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pugmomrn has 17 years experience and specializes in LDRP/Nursery/Peds/Gyn, school nursing.

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  1. pugmomrn

    Studying for RNC-Inpt OB

    Just registered to take the computerized exam, and will be doing independent study with a practice exam. I've seen recommendations for the following texts- Which helped you most if you've taken the test recently? AWHONN's Core Curriculum for Maternal-Newborn Nsg-- Have looked at it, seems very dry, outline-style. My friend has the last version- is there much difference between that and the 2010 edition? AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing (Simpson et al)-- Have seen great reviews, but published in 2007- will that matter much? Manual of Obstetrics (Evans)- saw it as a recommendation, but is medically-focused, not nursing-focused. Eeek!
  2. pugmomrn

    I'm Changing Boards...

    Hello, Dear School Nurse Friends! Today is my last day in School Nursing! I'm starting a new job on Monday, part time in OB at a brand new hospital! I'm really excited about going back to OB- it's where I belong. Thank you for all of the support and the BELLY LAUGHS over the last couple years!! This has been a great place to go to ask questions, vent, exchange ideas. I feel like I really know several of you!:redpinkhe Take care! Pugmomrn
  3. pugmomrn

    As a Nurse what are some things that make you sick?

    I'm pretty good with the bodily fluids and goo (it's been so long since I suctioned a trach-- still miss it!!). What really gives me the willies is nails. When a fingernail is bent back off the bed (the only time I ever passed out in school nursing!), and toenails in general. They don't even need to be thick and yellow-- hate 'em all. I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER work for a podiatrist!!!!!!!!!
  4. pugmomrn

    funny office visit

    Hey! That kid was in my health room just last week, too! I had a kid come in complaining of being "wheezy". No asthma/resp history, no active URI, lungs clear, able to breathe deeply. He finally said "yeah- my head feels all foggy and I'm dizzy". OHHHH!! You're not "wheezy", you're "WOOZY"!!!
  5. pugmomrn

    How to Do Sterile Vaginal Exams

    You know what? Even the most experienced OB nurses need to occasionally ask a colleague for a recheck...
  6. pugmomrn


    Pandemic has hit Wisconsin!!! 3 little girls from the same class! (One of them is a frequent flyer who REALLY knows how to act it out; Other one is a frequent flyer who bounces in with a smile and says "my stomach hurts"; the other-- just a fluke.) And this is FIRST GRADE!! It'll be a looooooooonnnnnnnggggg day with this sub!:smackingf
  7. Quickbeam- what unit? I'll be on OB (and I'm returning to Aurora- great docs at the new hosp!!)
  8. pugmomrn

    unhappy with school nursing

    But, alas, it's not where I want to spend my life. Coincidentally, I gave my notice just last week, and have 2 weeks left. I've decided to go back to my true love, OB. There's a brand-new hospital opening up nearby, and I'll be working a 0.5 pm/noc position. I thought that the school schedule would be more family-friendly, but I spend my evenings and weekends playing catch-up with groceries, housework, homework, etc etc etc. I grew up with a dad who hated his job, and a mom who spent her days at work and came home crabby. I don't want to set that example for my kids. We are fortunate to work in a profession that has such great flexibility. You gave school nursing a try. If your heart is in NICU and it will work for your family-- go for it!
  9. pugmomrn

    unhappy with school nursing

    School nursing is definitely a unique area of nursing, and it varies so greatly from one district to the next. I tried it because of the hours/schedule, my desire to try community nursing, and my interest in the whole educational arena. School nursing offers independence, but the flip side of that coin is isolation. It is difficult being the only health care professional in the district-- all eyes fall to us. I've been fortunate to work in a really supportive district- the teachers are very appreciative of anything I've done. ctd. onto next post.
  10. pugmomrn

    unhappy with school nursing

    testing (couldn't post a bit ago...)
  11. pugmomrn

    Anyone else working on MLK day?

    I'm here!
  12. pugmomrn

    How to Do Sterile Vaginal Exams

    You know, it's just one of those things you need to dive in and get the feel of. Heck- I still remember my first successful SVE like it was yesterday! Effacement is the trickiest to get, but it will come. You just need to practice. There should be a preceptor checking right behind you for a while, and then you can step back and say "what did you feel"? Good luck! I'm heading back into OB after a 2 year detour-- can't wait! (And I can measure any circular object with my fingers alone!!)
  13. pugmomrn

    How to get Vision/Hearing Certification

    Prevent Blindness offers vision screening trainings-- contact your state chapter. I don't know if there is something more specific required in your state-- check with your State School Nurse Consultant in that case.
  14. When my little girl came home from school with a bandaid on her knee for the first time, I remember saying "Don't I at least get a note???" Then, I became a school nurse!!
  15. pugmomrn

    Exp Dates

    Wow!! I didn't really notice that those were forks in the eyes- just assumed they were safety goggles of some sort.... Well, then- take my kid off your "no screen list"!! (I'd hate to see how you do hearing screens!!)
  16. pugmomrn

    Sick of the same old game

    On the one hand, if the kid has nonspecific complaints, nothing I can put my finger on, and the teacher says the kid is just "off" today, I'll go ahead and call the parents. Maybe something is just starting to brew but there's no fever or vomiting... yet. (Or, parent will shed light on the fact that they were up wayyyyyy to early this morning, playing video games!) On the other hand, just before Xmas my daughter felt a little off- bit of congestion, slight headache- in the morning. I did what any good working mom does-- give her a dose of triaminic and send her off to school. When I picked her up at the end of the day, she burst into tears and said "I didn't go to the health room today because I knew I didn't have a fever, and I knew they wouldn't call you". WHAM!! Knife through the heart of her mother!! You just never know with these kids!! Hope today is better for you, Praiser!