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chiandre has 25 years experience and specializes in EDUCATION;HOMECARE;MATERNAL-CHILD; PSYCH.

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  1. chiandre

    Tattoos in Nursing

    What do you think about Nurses with tattoos? Do you have tattoos? Should tattoos be shown during work as a Nurse? There is no right or wrong answers. Thank you.
  2. chiandre

    Passed third time nclex

    Congratulations! Good job!!!
  3. chiandre

    Patient satisfaction or patient dissatisfaction

    My hospital has a service recovery program. If a patient complains, somebody from leadership will come to personally apologize and bring a gift such as gift cards, baby layette, etc. Personally, I hate the program. I feel that it is bribery!
  4. chiandre

    Who are they?

    Great posting! Thanks.
  5. chiandre

    Nursing Student Question

    Last year, the NICU staff was celebrating their manager's birthday and somebody took a picture of the manager blowing out a candle on a cupcake that was placed on the manager's desk. The picture was posted on Facebook. Two days later, the manager and the staff person who placed the picture on Facebook were fired. Apparently, when the picture was enlarged, the picture showed documents with patients' information. The manager appealed her firing but HR told her that she should have reviewed the picture before it was posted on Facebook. YIKES!!!
  6. chiandre

    Nursing school mean clinical instructors

    I agree with kickstunt. Speak to the clinical instructor first. Tell her how you feel. Sometimes people are not aware that their behaviors are horrendous. If she does not change her behaviors towards you, please report this to her boss. In the future, other students should not be subjected to that type of behavior.
  7. chiandre

    new RN, How do i start my RN career in the job market

    OP, remember to network with nurse leaders and nurse educators. Join LinkedIn. You are on the right track. Good luck!!
  8. chiandre

    Now I get it....

    OP, thanks for your posting! Yes, the profession has its ups and downs. However, good nurses make a difference in the lives of people at their most vulnerable times. I have seen many people break down because their illness emotionally overwhelmed them. Only great nurses were there to live that experience with them, to comfort them and to give them hope. Thank you for uplifting us with your posting!
  9. chiandre

    My Struggle as a nurse

    Congrats! I am so proud of you. You never gave up. Good Job!!
  10. chiandre

    My job

    OP, please remember that when some people are sick, they start exhibiting emotions and behaviors they would not normally show. Some patients become clingy, depressed, angry and anxious. Some patients may even regress to childhood. Since nurses are at the bedside, patients will transfer all their negative and positive emotions to the nurses. Nursing tasks may be professional, but there are some component of personal interaction in the daily dealings with patients. Without this personal component, nurses will not be able to care for their patients holistically.
  11. chiandre

    Charge Nurse?

    Yes, the aides will be working under the license of the RN. In this situation, only the RN has the legal authority to care for the patients on that unit. The aides are certified to assist the RN.
  12. chiandre

    Doctor or Dockworker?

    I agree. What is the use of spending countless of hours, years and money studying and refining ourselves? As professionals, we need to restrain ourselves when we are dealing with our internal and external customers. We need to show what differentiates us from non-professionals. This includes our speech, mannerisms and even our dress codes.
  13. chiandre

    Nursing & Ebola Surveillance

    Today, my hospital's leadership decided to use the CDC Ebola Virus Disease Algorithm in case of any outbreak. http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/pdf/ebola-algorithm.pdf Just like the HIV epidemic, I am confident that this outbreak will be contained.
  14. chiandre

    Just letting you know ...

    Nurses must be vigilant when they do their assessment because in some cultures, domestic abuse is still the norm. Men are free to do anything to their women because in these cultures and religion, women are still considered the property of the men in their lives. Women continue to endure physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse until they get away or die. Recently, there has been an increase in the incidence of women coming to OB/GYN with STDs, bruises and mutilations.
  15. chiandre

    I love my job =)

    OP, thanks for your positive post. It is so good to see that in-spite of everything negative about the profession, nursing is still full-filling and exciting. Congrats. We need more people like you in nursing.
  16. Actually, nurses can be out of job if they practice outside their scope of practice or negligently. If nurses lose their licenses, then they will never work again.