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  1. JadedCPN

    Any pediatric pearls of wisdom?

    I've been doing peds for all of my career over 13 years, and I absolutely love it. The worst part about peds is actually dealing with difficult parents. But at the same time 9.9 times out of 10, the parents knows their child the best so listen to them. If your facility has ancillary support, such as Child Life, use them as much as you can especially for procedures, IV placement, scans, etc. Never forget your stages of development from nursing school so that you can approach each age group in different ways that are appropriate and make simple things like giving oral medications smoother. Speaking of giving oral medications...when all else fails, push the liquid med in their mouth, pinch their nose, and blow into their mouth - sounds (and looks) absolutely torturous, but sometimes it is the only way to get them that very necessary med. Lastly, remember that kids of almost all ages are extremely smart and in tune with their bodies. They may not understand exactly what is going on, but they know something is off and different. Respect that they know their bodies, no matter their age.
  2. JadedCPN

    Rejected from OR nurse residency

    Great advice from other posters. A few random thoughts I had while reading: -Yes it probably looks bad that you are jumping ship as a new grad after 3 months. Also as a new grad there is nothing that stands out for you in a positive way to make you think you would be almost guaranteed an interview. The thing that does stand out about you is that you are looking for a new job as a new grad after being in one place for already 3 months. I would highly suggest trying to stick it out as much as you can to help boost your resume. -OR is a very specialized specialty and my experience has been that they are very particular about who they hire so that they don't waste so much money on turnover. I would also suggest seeing if you can shadow in an OR position first before you jump into this specialty without (presumably) having no experience with it - you may find out its not what you expected and wanted at all. -I would suggest having someone professional review your CV and Resume. If you aren't even getting to the interview phase, this is often part of where the issue is. Perhaps you can word your CV someway to help decrease the negative association of looking for a new job after 3 months. -As Hoosier said, nurse managers are extremely busy. Sometimes it is a struggle to even get a timely reply as a staff nurse from your nurse manager if it isn't an urgent issue, so I wouldn't automatically assume they are "slacking around" like you stated. Good luck to you! Keep applying, improving your skill, and toughing it out until the next opportunity comes along.
  3. JadedCPN


    In my experience it has never been nursing against doctors in regards to nursing want to tell the child but the doctors don’t want to. It is always the team (nurses, doctors, PT/OT, etc) who all agree the child has the right to know, against parents who are very against the child knowing despite being educated on why it’s beneficial.
  4. JadedCPN

    Does my manager know when I'm applying to jobs?

    Do not be fooled into thinking you have any privacy within your organization. Your emails can be monitored. Even if your current manager doesn't get an instant notification through the system when you do apply, like others have mentioned they will likely still be aware.
  5. JadedCPN

    Which social platform are nurses using most?

    I swore off all social media platforms over 8 years ago and have never looked back. Sweet freedom. AllNurses is the only online community I belong to.
  6. JadedCPN

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Might also want to consider that if she can’t pass the HESI, there’s a chance she won’t pass the NCLEX anyway. Either way she needs to take accountability and do what she can on her end to improve and meet the requirements.
  7. JadedCPN

    Switching specialties?

    This is the perfect description of hem-onc. And I echo what Wuzzie said that your personal growth from the exposure alone will be priceless. I didn't get exposed to the hem-onc population until I switched to float pool 4 years ago, and even as a seasoned nurse with ICU background, it had a significant impact on my professional growth and development.
  8. JadedCPN

    Why we need unions...or to get out of medicine

    In my 13+ years, I have never worked for/been a part of a union and it has been just fine. That being said, I have chosen to work at large, dedicated, ranked pediatric teaching hospitals across the country and I believe that has worked out very well in my favor in regards to staffing, ratios, and overall working environment. I would suspect absed on what I've read and heard that if I worked in an adult hospital I would most definitely want a union on my side.
  9. I'm genuinely curious of your thought process of why becoming close personal friends outside of a group/hospital environment is less "weird" than organizing a quasi-work event to socialize with former patients and staff members? Not saying that's ok either, just curious to hear the reasoning.
  10. JadedCPN

    Is it wrong to leave a job during orientation?

    It definitely is best for both the employee or employer to cut ties as soon as possible so nobody's time or resources are wasted. I only think it is "wrong" when someone goes into a job knowing they could quit very soon because of a known reason. For instance, I see a lot of posts from new grads where they accept job offer #1 and start orientation, and then weeks into orientation they get job offer #2 which of course is their "dream job" () and then quit job 1 for job 2. This is not to say that I think someone should stay miserable at a job they hate or not take another opportunity that comes along unexpectedly, but rather that some planning and patience could prevent some of this situations from arising. You will burn your bridges otherwise, but sometimes things happen and it's not the end of the world.
  11. JadedCPN

    pre op jitters

    Wow. If this is truly the case and not just an exaggerated statement, my personal advice is to maybe see a therapist. Not sure if it’s anxiety or something else but if this one small incident has you rethinking your career, it probably wouldn’t hurt. Not medical advice, just a suggestion.
  12. JadedCPN

    How do you handle a patient who talks a lot?

    If they are a known talker, I tell a coworker to call or come get me in 5-10 minutes if I haven’t came out. I also interrupt and say I’m so sorry I have to go give meds/check on xyz, I will come back but is there anything I can get you? Often times people who are Chatty-Cathy’s tend to know that they are; my experience has been they’re used to their family cutting them off so when I mention that I have to interrupt, they don’t take offense to it at all.
  13. JadedCPN

    Women's Right to Choose

    ANY. Period. Of course now as a fully developed human being who can breathe independently without being in a host body, I am extremely thankful she did not have an abortion. But, it was HER body, HER right, HER choice. No questions.
  14. JadedCPN

    Wastefulness in healthcare

    At my current hospital, our scheduled medications are dispensed and delivered from pharmacy to the bedside drawer in the most wasteful way I have ever seen in my career. If a patient is ordered for gabapentin pills, for example, they will place the three pills into a very small zip lock type bag with the appropriate pharmacy label on it. That baggie is THEN placed into a big paper envelope, with another pharmacy label on the front of it. Repeat that for every single individual medication that is ordered for the patient. Such a waste.
  15. JadedCPN

    Women's Right to Choose

    Of course everyone is allowed to have an opinion, and I respect yours even if I don’t agree with it. But your opinion (or anyone else’s) should not trump my opinion when the body in question is mine. And the only male opinion that should even be slightly considered is that of my husband. And his opinion still wouldn’t trump mine since it is my body. Period.