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  1. feisty

    Tips for a good shift!

    Remember to maintain balance in life. Nursing can consume your every waking moment and even your dreams if you allow it. Work should be balanced with play, family, relaxation, etc. Holistic care of ones self is vital. The stress of the healthcare environment brings out the worst in our co-workers at times. Remember, you neither have to tolerate abuse nor does the negativity from others define you and your worth. Be prepared; to the best of your abilities always be prepared. I love having multiple pockets on my scrubs and filling them with items I constantly use throughout my shift.
  2. We just had a couple of deliveries and both babies are in the nursery in respiratory distress. Could you go relieve their nurses? Could you take over the patient heading to c-section. Oh...you got room xxx....sorry, she is a druggie and the baby is starting to show signs of withdrawl. There is an ambulance in route with a 25 wk gestation bleeder. Dr. xxx is on tonight and he is in a ****** mood. By the way, he has several triage patients here who are drop ins. Your charge tonight and we couldn't find anyone willing to take OR call in the event of a c section. There are only two nurses and a secretary tonight. You have a labor, 6 couplets, and remember there are 4 admits in the morning and one is a c section. But the worse and most terrifying of all.....you are being floated to med-surg. They have 2 nurses and 31 patients. (Most of us have never been cross-trained and our poor med-surg nurses are so overworked that they are experiencing burnout=cranky).
  3. feisty

    Just looking for comfort

    I had a procedure recently which required sedation. I must say it was the best sleep I have had in a long time. All joking aside, I would definitely address my concerns with my dentist if I were you. Since they perform these procedures regularly, they are prepared to assist you with your concerns.
  4. feisty

    Just let me go!

    I think I will have a will drawn up that states my children will lose their inheritance if they do not honor my living will. lol Seriously, everytime I work in the ICU (float there sometimes) I threaten my family with all manners of hauntings. Let me die peacefully or I will NOT let you live peacefully.
  5. feisty

    Day in the life of OB RN?

    I will give you a glimpse at a night shift in our LDRP department. I receive my pt. assignment which can consist of a mixed bag of various types of patients. Mother/baby, triage, labor, post-surgical, preterms on mag, etc. After report I prioritize who need my care first. If a labor is in progress I assess the pt./fetus and make certain all equipment is in the room and working (nothing worse than a warmer which isn't stocked with necessary resuscitation supplies or one that doesn't warm). I then proceed to assess the other patients, medicate, etc. My labor could swiftly turn to a c/s, a preterm ROM might need to be shipped, my baby might end up in the nursery with RDS or something of that nature. We do not deliver high risk pts., but things can change at a minutes notice. Teaching is also a big part of my job. Assisting with breastfeeding, assisting MD's with deliveries, c/s, various procedures for mom and baby. We must be able to perform any role in our scope of practice in our OR and recovery room. Never a dull moment on our floor. If things are slow we do get cut back unless we float to another department.
  6. feisty

    1st Day Off exhaustion

    I have just finished 6 nights and will probably have to work tonight. This isn't by choice, but I want to keep my job. Normally in a 2 week period I work 6 straight nights and have 24-36 mandatory on-call hours. My job is sucking the life out of me. On my first day off I sleep until the evening, get up and eat, whine, complain, watch tv while dozing, and then I go to bed and sleep all night long. The fatigue can be overwhelming at times :zzzzz:zzzzz
  7. feisty

    New nurse working and AHHHHHH!!! Nuts!

    It will get better if your schedule is consistently days and evenings. As a previous poster stated, you will get better at time management and prioritizing which will help as well. One last thing, the mental stress you are experiencing will add to the exhaustion. I work 12 hours shifts, all nights, for 6-7 nights and find that it take me longer to recover from my rotation when the acuity of my patients is higher. When I first started as a new nurse I was always exhausted and mentally unavailable for my family on most of my days off. It was an accomplishment for me to pull a meal together and balance the checkbook on my days off :) Nursing is very demanding and not the easiest profession, but it does get easier. Hang in there and treat yourself to some pampering on you days off. Do things that help to take your mind off of work, laugh alot, and eat healthy.
  8. feisty

