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  1. Rubor

    Calling parents

    Wow that's super ridiculous and a complete waste of time.
  2. Rubor

    Non compliant Diabetic Students

    I have 15 and all but 2 are independent. A call definitely to parents to figure out maybe even that they can become independent and get the orders rewritten. How old are these students?
  3. Rubor

    Introduce myself

    I hope it all works out for you! It took my district 2-3 months to get back to me when I first applied. Hang in there. You definitely seem like an assets to any district! Good luck and let us know the outcome!
  4. Rubor

    Type 1 diabetes

    I always check before giving insulin. Do you have a care plan for the student? I will tell ya each student is different so you think you know diabetes but then you have 15 diabetics (that's how many I have). Each family is different and even some of the "standing" orders are written differently.
  5. Rubor

    Who has an assistant?

    I have assistants at my schools, but I am part time so it makes sense.
  6. Rubor


    You are not alone. I have been at this for a bit and I still have those times, especially as things change and responsibilities get added on.
  7. Rubor

    Med Schedule

    Are your orders from doctors written as PRN? Albuterol obviously, but what of the other orders? Do the parents just call you and tell you that so and so got their PRN med at certain time? OR do they not follow some time for administration at home?
  8. Rubor

    Diabetic Coverage at all activities

  9. Rubor

    Diabetic Coverage at all activities

    Be careful about what is put in those 504's your district is putting themselves in a position where they have to follow accommodations that might not be reasonable or easy to meet. I would talk to your district lawyers about this as well.
  10. Rubor

    HS student with odor, call nurse?

    I have some supplies: pads, deodorants, soap, and things like that.
  11. Rubor

    Doctor notes

    Can you give more information? It really would depend on the situation, so yes I would call.
  12. Rubor

    Unknowingly speaking to a doc...

    I did similar. I had no clue this mom was a doctor. I was talking about what doctor offices will do and might do. Yeah she is now my primary care provider.
  13. Rubor

    EMS talking down to Nurse

    Great job!! I have come across nice ones and not so nice (as with any profession). At the end of the day you did not have the necessary equipment, tools or setting to "wait and see."
  14. Rubor

    Who is your boss?

    Like most, my immediate boss is my admin/principal of the building. However, if I have an issue with my admins I start climbing the tree. That would then mean reaching out to my nursing supervisor and then executive director of nurses. While my admins are my boss they don't have a real clue what nurses do, if you are having issues you might need to have a chit chat with some folks. That doesn't always guarantee a fix but at least you are letting your principal know and that might involve climbing the tree. I am also lucky that my admins in my buildings (I have 2) are great! I have had to reach out to my "bosses" in the operational offices this year but it was not because of an direct issue with the admins.
  15. Rubor

    Lost my husband on Holiday Break

    I am so terribly sorry you have had to go through this. I wish I had words that could help heal. I can offer my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Please reach out to this group and your community of loved ones during this time. Hugs!!!
  16. Rubor

    Bathroom accidents...

    I don't mind doing it and have before (with my assistant). It would depend on the situation.