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  1. Readyforthenextstep

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!

    Thank for sharing! I am 3 years in and about to resign....without a another job in the mix:( Just want to leave bedside and politics.
  2. Readyforthenextstep

    Utilization Review

    Thanks for sharing your experience ladies!
  3. Readyforthenextstep

    Left Nursing After 3 Months and Couldn't Be Happier!

    I am happy for you OP but it seems that you went to nursing for the wrong reasons. Job stability and pay are no reasons to me or even changing major because "I could not find a job". But that's my personal opinion. I am saying this because I met so many people going for these reasons and honestly I would not want them to take care of me.
  4. Readyforthenextstep

    Anatomy & Physiology Hybrid Courses At Del-tech

    It is most likely online lectures and in campus labs...If you do good with online classes go for it. You know sometimes you go to the acual class just to have an instructor reading the powerpoints for you! If you schedule allows the campus class maybe do it if not go for hybrid.
  5. Readyforthenextstep

    Here's a tip for clinicals...

    Lol Gross!!! I will remember this one!
  6. Readyforthenextstep

    Failing in Pre-Nursing Course

    You need to re evaluate the way your are studying. I don't think your are ready to go foward and it will take a long time to upper your GPA. You need to talk to someone ASAP.
  7. Readyforthenextstep

    Any 2015 grads?

    Jess0327: Georgetown, Terry or Stanton? Georgetown here! Terry:)
  8. Readyforthenextstep

    Any 2015 grads?

    Terry :)
  9. Readyforthenextstep

    Any 2015 grads?

    :wavey:Same here!
  10. Oh ok! Maybe you can have more luck in the PA forum?
  11. Readyforthenextstep

    RN Students Terry or Stanton Campus Questions

    I am confused again I thought you could wear any scrubs and any white or green combination? My shoes are all leather with no mesh.
  12. Are you sure you are talking about the right community college? Dtcc has the NLN not the teas? If yes it really depends on the others students' scores. 17 out of ? Is it for Stanton?
  13. Readyforthenextstep

    RN Students Terry or Stanton Campus Questions

    Thanks!!!! I was planning on doing so with A&H because I am so lost and have no clues!!! For the shoes I got some white snickers already...
  14. Readyforthenextstep

    RN Students Terry or Stanton Campus Questions

    Hello, I was wondering where did you guys buy your landau scrubs? Where did you buy your class room ones (scrubs)? And if you don't mind can you share for how much? At the orientation meeting I was told to buy them from A&H in Dover. Which stethoscope did you guys buy or prefer? I think I am going to go with the Littman classic. Thanks!
  15. Readyforthenextstep

    Spring 2013 clinicals (Terry Campus) who is waiting..........?

    I am going to add you to my friend list and will message you:)! I feel clue less the mandatory meeting is in 2 weeks!