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I am currently a pre-nursing student hoping to get into a BSN program at my University... PM me if you want to know more...

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  1. chRoniX10

    When taking AP I did it help to have Chem first

    It is absolutely doable. I took A & P 1 with almost no background in Chemistry (besides taking general chem in 10th grade) and I passed the class with an A. I am currently doing A & P 2 and taking chemistry and again it is very doable without chem. While it definetely helps to know chemistry while taking A & P in my class she does not require that we know anything chem related.
  2. chRoniX10

    Tell me your GPA. Just wanna compare

    Currently my GPA is 4.0 with A&P 1, Microbiology, Statistics, Speech 101, and Philosophy. I am finishing up my pre-reqs this semester. Currently an A in Chemistry and A&P, and no clue about my English class...
  3. chRoniX10

    Hey guys....How do you all support yourselves?

    I currently live with my parents and commute to school, I also work part time Fri (half day) and Saturday (full day) at a hardware store in order to save up money when I am going to move. It's stressful but definetely doable. I know many people in my school who have it much worse than I do.
  4. chRoniX10

    Are labs required for your pre-reqs??

    Most of my science classes required labs including A&P 1 & 2, Microbiology and Chemistry.. I'm pretty sure almost any school will require labs.
  5. chRoniX10

    Anyone else taking Chemistry this summer?

    Currently taking Chemistry right now (Spring Semester), never did like Chem, however it's going pretty good. I have about a month left until the semester is over. Hopefully all will go well, good luck to you.
  6. chRoniX10

    Need advice about A&P class!

    When I took A&P 1 last semester the lab was pretty useless. All we did was a 10 point quiz and dissections or general labs. It all really depends on the lab and your professor but I am sure if you talk to your professor he/she will understand and let you make up the work. Usually the first lab session is nothing more than introductions and basic lab rules. I highly doubt you will do anything anatomy related; at least that was the case in my class. Good luck..