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tigkaskit has 15 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. tigkaskit

    Tips for first time moms from L & D nurses

    Bring your own pillow. I'm serious. Those things are a hot commodity and every patient seems to (legitimately) need 4-5, plus 1 for their significant other.
  2. tigkaskit

    New Grad, New Baby, per diem?

    Even if you can find a job like that, I wouldn't recommend it. Even just starting a new unit as an experienced nurse is difficult in a part-time status. I was a nurse for almost 4 years when I changed specialties. I was required to do 3 months of fu...
  3. tigkaskit

    If you could redo it....would you choose nursing?

    Ehhh. Probably. Because I have no idea what else I would do. I make really good money in a (mostly) cake job. I use limited childcare due to working nights. Working weekends and holidays suck but our per diem rate is SO much less than my current rat...
  4. tigkaskit

    2017 Nursing Salaries by State, Degree, and License - Highest & Lowest

    I'm assuming these are based on 40hrs/wk? I seem to remember taking this survey and being unsure how to answer as a part-time employee. If you ask me my annual salary, I'd say one thing but it's a far cry from what I could potentially make.
  5. tigkaskit

    Switching from ICU to Maternity nursing?

    I transferred from PICU to OB roughly 7 years ago and have never looked back.
  6. tigkaskit

    Switching to LD????

    I think a PRN L&D position for someone who has never done L&D is a recipe for disaster and setting you up for failure. To me, PRN means a couple of shifts (maybe 2 or 3) per month. I believe one really needs the repetitive exposure to everyth...
  7. tigkaskit

    RNC-OB or C-EFM?

    My unit requires C-EFM for all nurses. We had to take and pass it within the first 18months of working. Some RNs do have their RNC-OB as well, but it's not something that's pushed on us, and to be honest, I don't know who has it and who doesn't. The ...
  8. tigkaskit

    Questions on having closed Peds/PICU and stop floating

    hmmm. I don't have any research to offer you, just personal experience. As a former PICU nurse who just transferred to mother/baby (and other OBGYN units), I can tell you that the knowledge base is COMPLETELY different. Granted, the pts in mother/bab...
  9. tigkaskit

    Sleep/work schedule for working 12 hour nights

    That's almost how I did it also...except that I would generally go to bed as soon as I got home and sleep 8a-4p. On my last night, I'd sleep from 8a-12 or 1p, then go to bed at 10ish for the night. 3 in a row was really hard for me (although 3 night...
  10. tigkaskit

    Pregnancy question

    Either way, being pregnant during school and being pregnant while working are both hard! But I'm sure I dont' have to tell you that since this isn't your first.
  11. tigkaskit

    Help- Switching jobs after maternity leave

    I totally agree with the previous post. If you work till 5, get home at say 5:30, and your baby goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 (basing this on my own 9 week old), you barely have any time with your little one. If you can stand the 12hr shifts but can't...
  12. tigkaskit

    clogs that don't press on top of foot

    Thanks guys. The Earth shoes look kinda like Birkenstocks. They might be nice. I did try on some more Merrells at REI. Surprisingly I had to wear a 7 1/2 in the one model. I usually wear 7, and sometimes 6.5 in shoes. How frustrating that sizing can...
  13. tigkaskit

    Pregnancy question

    Can you delay getting pregnant for about 4 months after starting a job? That would let you qualify for FMLA since you will have been there a year at the end of your pregnancy, right? I'm currently on maternity leave, and love that I can be off for th...
  14. tigkaskit

    Help- Switching jobs after maternity leave

    I am returning to work in a few weeks after maternity leave, and I am choosing to work 12hr nights (only 2 shifts per week) so that we can avoid paying for childcare. Have you thought about your child care options if you're working M-F? I know the in...
  15. This winter I bought a pair of Merrell slides with the fleecy insides (like the "Chill Stitch" model but these were "Primo" something, maybe last year's model). I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are super comfy, were great while I was pregnant, and I wear ...