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  1. xoemmylouox

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    Who gave my aspiration precautions patient a tray?!?!?
  2. xoemmylouox

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    I told you not to order the lunch "special" today.
  3. xoemmylouox

    Nurse Face Her Fears To Help Patient

    Isn't it amazing that you could make such a difference in one visit, and yet the regular nurse did not in all of their visits. It's awful. Thank god you were able to care for him that day. You can't fix all of their problems, but we should attempt to make some improvements when possible.
  4. xoemmylouox

    When will nurses advocate for themselves?

    I work nights and I love my 12 hour shifts. I could not do 5 - 8 hour shifts every week though. I've done it in other positions which I worked days and got weekends and holidays off, but to do it in the acute care setting, no thank you. I know 12 hours are tough for some though. I think having a mix of 8's and 12's would be good for a unit. It could make scheduling more difficult, but if a unit is desperate enough you'll do what you have to do. If 12 hr shifts disappear from the acute care setting so will I.
  5. xoemmylouox

    Shift Work Disorder

    I work a mix of days and nights, often back to back. It's AWFUL! I hate it. I cannot wait to get out of here. Rotating shifts should be a choice not a mandate.
  6. xoemmylouox

    Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    - They took too much off with my repeat circumcision! - I wasn't expecting that much swelling!
  7. xoemmylouox

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    Ood, I too have care for a patient with it. It was a man in his 40's whose symptoms were fairly advanced. One of his children tested positive with genetic testing and his family seemed to blame him for it, so they never visited. This made him angry which we then suffered for. Frankly I never got upset or frustrated at him, I couldn't imagine the hell he was living in. That is one of the few patients that I took more than a few verbal punches from (there were some physical altercations as well, but those were more related to his uncontrollable limb movements). Awful, awful, awful.
  8. xoemmylouox

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    Congrats!!!! I agree. Who can focus on anything with exciting news like that?!???!
  9. xoemmylouox

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    I learned that having two kids is soooooo much different than having one. That I got into my LPN-RN program. That now I have to find a new job to work around that program's schedule and I am terrified. I'm the breadwinner in my family.
  10. xoemmylouox

    Black Eye w/ Fractured Arm - Mother Afraid of Son

    This situation places them all at risk. I doubt that she left with her sister whom I'm guessing was elderly as well. I seriously doubt that the son was just going to let his drug money walk right out that door without a fight. There may be nothing else you can do, but reporting requirements vary from state to state. Some require that the police are contacted if there is suspect of abuse, even if the family says no. Similar to gun shot "accidents". They always have to be reported regardless of the circumstances when the elderly are involved. It's just sad when one thinks about how this happens a lot more often than we know.
  11. xoemmylouox

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    I doubted how useful this watch was going to be (silly me I should have known better since I LOVE my Iphone). I have heard from MANY people just how much they LOVE them. While I simply cannot fathom shelling out that cash on my current lack luster paycheck, I don't knock those who do. Like most Apple products - it seems either you love them or hate them.
  12. xoemmylouox

    Kickin' it Back, Old School

    Good advice.. I LOVE highlighters. I can color code information based on medication, nursing dx, diagnostics, labs, etc. My books and notes are a variety of rainbows. Plus notecards can go anywhere with you.. You can also create quizlet accounts and other study guides that can be accessed from your phone. School is intense, but you can keep your head above water if you try.. Good advice
  13. xoemmylouox

    Must... Find... Food...

    I can see both sides. Frankly it made me laugh as I have faced the how to feed the family vs keep the lights on problem before. It was not because of agency work, but more of I don't make enough - some emergency happened - etc occurred. I will always sacrifice and give to my family before I eat, and sadly I have no parent to borrow from. I say tell agency girl to go PRN at a local LTC or Jail. They always need help.
  14. xoemmylouox

    Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    Seriously? We are STILL having this conversation..
  15. xoemmylouox

    Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    The ACA is far from perfect, but is sure beats what millions had before... NOTHING. Sure I pay more and have a higher deductable, but the cost is worth it to me. My employer raised my cost every year anyway, at least now millions of others can seek healthcare when before they could not. I know what it is like to have health issues and no insurance to cover the costs. To me it is not just all out Me, Me, Me, but Us, Us, Us.