon...
  8. palesarah

    Is anyone familiar with Subutex?

    Subutex was just starting to be used instead of methadone in the area my NICU serves when I had to go out on medical leave, so I'm not super familiar. Despite what the doctors seemed to be promising the moms-to-be, the NAS babies I cared for (or was...
  9. I've been out on medical LOA due to my seizure disorder since late January. I had only been working in my NICU for about 10 months when I had to take this almost 6-month-long LOA. I've probably posted 2 or 3 times in the past few months that I was ...
  10. palesarah

    Is X-Ray Exposure ok?

    eek. The X-ray techs MAKE us wear the apron if we're assisting, and either set up a shield or place themselves between the machine and the next incubator. They also make sure everyone else- parents, other nurses- are out of the danger zone. I reall...
  11. palesarah

    Would you stand up for a Doctor?

    I'd get up and give my seat to anyone who needed it more than me, whether that's a fellow nurse, a tech, an NP or an MD. If I need to be sitting wherever I'm sitting though, I'm not going to give up my seat JUST because there's a doctor looking for ...
  12. palesarah

    Babies overnighting in moms room

    Why don't you get involved with this committee? You obviously have a lot to offer them. It IS in the best interest of both mom & baby (and the hospital!) for the babies to room in. You could help ensure that your hospital policy reflects that.
  13. palesarah

    any NICU nurses with seizure disorders?

    I'm in a pickle. A big, frustrating pickle. I've had a seizure disorder since I was a teenager and have been stable on medication for over a decade, although when I had a horrible spell of migraines a couple years ago the changes on my EEG that wer...
  14. palesarah

    Art Sticks

    Nope, we don't do them either. None of our RNs do PICCs either. I'd like to learn both. Actually, I'll be happy when I can just go back to work- I've been on medical LOA for nearly 2 months now and am finally feeling well enough to be bored!
  15. palesarah

    baby sleeping in same bed as parents

    I love that- never looked at it that way! I am a big supporter of safe cosleeping as an option for parents though I know it wouldn't be a good option for me, if I ever had kids. We have 2 chihuahuas (5#12oz & 13#) who sleep in our bed with us....