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lei7 specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. I'm pretty quiet and reserved, a bit anal, anxious, and like things organized and in order. Based on my personality, you'd wouldn't think I'd necessarily be an ER person, but.. I work in a pediatric ER and love every second of it. So, you'd be surprised.
  2. lei7

    Best most comfy and durable scrub pants

    I'm obsessed with the Scrubology pants. Soft as the Grey's but much more flattering IMO.
  3. lei7

    How to get a foot in the door in Peds

    I'm from the New England area, also - I feel you! I started out in assisted living, then pediatric long-term care (lots of vents and trachs, etc.) and recently got a beyond-my-dream-job in the Pediatric ED at an amazing children's hospital. Took almost 5 years after graduating, but so worth it.
  4. lei7


    I have this same issue with my high instep. I bought a pair of the mary jane dansko's and LOVE them! So much more comfy :)
  5. Thanks! I'll try those first then. :)
  6. lei7

    wheres a good place to buy scrubs

    I always order from medical scrubs collection, they always have a 20 or 25% coupon going
  7. Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has found any scrub bottoms similar to the old discontinued cherokee soft touch scrubs - my favorites! My few pairs are starting to fall apart, and I'm still on the hunt for replacements, or something close. (I've already scoured ebay and all the usual places for the real thing.) The two most important things I'm looking for are drawstring and soft fabric. I like the fabric of the Grey's anatomy scrubs, but am looking for something a bit looser than their junior fit. The cherokee luxe fabric is too stiff/scratchy/cheap feeling to me. Considering trying the UA butter soft bottoms but haven't yet. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks so much!
  8. Address Town, State, October 15, 2013 Hospital Address Town, Zip Dear Nurse Recruiter, I am extremely interested in the [specific position] nurse position (job id #) recently listed on the [Company] website. [Hospital] is a world-class facility, ranked among the Top 30 children's hospitals by Parents magazine, and is also a teaching hospital of [Fancy University] medical school - as a BSN, I appreciate the commitment to quality care, research, and education. My experience in pediatrics, including my knowledge and skills related to caring for clients with tracheostomies and ventilators, as well my commitment to quality family-centered care, are in line with this position, as my attached resume will attest. My current position has also allowed me to develop excellent time management and critical thinking skills. I feel certain that [Hospital], with its focus on providing the highest quality family-centered care, will be an outstanding place to utilize and expand my nursing skills. Aside from clinical skills, some of my strengths include: the ability to cope with stressful situations, providing excellent customer service, a genuine desire to learn, and the capability to adapt and learn quickly. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I would welcome the chance to meet you to discuss possible employment opportunities. I will be available for an interview at your convenience and may be reached at (555) 555-5555, or via e-mail at firstnamemclastname@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully yours, Firstname McLastname, RN, BSN Firstname McLastname, RN, BSN # Address | Town, STATE Zip (555) 555 - 555 | firstnamemclastname@gmail.com Professional Profile: Registered nurse with BSN, pediatric experience. Key strengths include: reputation for providing professional, compassionate, and patient-driven care, excellent critical thinking, able to stay calm in stressful situations and function effectively, dedication to personal advancement by expanding clinical skills and knowledge, experience working within ethnically and culturally diverse groups, demonstrated leadership in various roles, positive, team-oriented approach and attitude. Education: University of Somewhere - Town, XX Bachelor of Science in Nursing, cum laude - May 200? License, Certifications, and Professional Organizations: RN, State of XX: ######, issued ?/200? American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers, issued 2/2012 Society of Pediatric Nurses, member Experience: Place of Employment Starting date - present Staff Nurse Providing high quality nursing care to medically fragile pediatric population, ages ranging from infant to young adult, in long-term sub-acute setting. Caring for 11-14 patient load with varied diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, near-drowning, and non-accidental trauma, including residents with tracheostomies,ventilators, g-/j-tubes, and IV medications. Leadership experience via serving as charge nurse and precepting new nurses. Other Place of Employment Date - Date Wellness Nurse Provided high quality nursing care to senior population in 78 bed assisted living setting, including Alzheimer's/dementia unit. Responsible for assessing health status and reporting changes to physician as needed, medication administration, coordinating care with outside physicians, families, and services. Skills: * g/j-tubes * IV medications * wound care * Foleys * tracheostomies * ventilators * urinary catherization * airway suctioning * hospice care * IM, subq medications * parenteral feeding * urostomies
  9. lei7

    cheaper alternative to greys anatomy tops

    Scrubology is the Work N Gear house brand that is a near exact GA replica. Still super soft and comfy!
  10. lei7

    Ideas for gift to pediatric nurse

    A personalized nurse tumbler, or a cute name badge holder: (the girls i work with and i have been kind of obsessed!) Now in 20 oz Personalized with name acrylic tumbler by DeLaDesign Blue Birdy Name Badge Holder Cute Badge Reels by BadgeBlooms
  11. lei7

    How to survive 16h shifts...

    I work 3-11, but I pick up 11-7's quite often (to make a double). My two keys to staying awake are: 1. caffeine, and 2. keeping as busy as possible. My typical sleep schedule is about 4a-1pm on a regular basis too, so that helps. Good luck! It most likely won't be as bad as you're expecting!
  12. lei7

    Name your favorite scrub top/pants!

    Grey's Anatomy mock wrap or princess seam tops Grey's Anatomy junior fit cargo drawstring pants LOVED the Cherokee Touch drawstring pants, but sadly discontinued Now just wish GA had a wider color range!
  13. lei7

    How did you *know* your specialty and when?

    Before nursing school, I wanted to do peds - was a popular choice among my classmates at the beginning, but the numbers dwindled considerably. L&D was by far the most popular specialty. Peds is still my thing - I love the kiddos, even the parents. Could never go back to grown-ups.
  14. lei7

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    As a new grad in MA at an assisted living facility, $25.00/hr. Three years later, making the same at a pediatric nursing home. BSN.
  15. lei7

    "I love my job monents" in peds

    I have "I love my job moments" quite frequently - I love finally working in peds! Getting the time/opportunity to snuggle the wee ones is the absolute best, though!
  16. lei7

    Grey's Anatomy junior fit- need advice

    I'm 5'2", 135 lbs and I wear a size 4 in pants and tops, 34B bust and wear S in the junior-fit GA scrub pants and M in the tops (I like them loose). For you, I'd think you'd definitely want to try the XS.