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  1. ladynurse1

    Health Safety Exam Tomorrow!

    Good Luck! I hope you do well on this one!
  2. ladynurse1

    Passed Health Safety

    No, I used the recommended med surg book, peds book, and the pharm book. I supplemented these with studygroup 101 notes. For Transitions, I'm just using studygroup 101 notes. Good Luck!
  3. ladynurse1

    Received EC Transcript Review

    I just got my review about a week and a half ago. I have 8 general ed credits to take and all the nursing exams minus health safety which I took last weekend and made a B on. Studying for Transitions now.
  4. ladynurse1

    Passed Health Safety

    Thanks! If you are an LPN, this is basically review. Know the nursing process and you will be fine. Good luck!
  5. ladynurse1

    Passed Health Safety

    Thanks Lunah! That makes me feel really good about passing Health Safety.
  6. ladynurse1

    Passed Health Safety

  7. ladynurse1

    Passed Health Safety

    I passed Health Safety with a B today. This was my first Excelsior nursing exam. I'm so excited that I passed. I'm about to purchase Transitions and hopefully take it in two weeks. I purchased the studygroup 101 notes and the nursing in today's world recommended book. I think this is all that I'm going to use for this one. Any suggestions?
  8. ladynurse1

    CLEP Analyzing & Interpreting Literature

    This one is an easy but boring one. I passed with no studying. I don't really see how you can study for it.
  9. ladynurse1

    Books?! Where do you buy them for EC?

    i got all mine from Amazon with no problems fortunately.
  10. I'm studying for my first test, Health Safety. I hope to take the test the second week of June then move on to Transitions.
  11. ladynurse1

    I PASSED!!!!

    I guess it is time for a new name change! I'm going to have to get right on that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  12. ladynurse1

    I PASSED!!!!

    Thanks everyone. Now it's on to Excelsior for my RN! Wooohooo, I'm sooooo happy!! For me it was Saunders and Exam Cram. Good Luck on your test!
  13. ladynurse1

    I PASSED!!!!

    I passed my NCLEX PN. It's official I'm a nurse and just in time cause I have an interview this morning.
  14. ladynurse1

    took pn boards....

    I know how you feel. I took mine yesterday and I had tons of meds that I've never seen. My computer cut off at 85 as well. Good luck to you! I hope we passed. I should have my quick results tomorrow.
  15. ladynurse1

    Took NCLEX PN today

    Thanks Silverdragon and yellagyrl. Yellagyrl I prepared by using Saunders Comprehensive book and Exam Cram. I mostly used Exam Cram. I personally liked Exam Cram better than Saunders but everyone has to find out which book is the right book for them. Two of my classmates took their tests today and they also used Exam Cram and their exam shut off at 85 too. I also studied infection control and I'm glad I did because I had a lot of infection control questions on there. I did at least 100-200 questions a day for about 2 weeks, studied lab values, and went and took the test. Also our school prepares their students for NCLEX. They have had a 100% NCLEX pass rate for the past 7 years. Good luck to you yellagyrl. Let us know when you take your test so we can say a prayer for you.
  16. ladynurse1

    Took NCLEX PN today

    I took the NCLEX PN today and the computer shut off at 85 questions. I tried the PVT and got the good pop up.:w00t::w00t: So do you guys thinks it's safe to say that I passed?