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  1. Medicmuse

    I finally get to say"I'm CPNE Eligible!"

    That's cool! It sounds like it's a lot easier to get the passport photo.
  2. Medicmuse

    I finally get to say"I'm CPNE Eligible!"

    Well, that's good to know I will be getting a passport asap! thanks guys:mad:
  3. Medicmuse

    Good Luck Lunah!!

    Good Luck with the CPNE I'm sure you'll Rock it!!
  4. Medicmuse

    I finally get to say"I'm CPNE Eligible!"

    That's awesome! Congrats! Curious... why do you need a passport pic???
  5. Medicmuse


    I thought it was ok, kinda hard but I didn't study as much as I did with 3 & 4 I got a B. I thought I would do better with the metabolic and regulatory but I actually scored better on the psych portion. there was a lot on the liver and kidney, thyroid.
  6. Medicmuse


    Passes NC5 today! Two to go! I may have to take a breather though...moving from Mass to Minnesota a week from today. Can't wait to get home. I hope to get a job as a ER tech, I need to get back into the hospital setting, just not looking foward to the pay-cut. Medic to tech is pretty rough. Oh well I can get used to ramen noodles, awww the life of a student....
  7. Medicmuse

    passed nc 3

    Great Job. I have been taking the tests in order.
  8. Medicmuse

    Passed NC-4!

    Just took NC4 this am and passed. I used studygroup101, the textbooks and EC practice tests. I took 3weeks to study and got an A....3 left yea!
  9. Not the point though, I am only here because of the military, my plans have never been to work in this state. Many people associated with the military are Excelsior students and could end up in Cali. I am only asking that Excelsior informs all potential Nursing students that their degree is not excepted in all 50 states.
  10. Medicmuse

    BUBBLES in the syringe!

    Definetly prefer to knock it with my knuckles! If you've never had to deal with bubbles...well let me just say, you haven't met the right drug yet, some drugs, like amiodarone, are almost impossible to keep from getting bubbles and foam.
  11. Medicmuse

    Passed NC5

    Good Job!! Congrats!
  12. Medicmuse

    BUBBLES in the syringe!

    Haha We think the same! you beat me to it! LOL!
  13. Medicmuse

    BUBBLES in the syringe!

    also, if you flick the syringe too hard you will create champagne bubbles. I would always hit the syringe once with my knuckles I would NOT flick it with my finger nail. Be gentle. I know it sounds weird but it worked for me.
  14. Medicmuse

    BUBBLES in the syringe!

    I was an in-patient pharm tech for a few years and this is how I got all the champagne bubbles out... draw up your med pull back the plunger and get about a cc of extra air in the syringe then use the big bubble to pick up all the little bubbles you will have to move the syringe around (slowly) to get the big air bubble to move around and pick up all the little ones. next expel the air slowly. you will have to move your wrist and kinda twirl the big bubble around Give it a try. Usually the reason you get champagne bubbles is because you draw-up the med to fast. Hope this makes sense...
  15. Medicmuse

    Passed NC-3

    I got an A on the NC- 3 exam!!!:monkeydance: I am so excited! thank you for all the encouragement and support! I mostly read lisaarends study guide. Thanks to this forum I learned about all the great supplemental study guides. Thanks again!
  16. "]ec makes it very clear that the student is responsible for contacting their state bon and making sure that ec is accepted in that state. " just saying as a student of ec... the first time i have heard any of this was on this forum. i guess i just assumed the degree would be accepted everywhere. no one at ec advised me to check your local bon.