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  1. BQueenGirl

    My God, these family members!!

    it never ends for me i have one particually abusive family member in my ltc facility that refuses to accept his mother's decline even though we feed her dinner for an hour every night while she spits and fights with us and the food runs out of her mouth and then he states that is is our fault that she is negleted even though i never take a lunch break i sit in the dining room to make sure she is fed while she hits and spits and me or the cena, he refuses to change her from a dnr status or send her to the hospital or let hospice talk to him i have inserted iv after iv, he refuses peg tube placement states if we were not negleting her and doing our jobs and providing her appropriate medical care that she would not be doing poorly and most of my time is spent on the woman and honestly i am just sick of going into work every day and dealing with him threatning to report the facility to the state or call a lawyer for abusing and negleting his mother while i spend most of my day giving her one on one care all day. management and the physcian cater to him because he is such a nasty and abusive and threatinging bully of a man.
  2. document everything each and every day and turn it into management and dont give up
  3. BQueenGirl

    Wound Care - Unna Boot

    are you supposed to put anything under the una boot?
  4. BQueenGirl

    How do you work with the "SUPERNURSE"!!!

    oh i spend my day trying not to roll my eyes at her and gag
  5. BQueenGirl

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    I think its really important to go on as many interviews as you can because salaries can vary as much as $5 an hour in an area between hospitals depending on need or buget. I ended up with a job making 28 an hour starting pay for evening shift (25 something plus shift premium). The two other places most of my friends went pay significantly lower but most of them were already working there or only interviewed one place. I went on 6 interveiws, i was exhasted but in the end i got the pay i feel I deserve after all of my hard work.
  6. BQueenGirl

    LVN/LPN, RN payscale in MI

    detroit area pays more than ann arbor that shocked me
  7. BQueenGirl

    My Little Blue Nursing Bag

    that is so beautiful that is how i feel inside too when i take care of people
  8. BQueenGirl

    evaluation; can't sleep, so anxious

    I have had instructors like her, I just realize that people like that have issues and it has nothing to do with me and in the bigger picture their opinions do not mean anything as long as they pass me. I find often instructors like like that often make people "think" they are failing when they are not. What you have to remember is this situation is not your fault you have given 100 percent effort and been professional and your instructor has not been.
  9. BQueenGirl

    26 out of 40 Failing Med Surg/Psych

    i have always studied alone, it sounds like you are at that point where alot of people who are not serious do not make it. you just have to stay focused on yourself and put aside a few hours every night to study and you will be ok.
  10. BQueenGirl

    I just got a BIG FAT D

    its ok they wacked me a few times with those tests hahaa
  11. BQueenGirl

    Seeking Nursing Students that Overcame the Odds.....

    my 3rd semester i hit acute care 1, the class that fails alot of people. I failed the first exam. I remeber after thinking, "is this it, am not not made for this, should I quit". Then at that point I made a decision. Whatever it took, I would do it. No matter how much pain and work I had to do, I would pass. I studed over 100 hours for the next test and I got in the 90s, and I remember crying. Now people tell me that they think I am so smart. I tell them I take nothing for granted, I am not smart I just study every free minute. I want to be a nurse so bad I can taste it, and I wont let myself fail. And im graduating with a 3.3 gpa.
  12. BQueenGirl

    tired of all the haters!

    i think its crazy how now that the classes are harder the same people that used to ask me over and over what my test grade was never ask me any more just walk around with foul looks on their faces. i do not feel anything positive or negative towards them i just study an average of 40hrs for each test and alot of people have stopped putting in effort and gotten cocky and started failing.
  13. BQueenGirl

    Remind me again why I wanted to go to NS?

    Here is how you handle it, "im so sorry, you are so right, I have learned from this mistake, smile". repeat as necessary.
  14. BQueenGirl

    Please remind me its not the end of the world

    haha wait till you get a teacher that subtracts points from your grade if they dont like you for "participation". nursing school really wrecks your gpa, they are so foul about it too they do it on purpose they gave us a "dont expect as in your classes lecture"