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JadedCPN has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Pediatric Float, PICU, NICU.

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  1. Your lack of understanding from the other side of healthcare as providers is very clear, and is turning to the ignorant side since it’s been pointed out to you and you’re choosing to ignore it. At a very basic level, there are legalities in play here that obligated the provider to override HIPAA. The fact that you don’t understand that on a basic level will make it very hard to continue in the conversation in a valid way.
  2. In all my years on AN, this might be at the top of some of the worst advice I’ve ever read and it’s scary.
  3. BUT if we can save supplies and bed space and resources for people who would need to be hospitalized, such as yourself in this example, by simply wearing a mask at all times for a temporary period of time and not going out as much, why wouldn’t we?!
  4. JadedCPN

    Future NP

    It all depends on where you work ultimately. Some wear scrubs, some where business clothes with a lab coat, it just varies. I know you acknowledged you have a long way to go; I would just recommend you make sure you're also researching more about what being an NP entails beyond just attire.
  5. JadedCPN


    I agree to meet with an attorney to be on the safe side. Especially if the agency has already paid fees for certain things in regards to your license and visa, etc.
  6. JadedCPN

    New LPN/Agency work

    I believe New Mexico added a Safe Harbor law last year too. But yea, that option is not available in almost all states.
  7. There are now TWO pediatric hospitals within TMC that will be accepting adult patients (both covid positive and covid negative) due to lack of capacity within the medical center.
  8. Without a doubt, I can’t wait to safely travel the world again. My husband and I traveled everything other weekend, whether it was a small road trip or a flight across the country, and traveled internationally 3-4 times a year. Now being stuck in Texas of all places, I’m very much looking forward to getting back to that normal once it’s safe for everyone.
  9. JadedCPN

    face shields

  10. JadedCPN

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    Such a loss for us all, but so glad she no longer suffers. She will be missed.
  11. If she’s out in public, at the grocery store, etc without a mask on...then yes, she’s ignorant. Especially for a healthcare provider. Now if she doesn’t go anywhere outside of her house except for the doctors appointments, then there’s nothing ignorant about her not donning a mask.
  12. The only one who keeps bringing up Fauci, is you.
  13. You can not be serious?! Do you believe in science at all?
  14. https://www.khou.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/gov-abbott-all-bars-must-close-texas-announcement-Friday-June-26/285-9775cea0-8034-4518-9a40-1c5700952409 All Texas bars closed as of noon today, restaurants back down to 50% THIS is what happens when people don't wear masks. This is more impeding on your "personal freedom" than wearing a mask is. I also read an article somewhere (will have to search for it later when I have time) that said from what they are seeing early on based on contact tracing, they're finding that many community spread occurred from the parties that are happening among family/friends where majority of people were NOT wearing masks, versus protests where there are larger groups but the majority of people are wearing masks. I found that interesting.
  15. JadedCPN

    Guns at the Bedside

    I just want to say I appreciate your stubbornness
  16. And what about those who work in TMC and are seeing beds across the center at capacity to the point they are filling pediatric hospitals? Who are we placating?

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