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  1. I do not know how to privately message you.  I have Chiari and am looking for some advise. 

  2. Sandy_dfw

    El Centro Spring 2009 Admissions

    I do not know the answer to that, but I am making an assumption here that the social security number would be needed and verified when you do your background check. sandy
  3. Sandy_dfw

    A&P I @ Tarrant County College (TX)

    I am taking A & P 1 at NE campus the fall. I have Katherine Hoffman for my classroom instructor.
  4. Sandy_dfw

    Anatomy & Physiology Fall 2008

    I believe the 3 cigarette butts are actually supports holding the heart not part of the heart. That is just my guess. Sandy
  5. Sandy_dfw

    I can not believe it!

    congrats!! :yeah::yeah:
  6. Sandy_dfw

    Laptop computer vs PDA

    I know this has come up before but I could not find the thread. Is a laptop computer a better idea them having a PDA for clinicals? Or is it worth investing in both? Thanks for the info. Sandy
  7. Sandy_dfw

    getting up early

    Find a morning routing that works for you and stick with it. For me I take a long cool shower then coffee. I take a break as soon as I can after the sun comes up just to stand out in the sunlight. I do notseem to really wake up till I see sunlight. Mke sure you eat a good breakfast. Good luck on it Sandy
  8. Sandy_dfw

    Discrimination Policy

    I donot know what the hospitals policies are, I am still a student. You are correct in Texas there is no legal protection on being fired for being gay/lesbian. Good luck and welcome to Texas Sandy
  9. Sandy_dfw

    Confused about state residency...

    Some states allow you to pay resident tuition rates if you are a university employee. You might check and see if that is the way it is in Texas. If that is correct you might be able to get a part time job at the university. hat was very common when I was in college back in the 80's. Good Luck, Sandy
  10. Sandy_dfw

    Transgender Nursing Student

    I agree with you on contacting the ACLU to check legalities. The problem is in a lot of states being gay/lesbian is still against the law. The laws are not inforced but still in the books. I do not know what the laws are in in any state excpet for Texas. In Texas a preson still legaly be denied jobs, refused housing, ect. and it is still totally legal. It is wrong but change is very slow.
  11. Sandy_dfw

    Transgender Nursing Student

    I believe you are correct in this unfortionately. Sandy
  12. Sandy_dfw

    Transgender Nursing Student

    I want to give you my support also. I do not have anything to add to what has been posted but I do wish you the best. Sandy
  13. Sandy_dfw

    Single Parent joining the Air Force!

    I am ex AF. I agree with everything that Luck1RN said. I loved the Air Force for the 6 years I was in. But I loved getting out even more. You do not have a life during your enlistment. Like the previous poster said, "if the military wanted you to have a life they would has issued you one". You do get experience and training you would never get in the civilian world. Good luck on what ever you decide Sandy
  14. Sandy_dfw

    Single NY Mom Starting Nursing School .. Hi There!

    Congrats!! :yeah::yeah:
  15. Sandy_dfw

    Online CPR course, are they acceptable???

    The online CPR courses are not accepted by most schools due to the fact that is does not show that you have the skill to do CPR just the knowledge.
  16. Sandy_dfw

    Attn: ADN peeps

    The cost and the flexability is why I am getting my ADN. After I get my ADN I will get my BSN.