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TerpGal02 has 6 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Psych.

37, married, graduate of University of MD College Park with a degree in Political Science and a Dec '11 grad of a local CC ADN program

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  1. No I've not seen routine accuchecks for Pts on atypicals unless of course they are diabetic. Usually what I have seen in tje settings I have worked in is that the prescribers will get an A1C on initiation and then regularly thereafter. I have seen ...
  2. I am an INFJ. Psych so far has been a pretty good fit [discounting the trauma I suffered after being assaulted my a pt in his home). The job requires a lot of supportive listening, therapeutic support, motivational interviewing, psycho ed which are...
  3. TerpGal02

    Visually impaired nurses

    I was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease a year ago at age 37. It affects my central vision and is a progressive genetic condition. I have 20/80 corrected in the right eye and 20/60 in the left. So far I can still drive and practice safely with adap...
  4. TerpGal02

    Not so sure about psych anymore

    Thanks all! Yes, I have been in therapy for this incident and am now going through EMDR. This individual basically has to come to the office as we will no longer see him in his home if 2 people can't go. He has a long history of violence when into...
  5. TerpGal02

    Holding voluntary patients - illegally?

    Really I think it boils down to what the law is in your state regarding psych admissions. I don't know of any state, although I am sure they are out there which says voluntary psych patients can just AMA whenever they want. In my state, patients ar...
  6. TerpGal02

    Trans Patient

    One facility Inworked in had all private rooms so problem solved there. Another facility had double rooms and the policy was that trans patients got a private room. The unit eventually moved to all private rooms so again, problem solved. That tran...
  7. TerpGal02

    Pediatric Psych - HELP

    I found that activities that got the kids up and moving were great to burn of excessive energy. Kids that age need to be active and for the ADHD kids this is especially true. Obviously you have to keep rough housing in check though. I dont know if...
  8. TerpGal02

    Nursing with vision loss/low vision

    It's good to "meet" someone else with Stargardts. No one else in my family has it. I am 37 now, did not start noticing something was wrong until I was 36. No one else in my "real life" has Stargardts either. Being a rare disease, it's hard to con...
  9. TerpGal02

    IM Injections

    You're talking long acting injections right? I work on an ACT Team and I give lots of long acting IM's. Usually when I'm in a clients home I will casually ask them where we did the injection last time (and I do look it up before I get there) then ...
  10. Hi all! I have been an RN working in mental health nursing for 6 years now. I currently work in a community based mental health agency on a mobile treatment team. In April, I was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease which for all intents and purposes ...
  11. TerpGal02

    Physical demands?

    If you work on inpatient child/adolescent, things can get quite physical. You will find, especially with kids under 12 that they are in the hospital for behavior problems/aggression along with ADHD. Pediatric patienfs simply do not have the impulse...
  12. I work on an inpatient unit in a general hospital and we use haldol regularly on the m3dical floors. If a patient has delerium during their stay, haldol is the treatment of choice.
  13. TerpGal02

    Artane (Trihexyphenidyl) vs Cogentin (Benztropine)

    This. There is a potential for abuse with Artane. Its also a lot more dangerous in the case of an overdose. I rarely see it used. Really I have only seen it in pts that are real chronics, been on antipsychotics for a long time and have Parkinsoni...
  14. TerpGal02

    Adults vs kids

    I have worked with all ages but I like adolescents best. The biggest difference I see is the influence of family on the patients. 9 times out of 10 its some kind of family conflict that will be the root cause of why the kiddo is in the hospital, es...
  15. TerpGal02

    Night Shift Survival

    I did noghts for a year. Loved my night shift crew, loved the shift itself. I just couldnt deal with the hours. I tried all the suggestions above and I just could not sleep during the day. Plus I ended up having no social life because flip floppi...