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  1. AmPicouRN

    MGCC-JD Is there a waiting list for 2010?

    I don't think there's a waiting list. You aren't automatically accepted. The applicants are ranked by a score that is based on GPA, assessment test, and prereq's completed and the top applicants receive an acceptance letter.
  2. AmPicouRN

    MGCCC, JD, 2nd years, III level

    No idea. I don't even know what the topic of this semester will be. I'm assuming OB, Cardiac, Neuro, Respiratory are all finished, since JD compared the syllabus of my previous program to this one and it was a match.
  3. AmPicouRN

    MGCCC, JD, 2nd years, III level

    are clinicals typically on Monday? or is Monday an off day? Thanks for the tip on asking for the drug list! I'll be sure to do that. Have all of the skills already been learned at this point (iv, cath, trach care, etc...) or is there still more to learn throughout the program?
  4. AmPicouRN

    MGCCC, JD, 2nd years, III level

    I will add it to my contacts. :) I have to go tomorrow to get a MS Driver License so that when I register for classes I will be considered an "in-state" student for tuition purposes. Then I have to go and fill out the application to the nursing program. All of that is just a formality, since I've already been granted entry by the VP of Nursing & Allied Health. What is the typical schedule like? Classes M-F? Are clinicals at Memorial?
  5. AmPicouRN

    MGCCC, JD, 2nd years, III level

    Hi Gala! I just posted a thread looking for level III students at JD :) My name is Amanda & I'm transferring to JD as a level 3 student from a school in North Carolina. I start in August and I'm nervous about being the new girl in the back of the class that no one talks to (haha).
  6. I'm transferring in to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (Jefferson Davis campus) as a level 3 student this Fall (2009). Anyone out there? I'd love to talk to someone with personal experience in the program!
  7. AmPicouRN

    so excited about starting school!

    Congratulations! My orientation is April 8 (doesn't that seem really early for the Fall semester?) Good luck with everything!
  8. AmPicouRN

    Need Mac users help: which one? iphone, BB, palm

    My husband has a BB & I have an iPhone. I can't stand to use his BB for anything. So completely counterintuitive when compared to the iPhone. Neither my phone nor my husband's BB is 3G, but the difference in speed is astounding. It can literally take 10 minutes to load a page on the blackberry while using Edge. I've never had that kind of problem with my iPhone. It's not broadband speed, but it's way better than dialup ever was and I find it completely tolerable.
  9. AmPicouRN

    Readmission to nursing program

    I'm in a similar situation... I was in a BSN program that started in Fall of 2004. Hurricane Katrina destroyed our school a few weeks into my senior year... classes were put off for weeks, we eventually started classes at a "temporary" site with incredibly small classrooms, leaky roof, bad lighting, etc... The devastation of my home town & the feeling of being uprooted at school started to freak me out & I ended up withdrawing 1 month before my preceptorship would have started. I initially felt relief, but now I regret it. I've since moved to a different state & have applied to an ADN program near my new home. I found out last week that I've been accepted and have been on cloud 9 ever since. I can't wait to get back to nursing! :redbeathe
  10. AmPicouRN

    I'm trying to figure out what this is called?

    A "stipend," maybe?
  11. AmPicouRN

    Teas Test

    I took 2 different tests in the same week.. one on Wednesday, one on Thursday. Completely different in both content and level of difficulty (IMO).
  12. AmPicouRN

    Your experiences with 8 week courses

    I took A&P I&II in an 8 week course (4 wks each). I was there every day of the week for 6 hours a day... I made in A in both classes & 5 years later have still retained sooooooo much of what I learned.
  13. AmPicouRN

    I hsve a question from Teas (science)

    I had this question (this is the best I could recall) on one of my tests: What is the probability that the grandchild will be infected? The possible answers were: a. 25% b. 50% c. 75% d. 100%
  14. AmPicouRN

    Teas Test

    When I took it the second time the Science section was soooooo much easier... Its unbelievable how much it seems to vary from test to test.
  15. AmPicouRN

    Teas Test

    I took the TEAS again today after cramming the Chem all night long. I brought my Science score up by 48 points and my National/Program rank went from 95th to 97th percentile. I'm unbelievably relieved. ablilmonkey: I don't feel like the ATI study manual went into enough detail in the science portion. I'm probably repeating what a lot of people have said already, but brush up on: Commonly Misspelled Words Atomic Structure Basics of Periodic Table Ratio/Proportion Math problems Punctuation (particularly with parentheses) Metric/English Conversions (teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, cups, liters, gallons, mL, Liters, pounds, kilograms) Know how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa Know the formula for Density That's all I can think of right now.. I'm pretty drained (I just finished the test 30 mins ago)