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  1. Bornleader-NP-C

    who ever said 2nd time wasnt a charm...

    hi, there is a book by linda lacharity that helps with prioritization, delegation and assignment. it is extremely helpful, i used the kaplan questions trainers, i answered all the questions for this and wrote down all the answers i missed and read back over them. i also wrote down any medications that i was unfamiliar with, i looked them up, by the time it came time for me to take the test i had pages and pages of notes to read over but it was all worth it. make sure you know your lab values and there is an infection control pneumonic on here that is great. study that too bc i had quite a few questions on infection control on my test. answer as many questions as you can, this will help out alot. im not sure how many questions i answered during the course of studying for this test but it was probably in the thousands somewhere. hope this helps and last but not least pray.
  2. Bornleader-NP-C

    Taking nclex-RN in 6wks.

    yea what caliotter said, exam cram, kaplan questions, lacharity, davis, hurst, all helped me pass
  3. Bornleader-NP-C

    Please Help Me With This NCLEX PN Exam Question.

    Janef, have you tested yet?
  4. Bornleader-NP-C

    Scores On Kaplan Question Trainers

    i wouldnt pay too much attention to the scores, make sure you know why you missed what you missed. i wrote down all the answers i missed and medications while i was doing these questions, this helped me out alot
  5. Bornleader-NP-C

    Please Help Me With This NCLEX PN Exam Question.

    D, make sure it is compressed also
  6. Bornleader-NP-C

    Just took NCLEX 4hrs ago...

  7. Bornleader-NP-C

    Ques. on Lacharity book

    i think in this case you never want to delay treating the patient, bc a possible MI means irreversible ischemia to heart tissue.
  8. Bornleader-NP-C

    Just took NCLEX 75Q..need encouragement!

    for what its worth ur test sounds a lot like mine, good luck.....try the trick it will ease your mind
  9. Bornleader-NP-C

    Low Score on Kaplan = NCLEX Fail?

    i wouldnt put too much into the scoring, just get familiar with how kaplan ask questions because i think they are similar to nclex questions. i did kaplan nclex trainer questions and wrote down answers to the questions i missed and made sure i knew why i missed the questions. and my scores on the nclex trainer questions varied from high to low
  10. Bornleader-NP-C

    exam cram weblink

    There is a link, go bck a few pages
  11. Bornleader-NP-C

    Kaplan Qbank questions and Nclex Rn

    no problem, yep thats the book i used, i only did the first half of the book not the second half that contains case studies
  12. Bornleader-NP-C

    Kaplan Qbank questions and Nclex Rn

    Priority, delegation and assignment book, try batnes and noble
  13. Bornleader-NP-C

    who ever said 2nd time wasnt a charm...

    just pray and take your time. make sure you understand what the question is asking. no matter what make sure you take your time, you have 6 hours, pray, make sure u know lab values, infection control pneumonic, dosage forumulas...
  14. Bornleader-NP-C

    any helpful pointers for taking nclex-rn 2nd time around..please!

  15. Bornleader-NP-C

    NCLEX-RN Timing RE: Per Question

    Good luck