    And then they called me at Midnight

    I have started telling people that I will pay them the same respect they give me. If you call me at noon with nonsense I will call you at midnight with nonsense. The last time someone called me from work to ask me to come in for a few hours for training on a new procedure I told them I had just worked 12.5 and was scheduled to come in and work the same amount in a few more hours. Also told them they needed to use their brain when considering who to offer this stuff to. Told them in the future they would receive a call while they slept if they pulled this something like this again. Really, its not rocked science people. I am normally a very easy going person and do not like conflict, but this behavior was starting to wear me down. My patients need a nurse who is able to think critically.
  9. feisty

    Working to the clock

    I would like to see people stand by the clock waiting to clock out at our facility because it has a video camera at it and management monitors this type of action. As for staying to help co-workers....most of the employees are happy to assist if it is an emergency, but management is cutting us so short on staff and insisting that we not work over. This is not because of a low census because most of our departments are busting at the seams. I think maybe we are losing a lot of money due to a decrease in elective procedures and we are still in the deficit due to opening a new facility. Frustrating because you do not want to leave your co-workers or patients in need. Okay, I am rambling and clearly need sleep. Enough said
  10. feisty

    ER Nurses... I Am so Sorry

    I am not an ER nurse but I would say most nurses would agree that the patients that are frustrating aren't ones of this nature. Those individuals who abuse the system continuously, deplete resources, and exhibit horrible attitudes are the ones who frustrate us in our practice. I personally enjoy caring for others regardless their health concern.
  11. A lady in my class made up facial movements, etc. to go along with the CN mnemonic On Old Olympus...... I was hilarious to watch her go through it because it would make you think of a comedy about an umpire signaling a pitcher in a baseball game. I must say that it was very effective in helping you remember the functions for testing purposes.
  12. We have a LPN working on our LDRP floor; however, she does not triage, care for labor or preterm labor patients. She is awesome!!!! I love working with her because she knows her stuff, knows her scope of practice and will flat out refuse to step outside of those guidelines. Instead of not allowing them to work on your floor it might be best if your facility established clear guidelines using her scope of practice. The floor manager and those making her assignment should also take responsibility for seeing that she isn't given an assignment outside of her scope. Along with these steps she needs to have the guidelines review with her. As for the lack of charting or wearing of the badge, this isn't the result of her LPN title. These are personal performance issues that need to be addressed. An LPN at our facility can scrub in for a c/s, catch baby and recover/assess them, admit c/s patients, and recover c/s patients. She may have more which she is allowed to do, but these are the ones I have observed. She normally has postpartum assignments and I think it bares repeating...she is an awesome nurse!
  13. feisty

    New Grad-Unsure of self

    What type of feedback are you receiving from your preceptor, manager, and co-workers? Sometimes we only see the negative in ourselves and others can help us with a more balanced view. Hopefully, you are receiving encouragement from others.
  14. feisty

    New Grad-Unsure of self

    Definitely normal. I have 1.5 yr under my belt and I am finally at a point that work doesn't consume my life and thoughts. The first year is so difficult with all the emotions, learning, mistakes, sleeplessness, etc. Please hang in there because it does get better. I would also do as a previous poster said and give yourself a certain amount of time to review your day and then find something you enjoy to help relieve the stress and to take your mind off of nursing. If you see that it is interfering with life to the point of issues such as anxiety/depression please see your physician. This is a very rewarding, yet stressful profession and you must take care of yourself.
  15. feisty

    Nurses: Struggle or great?

    As previous posters have said, the pay is enough to help support a family. Having said that one must be responsible financially or they will struggle regardless of income so make certain you have basic financial skills :nuke: I consider my job great and a struggle. The political side of the job is a constant struggle because it places impossible expectations upon the nurse. The patient care can be very rewarding. There are joys, frustrations, laughter, tears, and lots of charting. Lol One poster has recommend a book before which I recently purchased and found to paint a pretty accurate picture of nursing. It is Intensive Care; The Story of a Nurse by Echo Heron. I would suggest reading it and doing some volunteer work at a local hospital. Start taking pre-reqs which can be used for any degree while you consider your options. An adviser will assist you with pre-req options. We would be glad to have you join our profession :nuke:
  16. feisty

    Work hard & good things will happen!!!!!!