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RN Education, OB, ED, Administration
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SheaTab has 6 years experience and specializes in RN Education, OB, ED, Administration.

Interested, educated, and bent on improving healthcare quality for all Americans and also for those within our profession. Writer, instructor, nurse & activist.

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  1. SheaTab

    AANP Scoring

    I am hoping someone can help me understand AANP's passing score. What does a score of 500 to pass roughly translate into in terms of percentage correct? Example - how many can you miss on the 135 question test and still pass? What percent? I cannot s...
  2. SheaTab

    AANP time-frame?

    This question is for anyone who has taken the AANP exam ... How long after taking test did it take for passing score to be reflected on the web? Thanks!!
  3. SheaTab

    AANP Authorization to test

    Does anyone know how quickly the AANP sends you your authorization to test after graduation? I have called but they are vague. Also, how quickly have you all been able to test after your graduation date? I have sent in my fees and application. Also, ...
  4. SheaTab

    Overweight Students

    "mine seem bright and able." This seemed inflammatory and stereotypical. You probably didn't mean it that way, but that is how it read. Last time I checked, weight doesn't correlate with IQ. My observations have been that students with weight issues ...
  5. SheaTab

    Acute or Adult NP?

    Well, I'm not bored but I'd still love to hear your thoughts. :)
  6. SheaTab

    Acute or Adult NP?

    I am hoping to get some feedback from APNs about my specialty track choice. I am an experienced emergency room nurse and currently teach nursing school full-time. My current Masters is in Administration. I am returning to school to do a post-masters ...
  7. SheaTab

    endocrine disorders

    Endo is a BEAR! Understand the patho is my best advice. I will send you a powerpoint if you PM me your email address. Is there any particular disease process you are having difficulty with? All the best, Tabitha
  8. SheaTab

    Having an ethical dilema

    There is a much more significant problem than the "bottom-line." With all the lateral violence we presently have in our profession, we really can't afford to admit one more disrespectful nurse into practice! There is no room for disengagement and ugl...
  9. SheaTab

    NCSBN raising the NCLEX passing standard in 2010

    Thanks for the information! Best, Tabitha
  10. SheaTab

    Are "real" nurses as mean as my future instructors?

    Dakovich: As a RN and Nursing Educator, I'd actually like to encourage you to continue to challenge the status quo, much as you have in this post. It is absolutely acceptable to expect to be treated professionally by all those you encounter in you...
  11. SheaTab

    How to cope after a serious med error

    Thanks SunnyCalifRN! Hey, I am right there with you and have heard similar analogies at safety conferences. I love this one, "If you knew that 40,000 people were harmed everyday by flipping a light switch, would you ever flip the switch or would y...
  12. SheaTab

    How to cope after a serious med error

    Do you work in small hospital or academia/large hospital? You know what, I can empathize with why you'd be worried; but I'd bet any amount of money that the doc would be at least as understanding as your nursing colleagues. More than ever before, doc...
  13. SheaTab

    How to cope after a serious med error

    Dearest Gardengal1: I would like to start by encouraging you. Every one of us has made a mistake to one extent or another. Consider that errors can be acts of commission and omission. I have forgotten antibiotics on a particularly busy shift in b...
  14. SheaTab

    INCREDIBLE CNA/NNOC victory in Houston.

    kat nurse: What an excellent point you make. I am proud to say that I would be willing to take a pay cut to support our profession and patients. What a mess we are ALL in! Most all quality indicators are "nurse sensitive" to some degree or another...
  15. SheaTab

    Hospital admits fault in firefighter's death

    I have one thing to say ... But for the grace of God go I. We are all vulnerable to errors like this and worse as long as we continue to allow hospitals to: critically understaff nursing units, push for greater "efficiencies" and removal of s...
  16. I agree with the previous poster. You owe her your honesty. Definitely start by sharing with her how wonderful she is with the patients but you have to be very forthright with your concerns about her prioritization and pace. How long has she been ori...