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  1. JustADream

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Thank you so much for your help RNMom2010! I think I am going to wait to start the program as well because I simply can't afford to take general ed classes at out of state tuition rates if they don't accept my previous credits. The weird thing is that when I tried to drop the class today, I wasn't able to in their system. Apparently I can add whatever I need to, but in order to remove anything someone has to do it on the OU side. I was told to send an e-mail.. hopefully it won't take very long since classes start the following Monday. Thanks again!
  2. JustADream

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Thanks for all of the great information! I am starting October 1st and I have a few concerns that I was hoping someone here could clarify since their office isn't open yet and I go to work soon: 1. When do transfer credit reports become available? I know DARS is going to be a while, but from the nursing school welcome e-mail, it sounded like I should be able to see some of the classes that transferred over automatically on the separate credit transfer report from my previous degrees. Right now the page is still blank and says no info is available. 2. When do I get an advisor assigned? It sounds like I should have one from the e-mail, but the box for advising online for my login is still blank also. Scared to pay over $1000 between tuition and books without some of this stuff, ya know? Thanks in advance!
  3. JustADream

    Georga Perimeter or Georga Highlands

    I understand that the GA BON list posted in this thread only uses pass rates from first-attempts on the NCLEX for their list. Here is another legitimate site that states this information in the title and references the BON statistics: http://www.usg.edu/health_workforce_center/documents/nclex_rates.pdf Back to the OP, I am a Georgia Perimeter nursing student and the program is very rigorous and thorough, but I love it. The instructors really want us to succeed and have been very approachable and supportive. The team teaching is nice also because you gain perspectives from so many different specialties and backgrounds and there are various meetings you can attend outside of class if you need extra help + there is a tutorial lab for nursing students that is an excellent resource. Nursing school is hard everywhere (and for good reason), but I think that I will be ready to take and pass the NCLEX when the time comes. I have spoken to former GPC nurses/new grads at my clinical site and they said they had no problems passing on their first try and felt very well prepared to work in the hospital setting. When I was looking at schools, I was almost scared away from GPC by some of the old threads here, but I am so glad I didn't let them discourage me. I really have been very happy in the program. :) Best of luck!
  4. JustADream

    ADN/BSN which would you choose?

    I had a very similar situation as you except that all the schools in my area had high pass rates and were difficult to get in. Looking at the programs I decided I didn't want to wait for a chance to get into the BSN programs later on when I could already be an RN through the ASN program and if I still wanted to go farther then I could always do the RN-BSN bridge programs offered at several schools in the area. I believe even two of the programs are online with the understanding that you will be working as a RN while you are in school, so it is very flexible to accommodate that. I really value the hands-on process and I feel that the more experience I have in the "real world" as an RN can only help me if I pursue my BSN after I graduate from my current program. Another thing to consider is how moving would affect your husband and children. The BSN programs I was looking at were farther away in a dense population area. It would have made things very hard for my hubby with his job, too. People were pretty happy at all the programs, but I would steer clear of any that the students are miserable at. You have to spend a LOT of time there with the same people so it might as well be a supportive/positive experience IMHO. We literally sat down with a list of pros and cons, but the ASN program won out. I am starting in January and will likely be graduating around the time that my friend waiting for the BSN program really gets going. She REALLY wants a BSN for her own sense of achievement, while I just want to be come an RN get some experience while I move forward as I am an older student, too. Ultimately we both want to do graduate work in nursing, but we are simply taking different paths to get there. :) Best of luck!
  5. JustADream

    TEAs study guides

    I know the ATI TEAS V study guide is kind of pricey, but I found it an invaluable tool when I was preparing and I think it is the reason my score was competitive. The way the questions were worded in particular in the reviews was very helpful as they are not asked like other standardized exams I have taken. When I took the TEAS, everything looked familiar and if I hadn't used that guide I think I would have had a lot more trouble than I did. Friends and I divided up the cost since we all had different exam dates and when we were done with it we sold it as used to other friends that needed it for the upcoming semester. Best of luck!
  6. Knittingmonster or any other current GPC students: Can you please tell us if the uniforms run large, small, or just as the measurements describe? When I look at the uniform catalog thing online it said I would be an extra small, but I am normally a medium or a large in everything so I was a little concerned. Cloggersmom: I know you were asking someone else, but I hoped to buy my books/uniform, but found out that financial aid won't be available until after this semester is over in December. Not sure if that is something to be considered for any other students. Has everyone turned in their BLS card and health forms?
  7. JustADream

    Georgia Perimeter College

    For those accepted for Spring 2011, are you going to be taking other classes besides the fundamentals 8 credit hours? I have to take 12 credit hours for my financial aid and was worried it would be quite a challenge to take 2 other classes + nursing school. Also since we don't know our schedules yet, I guess the other classes have to be taken online? I thought clinical rotation might be until 11PM at night or on the weekends depending on the assignment and shift? Thank you for any insight or information!
  8. JustADream

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    Thanks for the info, that is very helpful. :)
  9. JustADream

    Pink Glove Dance : The Sequel

    Wonderful, joyful, and inspiring- LOVED it! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! :heartbeat
  10. JustADream

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    The folks in my class just had theirs done at the UPS store or Walgreens. It is already correctly sized and framed so it can be cut smaller if the school needs to, but quite honestly the quality is kind of blah. Hope it isn't for our badges because I hate my pic, lol. Best of luck!
  11. JustADream

    Current GPC nursing students?

    I don't have any way to verify this, but I was told that weekend clinicals are typically in places a bit farther from ATL like Rockdale Medical and that you can elect to do them over weekday clinicals if you would like to volunteer for them. Again, though.. this is just what I was told from another student. I was accepted for Spring and the letter says basically that you must be available during the weekdays and the FAQ on their website says, "You must keep your schedule open from 8:00am-5:00pm everyday, Monday-Friday. There will be two days out of the week that clinical rotations will start as early as 6:30am and end 4:00pm," but it doesn't say anything about Sat/Sun. Best of luck!
  12. JustADream

    Question from a pre-nursing student at GPC

    I am not sure where you are located, but my friend worked towards going to GPC and is now trying to get into a BSN program instead. They said they will have to take several new courses including a different chem and they mentioned classes like human growth and development, pathophysiology, etc. depending on which school they select. I think they are going to go apply and meet with an admissions counselor at each school they are interested in before they make a decision so the requirements are crystal clear. Best of luck!
  13. JustADream

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    I'm sorry you haven't heard anything yet, but can you call the school and check in? Maybe the letter was lost in the mail or was sent to an alternate address, that way you can try to find out one way or the other in case. Best of luck to you and congrats to the new nursing students, too!
  14. JustADream

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    Congrats to those that have their acceptance letters and I bet folks still waiting will get theirs today and the wait will be over! :) I was going through my packet and it said there was a medical form enclosed, but I didn't see one anywhere. Did anyone else get one by chance?
  15. JustADream

    Georgia Perimeter Spring 2011

    I just received my acceptance letter, too! I can't stop smiling! :)