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goodstudentnowRN has 10 years experience and specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. goodstudentnowRN

    Jackson Memorial Hospital Nurse hiring event 7/27

    Call the nurse manager again. If she gave you a vague response, maybe you are not hired.
  2. Brandy, where is JanLeb?

    1. goodstudentnowRN


      I got my answer. Janleb died May 2008. I am still in shock!!! I have not heard from her in ages and I was very concerned.

  3. Where are you, Janice? I miss you.

    1. goodstudentnowRN


      Sorry, just found out you died!!! 😭😭

  4. goodstudentnowRN

    WGU's New MSN curriculum

    I think it is a good idea to do the three "P's". I got my MSN from WGU last year and those three were not included.
  5. goodstudentnowRN

    Course changes at WGU starting 1/1/13?

    I would advise you to take the prerequisites at a community college then you can go on to WGU. Since you have been out of the classroom for such a long time, it can be difficult for you to adjust to online classes.
  6. goodstudentnowRN

    RN-MSN starting 1/1/13. Anyone with me?

    I have just completed the masters program and it is a lot of writing and three exams are included. The exams can be a bit tricky. It is doable and you will do great.
  7. goodstudentnowRN

    Starting WGU RN-MSN Education program 3/1/13

    RN Mommy, Just remain focused. Don't wait on a task to come back to start another. Just keep going. You will be done before you know it.
  8. goodstudentnowRN

    Nursing Instructor (online)

    I live in Florida. I am looking for a job as nursing instructor. I have MSN (education) ans presently a staff nurse. Please let me know if you see any openings for a nursing instructor (online). Thanks.
  9. goodstudentnowRN

    Best online Masters in Nur Education?

    I have seen people who got PhD from brick and mortar school and they still act stupid. It does not matter what school you attend, it is how you apply yourself. I have a Masters in Education from WGU and I am proud to say that I have learned a lot and I am a well rounded person.
  10. goodstudentnowRN

    Starting WGU RN-MSN Education program 3/1/13

    GozXamaica, It depends on your pace. It took me six months to finish my BSN and 9 months for my MSN. It doable. You can do it! I work fulltime and did it and so can you. By the way, I am a mother of two too....single parent.
  11. goodstudentnowRN

    Starting WGU RN-MSN Education program 3/1/13

    I didn't do biochem, stats, and nutrition. It took me 15 months to do the BSN and MSN.
  12. goodstudentnowRN

    Starting WGU RN-MSN Education program 3/1/13

    I just completed my MSN (Education) at Western Governors University. It has been a very tedious road but it pays off. Hardwork truly pays off.
  13. goodstudentnowRN

    Best online Masters in Nur Education?

    I just completed the Capstone for the MSN (Education) and I feel very elated. WGU is the best. My instructor/mentor takes time to explain everything and she is very dedicated. I am waiting on that Doctorate Program to start at WGU. I Love that school.
  14. goodstudentnowRN

    Starting WGU RN to BSN program August 1st

    Yes. It is awarded at the end of the Semester.
  15. goodstudentnowRN

    WGU MSN in 6 months

    I just sent in my IRB and almost complete the first two chapters of my thesis. I will be done pretty soon.
  16. goodstudentnowRN

    MSN after RN-BSN at WGU

    Can't help you. I am doing my MSN Ed at WGU. However, a number of schools told me that they will accept my post graduate degree if I wish to do the ARNP.

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